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  1. I walked downtown and saw this building, looking very nice. I love Greenville.
  2. TD


    I can only assume so, they have the contruction wall up with a Panera Mural on it., so i would assume work is ongoing behind the scenes
  3. TD


    Yea. Bass pro needs to come here... We have such an abundance of saltwater and freshwater fishing here, and its a great market. I imagine they will locate at Devoes Strip center.
  4. TD


    WOW great information SEATY! Woohoooo im so glad they will be coming!!! People will love bass pro shops! Now, in the future please try the search feature before posting a new thread, its no big deal, just search cause we have a Malls thread already but IM so glad they will be coming, this place will be hopping in no time if thats true!
  5. TD


    booooo move along nothing to see here ^^^^^^^^^^^
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