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    Metro Atlanta Projects.

    Midtown Alliance Annual Meeting Update I attended the Midtown Alliance Annual Meeting this morning (aka Midtown Pep Rally) and they didn't really give much more information on future projects than we already seem to know. However, a couple of key takeaways of future projects that they talked about were: When they showed a rendering of Viewpoint Midtown, it only had two towers. However, it was that updated picture that is floating around on here with the "wavy top." Retail will extend to the corners and will be two stories all the way around. They showed the rendering of Onyx that is on this site and said it was currently under construction. They had a NEW rendering of Trump Towers and Hotel Palomar. The Trump Towers rendering made the buildings look taller and it definitely is silver glass now. This rendering looked MUCH better than the original two that we saw. It also looked like it had better looking retail...maybe higher and more pronounced now. Hotel Palomar no longer has the balconies anymore and instead of the top half being different than the bottom it is split into different materials from left to right. Meaning that the glass changes in the middle of the building but is continuous from the ground to the top floor. Hard to explain..but it looks better I think. They did do a 30 sec flyover on Google earth that had all the proposed projects Midtown Alliance is currently looking at. These projects renderings were only outlined in blue (as to not give away details yet that the developer will want to announce), but there were MANY projects along Peachtree and even some on Spring and W. Peachtree (maybe where those huge parking lots are on the corner of 17th and Spring) that we haven't heard anything about. Large buildings were definitely marked out for the lots to the left and right of Viewpoint Midtown. If all these projects happened, it really would make it the Midtown Mile!
  2. jhelinski

    Metro Atlanta Projects.

    What is your proposal to them?
  3. jhelinski

    Metro Atlanta Projects.

    Gehry designs some pretty crazy stuff. I would be extremely surprised if we saw something that looked that different from the other Allen Plaza buildings. Did your friend say when they expect to release the plans?
  4. jhelinski

    Metro Atlanta Projects.

    I was in Allen Plaza area last night, and it is going to look great when it is finished. Is 55 Allen Plaza ever going to start? And any updates on the Post/Barry apartment/condo towers?
  5. jhelinski

    Metro Atlanta Projects.

    I ran across this website for the next phase of the GA Tech/5th St project called Centergy North. Anyone have any updates? http://www.centergynorth.com/description.html
  6. jhelinski

    Metro Atlanta Projects.

    Where is the Disco Kroger property and do the developers of Terminus already own the property that they plan to add another 4 towers on? Any idea when the next will begin to go up?