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  1. Richmond off-topic postings

    I would love to have that building in our skyline. In Tyson’s Corner, it’s just a giant suburban office complex. Though I like all the building that has happened downtown since around 2010, I have wondered what we could have had in terms of a new tallest if for example....the Dominion Tower, Towne Bank Tower, Williams-Mullen Tower, and Co-Star / Westrock buildings were combined into 1 very significant building.
  2. Museum Developments in Richmond

    Steel is rising at the Civil War Museum
  3. Manchester Development

    A pic of the 7West development at the edge of the Manchester Bridge taken this week.
  4. Parks and Rec

    Pics I took earlier this week at the Farmers Market project....not much progress and I totally understand the frustration of the businesses. There may be a good reason, but not sure why everything was torn out if they weren’t ready to proceed further. There was one section that had been dug a little deeper and there are some exposed pilings. I am not sure if these are from the most recent structures or if they date to an earlier time. Up close, they look pretty old, but I am not sure.
  5. The Locks at 321

    I was down there this weekend and nothing has changed.... no demo has started yet. I was disappointed since the last reported info indicated that demo was supposed to start around the beginning of December.
  6. Richmond Developments

    I took it as well. I still live in RVA and am very much in support.
  7. Manchester Development

    I really hope to see something about this soon. I have been here 7 years and seeing this dilapidated property all this time in such a prime spot is just agonizing. Perhaps with the building of Dominion’s tower, the General Assembly Building, and the construction around VCU Med Center there is still enough growth. That being said, there will be a lot of apartments coming online around the same time...the City View Landing tower, the apartments at the foot of Jefferson Park are moving right along, and the apartments in Shockoe on Franklin are wrapping up. I don’t know the exact totals, but it has to be adding a total of somewhere in the range of 600 new apartments. I’m not trying to sound pessimistic...I am just hoping we keep it up!
  8. Manchester Development

    I have been wondering about this project as well. My assumption has been that they may be waiting for the City View Landing apartment building to be completed and see how the market absorbs those units before going ahead with construction. In the event that absorption is slow, that could be bad news for this project. I hope that isn’t the case, but it’s all I can think of.
  9. Richmond off-topic postings

    Does anyone know if there are or ever were any plans recently to do anything with the building at 728 E Main. It seems a rather significant building downtown that stands vacant and boarded up on the upper floors considering all the development that has occurred downtown in the last few years. It looks like it was owned by Douglas Jamal at one point and I found mention of a redevelopment on a page that I linked below....but the sign for Jamal's company has been replaced with a Thalhimer's sign, but I cannot find the building referenced on their website. Seems like a good spot for a boutique hotel, unless we are saturated already, or more apartments. There are a lot of windows without obstructions so you wouldn't have to be too creative with how to get natural light into all the spaces. I'd be happy for any use of this's the only blight in that area and it looks awful. I moved here in 2010 and it was vacant then. It looks like it has been vacant for at least 10 years from what I can find online.
  10. Scott's Addition Development

    Looks like this project is going to turn out a bit taller than the 6 floors it had been scaled back to. Good to see the effects of the zone change already.
  11. Manchester Development

    The shell of the new apartment tower in Manchester nearing completion and 7West condos have made a lot of progress. Also saw some goats that were clearing vegetation near the climbing wall. These were all taken this afternoon. All the Manchester development is great, but I cannot help but wonder how long it will be before the area between the floodwall and development is cleaned up and repurposed. I know that is a long range plan, but wonder how close we are to seeing something happen. I cannot imagine someone paying near a million dollars for a condo at 7West without some kind of reasonable expectation that something is on the horizon.
  12. Just a few pics from walking around the flood wall and downtown.
  13. Richmond International Airport

    Well my eyes were pretty red. I wasn't implying that RIC had the red eye...just that I had taken it from San Diego. We left at 10:30pm and landed at Dulles around 6am, left Dulles for RIC at around 8am.
  14. Richmond International Airport

    I actually flew back to RIC on the red eye from San Diego on Sunday. We connected in Dulles and to my surprise, there were about 5 of us from the San Diego flight continuing on to RIC.
  15. Proposed: The Belvidere

    So I was a bit confused as to which property this thread was actually for. I guess there is discussion of the property adjacent to the ICA and across. It does seem that both will eventually be developed and I just hope we get something more impressive than the odd beigey brown dark glass boxy thing we saw before for the Uppy's parcel.