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  1. Scott's Addition Development

    Looks like this project is going to turn out a bit taller than the 6 floors it had been scaled back to. Good to see the effects of the zone change already.
  2. Manchester Development

    The shell of the new apartment tower in Manchester nearing completion and 7West condos have made a lot of progress. Also saw some goats that were clearing vegetation near the climbing wall. These were all taken this afternoon. All the Manchester development is great, but I cannot help but wonder how long it will be before the area between the floodwall and development is cleaned up and repurposed. I know that is a long range plan, but wonder how close we are to seeing something happen. I cannot imagine someone paying near a million dollars for a condo at 7West without some kind of reasonable expectation that something is on the horizon.
  3. Just a few pics from walking around the flood wall and downtown.
  4. Richmond International Airport

    Well my eyes were pretty red. I wasn't implying that RIC had the red eye...just that I had taken it from San Diego. We left at 10:30pm and landed at Dulles around 6am, left Dulles for RIC at around 8am.
  5. Richmond International Airport

    I actually flew back to RIC on the red eye from San Diego on Sunday. We connected in Dulles and to my surprise, there were about 5 of us from the San Diego flight continuing on to RIC.
  6. Proposed: The Belvidere

    So I was a bit confused as to which property this thread was actually for. I guess there is discussion of the property adjacent to the ICA and across. It does seem that both will eventually be developed and I just hope we get something more impressive than the odd beigey brown dark glass boxy thing we saw before for the Uppy's parcel.
  7. Proposed: The Belvidere

    I was searching around today and it looks like there are more concept renderings for this project. The last one seems more promising in terms of design....way better IMO of the last one publicly released. Maybe these were already out there, but I never saw them.
  8. Richmond International Airport

    Have any of you ever heard of or flown Wow Airlines? I just read this article how they are planning to start flying from Cincinnati to Europe as a low cost carrier. I wonder if they are considering RVA. It would seem an easier route than Cincy and I would imagine there would be decent demand here, especially if the prices could beat D.C. Metro options.
  9. Scores of New Hotels for Downtown Richmond

    I walked by last Friday and the whole lobby is in the midst of a renovation. I did not see evidence of any changes to the facade. I was hoping there would be, but still this should be a nice upgrade.
  10. Richmond Developments

    I was pretty sure the apartments weren't happening, but maybe that changed. The neighborhood was very opposed to the apartments and wanted office development.
  11. Proposed: Reynolds North and South Plant Redevelopment

    As seen from the flood wall today
  12. Richmond in Pictures III

    From the flood wall today. I wanted to be the sunbathing turtle instead of having to go to work.
  13. I went for a walk along the flood wall today and wanted to see the progress. I also noticed they had cleared land next to the overlook. It was so overgrown and blocked off from the normal route, that I didn't make it up there.
  14. Thanks for the clarification on the sea level in relation to building height. I thought it looked awfully short in the renderings for 506 feet. So, I am even more disappointed.