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  1. georgeglass

    Richmond Region Transportation

    Wasn't sure where to post this, but snapped a shot of the bridge over 95 in Petersburg as I was driving to ATL on Thursday. Should be an attractive addition when done. Anyone know if it will be lit at night?
  2. georgeglass

    Richmond: Economy/Business/Real Estate

    Can you give some kind of hint?? Is it downtown?? Is it a building?? Airline announcement?? I am dying here....
  3. georgeglass

    Richmond off-topic postings

    All "things" have to start somewhere. Why can't Richmond be a trendsetter? To me, this is way more sensical than the shuffleboard place in Scott's Addition, but I hope both are immensely successful!
  4. I would like to keep the current tower, but somehow modify the lower portion to make it more open and pedestrian friendly. I am not sure how possible that is, but it would be my preference.
  5. georgeglass

    Scott's Addition Development

    I would have thought so, but in driving by I saw no evidence of one yet.
  6. georgeglass

    Scott's Addition Development

    Seeing some progress on this....
  7. georgeglass

    The Locks at 321

    Look, the crane is going up!! Took this shot earlier today.
  8. georgeglass

    Manchester Development

    More development for Manchester! I would imagine the Williams Bridge Building would be reincorporated as it is kind of iconic in Richmond. I know the ship has probably sailed on this, but I think this site ould also be a good option for the baseball stadium. It's close to town and I95, but wouldn't overburden an existing neighborhood. Just a thought, but happy this will be redeveloped since it currently sits idle.
  9. georgeglass

    Scott's Addition Development

    I like that the developer is the same as the City Center development on Marshall in Jackson Ward because they seem to have their crap together. I feel like they don't make announcements and then let things sit idly for months. Realizing sometimes delays are unavoidable, I am optimistic about this.
  10. georgeglass

    New Richmond Arena

    I love the idea! I have seen what the Atlanta Braves did at their new facility "The Battery" and it is a destination for more than just baseball. It attracts people for the restaurant, retail, and other entertainment options when baseball isn't being played. I know that we aren't Atlanta, but their facility is 20 minutes outside of the city. I would imagine something like this would do long as it isn't just a stadium, or just an arena. It has been proven countless times, that a sports venue alone is not a catalyst for further development. They should be an addition to the surroundings and not be the only draw.
  11. I agree and have felt this way for awhile. It is finished nicely, but there are a lot of vantage points where it isn't that visible. If it had been built further up Cary or on Main the same structure would be a lot more significant. I do wish that height could have been increased, but I assume the functionality for Dominion would be decreased. It's a shame this is basically a single use building. Not sure how feasible it would have been or how much height it would have added, but a residential component would have been nice.
  12. georgeglass

    Richmond in Pictures III

    Pic I took flying out to Atlanta from RVA 4/27. This is over Scott's Addition and Monument Ave area. Just thought it was cool since we don't see a lot of aerials from there.
  13. georgeglass

    Richmond Developments

    It has always surprised me that are no hotels close to Carytown or Museum District. By close, I mean walking distance. For that matter, add in Scott's Addition. Wouldn't it make sense too, with all the breweries. These are some of the most desirable areas of town, and there are no hotels...not counting Airbnb and BandB's. (I don't count the Clarion or the other one by The Diamond, because they look like dumps). One would think an Aloft or some type of boutique hotel, at the very least, would be desirable.