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  1. I work at Johnston-Willis hospital and got exposed outside of work and got tested Wednesday and still no results. I had to self quarantine and take my own PTO (I only have about 70 hours). My husband is a project manager for a small construction company based in Ashland. He has been furloughed for 6 weeks and will have to use all his PTO (he doesn't have 6 weeks). We are greatly concerned about the future of his job and that company. They rely heavily on the retail and service sector to be thriving. I think we may be ok, but can't say we are not worried. Personally, I am having no symptoms currently and feel what I did have was allergy sinus related. My hope is that it doesn't get as bad at the hospital as some fear, but reading what is going on in other places like even Albany, GA...I feel the worst seems like it's yet to come. I have never been more hopeful to be wrong. That said, I see a much larger contraction of our economy and fear many restaurants and other business won't be able to reopen because so many of us will end up wiped out financially and unable to support them.
  2. Someone posted about this in the Manchester thread recently. It's from liv development out of Birmingham, AL. http://livdev.com/property/the-jamestown/
  3. The good news is that another vacant lot gets developed and makes the need for the next development to perhaps be taller and more dense. We still have so so many of those lots in Monroe Ward to fill in. I think until that happens we probably won't see too much height. I hope to hell I am wrong, but just my guess. Still though, I would love love love to see those parcels fill in rapidly...like Manchester and SA so we can get some taller buildings going.
  4. But, in the end the city had to issue bonds to pay for the 200k needed to build when we walked away from money on the table. So, it was a sound financial decision...haha.
  5. So this is kind of related to the Navy Hill proposal and also ties into the missed opportunity with our airport being a hub versus Charlotte. I was doing some research on my house and stumbled down a rabbit hole that talked about the history of Richmond's Public Library. Did you know that Richmond rejected Andrew Carnegie's offer of 100k for a library? Sounds ridiculous right?? It's really crazy and I couldn't help think of these more current things. It seems Richmond has a long history of missed opportunities... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richmond_Public_Library_(United_States)
  6. I live in this area and I think this plan sucks. Why can't they do a proper round-a-bout? There is plenty of room.
  7. You know it's coming and I will do whatever I can to support another viable candidate. I do not care for her. She is a divisive self-promoter without solutions to real problems.
  8. I liked Newbile's comments. "Tired is not an excuse." It's over now, but 5 of them skirted the process. It's clear Reva Trammell hates Stoney, but to her point...he should have been there. It seems like council has just turned their back on the business community. That said, there were several people from the social service community that spoke in support. I also find it interesting that so much is made of race and class in this debate... but there is only 1 minority in the group of 5 and only 1 white in the group of 4.
  9. I thought maybe. I would have done something similar
  10. I assume after the bathroom break... Did you speak? I didn't, but feel the pro-side was well represented.
  11. It does look like about as many people are speaking in favor as opposed.
  12. A.J. Brewer... "How do you pass up a billion dollars?"
  13. Can't believe the council members that walked out. That is so disrespectful.
  14. I also feel like letting the opposition speak first is skewed. I guess it would be too hard to have sides alternate...1 in favor and 1 opposed. It's going to take forever. Not one person has said one thing about what happens if it fails. So everyone is ok with letting these properties rot... and the city spending money to maintain a useless coliseum?
  15. Rents could actually go down if enough housing were built to get closer to saturation. We witnessed this in Atlanta...housing was cheaper there because there was more of it.
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