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  1. Snapped this driving by Wednesday. This is the building on Grace St near Stuart Circle.
  2. Found this site marketing for the McRae and Lacy Townhomes next to Legend in Manchester. There are renderings and videos! Looks pretty nice! https://rerva.com/mcrae-lacy-townhomes/
  3. I don't disagree that we may have reached saturation...but in the case of Pearl, they are just rebranding just as they did when it was Delux. So it really isn't a closing IMO. The ownership is staying the same and they are opening a new concept. Also, Baja Bean mentioned maybe opening in a new spot that wasn't so large and also referenced that our low unemployment has made it difficult to hire and retain staff. My point is that I think there are more factors at play than just a saturation point.
  4. Taken today over at VCU. This is the Outpatient Tower. It's really beginning to take shape!
  5. Taken last night. I was glad to see more of the canal side being developed, but it's still hard to tell how it will look and how it will tie in to the canal walk.
  6. We checked it out this weekend and both really loved everything we tried. They are not IPA heavy like some. We had three of their sours and they were some of my favorite I have had anywhere! Recently checked out Tabol and Castleburg also. There is something to like about all of them, but I definitely have my favorites. We have been here since 2010 and still haven't been to them all and more will be opening soon, like Dogtown in Manchester and Star Hill in Scott's Addition.
  7. Not yet. I walked by yesterday and the construction fencing is down on that side, but interior work is still going on for those retail spaces. I haven't seen anything out there about tenants that have signed on.
  8. I think it should get it's own thread. I'm excited for this and it looks like they are very serious. It is still a lot of surface parking, but I'll take it. When we lived at Rocketts in 2010-2013 there was not much around there and it felt so disconnected, this will do a lot to tie it into the city more and give it more retail options other than the 3 restaurants.
  9. Taken yesterday... Site of the 14 story apartment tower at the floodwall. Still a ton of site work to do... Other pic is the ongoing build out of City View Landing. Manchester is really being transformed. It has come a long way since we moved to RVA in 2010.
  10. That project was / is a different developer...Louis Salomonsky. Again, he has a lot of completed projects so not sure what is going on with this one. It would be nice to see, but I can see a hotel being hesitant on this spot without being tied to another major draw and a somewhat unappealing piece of property visually at this point. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.richmond.com/news/local/city-of-richmond/richmond-city-council-rezones-shockoe-bottom-property-where-developers-are/article_9def449a-2a01-578b-97ef-97f28e35dea0.amp.html
  11. I understand the frustration and I don't know what the problem is, but Shamin has developed other hotels like The Hampton Inn downtown and they are currently building a Residence Inn by Johnston-Willis Hospital. They have a history of completing the projects they announce, so not sure why you would lose faith in them. I do agree, things don't look good for this project for whatever reason...but I wouldn't lose faith in the developer. I have also seen that the Moxy website has never had this project listed as a coming soon for whatever that is worth. So perhaps Shamin couldn't reach an agreement with Moxy about some aspect of the development.
  12. I have read that VCU has no plans at this time to invest in a football program and that they are focused on the current athletic programs. That said, my father was a college football coach for many years and when he was at South Florida, he said representatives from VCU visited to see how that program got started and looked at the expenditures etc and it's ability to fund other sports etc. I guess ultimately, they didn't like what they saw. That would have been around 2009 ish.
  13. Updates of The Locks Tower...still interested in how it will tie into the canal walk. Pics from floodwall of South Falls site and City View Landing. Another building is going up in City View Landing with 2 elevator shafts that seem to be about 5 floors in height. see elevator shafts.
  14. These pics are from today. Fountain isn't on and there are no tables and chairs as before. Weeds have taken over. I would be embarrassed to take anyone by here.
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