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    Correctly answering your question depends on if we are comparing size to size, or general attractiveness. In the case of Tally, I would say that we are not yet just right, definitely not too large, but not thin on looks or substance. Average isn't inspiring enough for me - I want a petite-medium beauty of a city.
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    Hey TaureanJ! I have been wondering for some time why my identity box has a "warn" feature that others don't. Do you know a way to remove this. It makes me feel like I'm on probation. Thanks, - P
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    Welcome to UrbanPlanet Tallahassee

    I noted what a great organizer we have in TaureanJ and then deviated from his suggested mode of introduction. * * * Name: P. McLane Age: 31 Occupation: Museum Curator / Arts Administrator Schools: University of Florida (Sociology); Moscow Lomonosov State University, Russia (History); Florida State University (Art History) Hometown: Birmingham, AL Hobbies: travel, books, cooking, home remodeling, gardening, city walking Other cities I've lived in: Birmingham, Tampa, Gainesville, Moscow * * *
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    Welcome to UrbanPlanet Tallahassee

    Greetings Everyone, I have been in Tallahassee for five years, originally as a short-term graduate student, but now plan to make the city my home for a good long while. I work for the FSU Museum of Fine Arts and College of Visual Arts and Dance as associate curator and coordinator of the FDCA Art in State Buildings Program. I have been reading TaureanJ's most excellent Tallahassee edition of Urbanplanet daily since its inception and finally decided to join.