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  1. Has anyone else been watching the Western & Southern Tennis Tournament that takes place in Cincinnati? There have been actual ads running touting their city as a great place to relocate your headquarters. I think it's a great ad and something we should consider as a city and I love they just put it out there plainly stating the objective. Just curious if anyone else has seen it. I tried looking online for it, but wasn't successful.
  2. Maybe they should approach Michael Hild about taking over the Dogtown Brewery space....
  3. Just wanted to say that I flew Breeze from New Orleans to RIC on Monday and the plane was mostly full. Apparently, this plane was continuing on to Bradley Airport. That said, I think 95 percent of the people on the plane had their destination as Richmond. We were initially on a roundtrip Breeze flight, but they eliminated the Thursday flight out of RIC. Hopefully, this comes back when staffing can get beefed up.
  4. DPR is no longer involved in the block D project. I can't get into all the details, but essentially the developer wanted wood construction to save on costs and DPR doesn't do wood construction.
  5. Just to add to the comments about Breeze... We were scheduled to fly out on Breeze 7/21 to New Orleans and return 7/25. Unfortunately, they cancelled our outbound flight because they are no longer flying on Thursday. Due to plans we already had and being now short notice we had to rebook on Spirit out of BWI. I know it's not Breeze's fault and at least they gave us 2 weeks notice and I was able to get a refund. I really want them to do well, but it's just difficult for all airlines right now. Also, I really really really hate not using RIC
  6. Soda Flats very early construction pic
  7. Construction progress from today on The Box in Manchester.
  8. At long last, we have an opening date for the Moxy Hotel at Fifth and Franklin. This has been a long time coming, but only recently finally appears on the Moxy website, so seems legit. I am not convinced about the August opening, but that would be great! https://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/ricox-moxy-richmond-downtown/
  9. Just wanted to add to the crane pics. The Commodore and The Tidewater.
  10. PXL_20220521_232914698.mp4
  11. I found myself and my husband in the last pic. We aren't really noticable, but I can see us at the back left
  12. Just a couple of pics I snapped on a walk today going to the floodwall. 1st is The Box, going up next to the Current. 2nd is the one by The Beach Companies at the foot of the Manchester Bridge
  13. Agree completely that the 14th bridge needs to be replaced. We walk it often as well and we definitely want it to incorporate the bike and pedestrian needs that were agreed to previously. All that said, my husband and I both feel strongly that a new bridge is needed in a new location. With everything at Rocketts and what is coming at Fulton Yards there is too much stress on Dock and Main St and Broad. To an extent, traffic downtown is good but it also becomes a detriment. We feel that something should be built off 95 from the south of town that would take someone directly to a location near Rocketts... perhaps slightly east going a bit toward Varina. I'm sure it won't be a popular idea, but at some point the current roadways will be maxed out with the pace of current growth and development.
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