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  1. So this building had been posted about before a year or so ago probably. It is from architecturefirm. They did the Quirk in Charlottesville among other things. For a while, it wasn't on their website anymore, but now it's back with new renders. A while back I had messaged them through Instagram to ask if it was dead, and they said it wasn't...just on hold. With the update, I wonder if something will come to pass? I sure hope so because it looks great! The other buildings in the render I can't quite place, so maybe it's just to show a likeness. Still, from looking at maps, I am wondering if this would go at the parking lot at the corner of Broad and Madison?? https://www.architecturefirm.co/work-1#/rva-tower/
  2. Not sure if it would help RIC, but we were actually scheduled to fly from Raleigh to New Orleans in a few weeks on Spirit. We booked this because we could fly non-stop. Well, a few weeks ago Spirit cut the route and also wasn't flying to or from where we needed on the days we needed any longer. So...we ended up rebooking and flying United out of RIC connecting through DC (it was only about 30 bucks less to fly out of DC direct). Anyway, perhaps Spirit cutting their volume at RDU could push a few people to RIC??? We are actually flying from RIC to ATL in January too. I just got the 2nd dose of Pfizer vaccine so hopefully more people will be able to travel in the coming months.
  3. So in scanning the interwebs for Richmond development news...I came across something that could be interesting. This was taken from the resume of an architect at Walter Parks. See where it lists Locks 7 tower for around 2023. All the other projects on the resume are either completed or in progress, so seems like this could be on the horizon. I wonder if this would replace the announced canal walk hotel across from the Carmax offices. I can't find anything else about this, but anyone heard anything?? http://www.nahumgoodenow.com/resume
  4. The building in the background is Riviera on Semmes. There are two 5 or 6 story buildings under construction. The existing buildings that were part of Muse have already been converted to apartments and are occupied.
  5. These aren't great pics, but I took them while driving down Broad the other day. The first set are of the development on the UMFS property and the last pic is the old Quality Inn at the edge of Scott's Addition.
  6. Site work for the Hydro Apartment development in Manchester. Pics taken yesterday.
  7. McRae and Lacy townhomes are taking shape.
  8. 1. Children's hospital 2. General Assembly (the exterior is starting to be applied at the base) 3. VCU outpatient tower 4. Children's and GA 5. Main St apt building (Centennial lot) 6. Liv Development apartments (The Jamestown) in Manchester with Riviera at Semmes in background
  9. First pic is from Rocketts with General Assembly, Children's Hospital, and Adult Patient Tower in view. 2nd is the construction of the apartment building across from Shiplock Park taken from Dock St looking up toward Main.
  10. Exciting news this morning! Costar looks like they want to build a new riverfront office building! https://richmondbizsense.com/2020/07/27/costar-eyes-new-riverfront-office-building/
  11. This type of project exists in pretty much any college town. It won't do anything to detract from SA. The traffic is a crap show regardless of this project because the streets were not designed as a residential area. Why it hasn't been reconfigured is beyond me. It wouldn't take that much to create more 4 way intersections etc. Anyway, hope it passes!
  12. I had read in more recent articles that the 2nd component of South Falls was to be another residential building vs the previously proposed office building. Found this today that appears to show an adjacent building of about 10 floors! https://www.cite-design.com/south-falls
  13. Taken yesterday on the Capital Trail at Rocketts. The new General Assembly building is going to stand out a lot more than I had imagined and you can see the VCU outpatient building on the right edge.
  14. More of South Falls and The Current and downtown cranes
  15. Pics from yesterday in Scott's Addition showing progress of The Nest (set to open in July) and The Summit (leasing for fall).
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