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  1. I wonder when we will get to see a rendering of the redesign? Does anyone know if the same firm is designing this latest attempt to get Siggy of the ground. I think that it would be a much better fit and considering it's proposed location, look a little taller than 800ft. I as well, hope that it is a stunning design with a nice crown with dramatic lighting. I would still be happy with the old design of the spire. Something needs to break the lid off of the flat box we call the Nashville skyline. Has anyone seen Charlotte's lately? Wow!
  2. Where is exactly is the info coming from that the tower is 1,030 ft. vice 1,057FT ? I'm not too sure how accurate that article is because it even lists the wrong info for the current tallest which i believe is Library Tower in L.A. not the building that the article refers to.
  3. I totaly agree with you. I remember a while ago i was in the Philidelphia forum, people where so excited when the Comcast Center was beginnning construction. From the way most of the forumers comments sounded, they were alot like ours right now. Mostly they were saying things like "it's about time", or "after all the negative skeptism, it's finnaly happening". I guess that maybe such a large project like these do have setbacks because they are so complex, atleast one can only hope that this is what is going on with Siggy.
  4. I wonder if Tony was to make Siggy 65 floors instead of 70 if that could make a difference in the cost? I sure hope this tower is built, 65 or hell even 60 stories would be better than nothing at all.
  5. I just want to see what the final renderings are going to look like. I hope that they didn't "cheapen" the look of the tower just to cut costs. Gaushell, any answers??
  6. Don't know why, but for some reason the diagram of Signature Tower is no longer on SSP. Anyone know why? Nevermind, I found it. For some reason it was not there when i typed in Nashville to search all building diagrams but after going back to try again it was there.
  7. So do you know, or can you say if the design of the building and/or crown has changed drastically or went back to it's original design? Also, will you be posting a new rendering of the building? Thanks again for oyur updates.
  8. I noticed that the interactive floorplan portion of the Signature Tower website is not functioning. Everything else on the site seems to work fine??? Maybe it's just my computer.
  9. I forget how many floors the Suntrust is supposed to be. Can someone please tell me how many floors are left to go and also, I was wondering if the floor count for the Encore started now that the tower portion is being built or does the 20 stories include what we already see??
  10. It looks like they are murals or something to that effect.
  11. It began as a 55 story tower of a completely different design. Looks much better now.
  12. I think that is an old listing that has been on Bidclerck for a while, I suspect that they just never updated it.
  13. Not bad. The new crown is already starting to grow on me. I like the way that the holes in the fins portray the light. Is there still a lit beacon on the top?
  14. Thanks, I think that I can live with that! God that looks stunning. I am stationed in Virginia Beach and currently there is a Westin condo tower under construction and I believe that it's going to be 35-38 stories. I drive by it everyday and they are at the 30th floor now. At the beginning of the summer there were no floors rising and now it's 30 stories! It just goes to show how quickly these projects can progress once started. I always look at it and admire all of you back home who will get to see Siggie rise. It's going to be cool to see happen.
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