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  1. I support affordable housing, but this has no outdoor space...no balconies. It does look like a prison. Hoping they can make some adjustments...
  2. It looks like something that would have been built in the 90's on a beach in Florida...not impressed. There are almost infinite ways to improve this design. That said, I would love a building of this size to be built at that location.
  3. Just wanted to add that Lexington, KY has an urban style Target. Yes, it is on the edge of campus and downtown....but it would be no different if we had one close to VCU and downtown. Having lived in both places, Richmond is definitely a larger metro.
  4. There has been something on Nahum's site that I have been curious about. It's the building next to the Hydro development by the Silos...with the Witch painted in it. He has on his site several images of what looked to be a redevelopment of the building. I was trying to find confirmation that this was a part of the Hydro project or if there was a plan to do something with it. I finally found a lease flyer... https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/3-Manchester-Rd-Richmond-VA/23494646/ This also excites me because it indicates that it will take a bit more advantage of
  5. Just wanted to say the new Stella's Market is open on Hull St near 6th and The Continental (sharing same space) will be open very soon. Also, the new ABC in the same development along Hull should also be opening sometime soon. All the decals are on the windows and all the shelves are in place. Excited for this transformation to continue. When we moved to RVA ten years ago, this was a wasteland....I think there was an abandoned Burger King near where Port RVA is and a closed down Citgo near the same spot. Other than a Papa's Pizza that was takeout only and Plant Zero (coffee and breakfast place
  6. I still get so angry..... If you're tired of doing your elected job then let someone else, and maybe it's idealistic but shouldn't we aim for and expect the best. If you aim for mediocrity then you will be lucky to even achieve that.
  7. One of my big concerns with moving the arena out of downtown is the lack of synergy with the convention center. It makes no sense to me that the city let this facility go to complete waste. I worry that once Green City is built and if the casino is built in S Richmond that it takes so much business away from downtown and potential convention business. There is no reason that this area isn't a lively active district. The city failed to maintain what it already had and all of council and the mayor should be held accountable. I know Navy Hill didn't go through as the mayor planned, but shutting t
  8. Just wanted to say we flew out of RIC today and the place appeared packed. Not that we fly a ton...a few times a year but I think it was as busy as I have seen it in my 10 years here. Our flight to Orlando on Spirit was full, and the security line was long. The Applebee's was still closed, but all the other businesses we saw were open and doing decent business. It'll be interesting to see the numbers for May and June.
  9. I am not sure how accurate it is at times, but I track planes on planefinder. This afternoon or late morning there was a plane that was showing it was flying from Lawton, OK to RIC on Sun Country Air. I wasn't even aware this was an airline, but apparently it is. However, they don't list destinations of Richmond or Lawton. Anyone have any insight to this??
  10. Yeah, I will definitely let everyone know how it goes. We always use RIC...it has always worked out better for us than driving somewhere else. I agree with your assessment on the Breeze options. NOLA is definitely the best...and a place we previously didn't have service too that is a decent sized airport. Charleston isn't that attractive to me to fly to when it's not that far of a drive. Even with a cheap direct flight, it's not like it's that feasible to fly there and then not rent a car which negates the attractiveness of a cheap flight for me.
  11. Just wanted to say my husband and I booked a Breeze flight out of RIC to New Orleans in August! Also flying Spirit out of RIC to Orlando in a couple of weeks...
  12. georgeglass

    Monroe Ward

    So this building had been posted about before a year or so ago probably. It is from architecturefirm. They did the Quirk in Charlottesville among other things. For a while, it wasn't on their website anymore, but now it's back with new renders. A while back I had messaged them through Instagram to ask if it was dead, and they said it wasn't...just on hold. With the update, I wonder if something will come to pass? I sure hope so because it looks great! The other buildings in the render I can't quite place, so maybe it's just to show a likeness. Still, from looking at maps, I am wondering if thi
  13. Not sure if it would help RIC, but we were actually scheduled to fly from Raleigh to New Orleans in a few weeks on Spirit. We booked this because we could fly non-stop. Well, a few weeks ago Spirit cut the route and also wasn't flying to or from where we needed on the days we needed any longer. So...we ended up rebooking and flying United out of RIC connecting through DC (it was only about 30 bucks less to fly out of DC direct). Anyway, perhaps Spirit cutting their volume at RDU could push a few people to RIC??? We are actually flying from RIC to ATL in January too. I just got the 2nd do
  14. So in scanning the interwebs for Richmond development news...I came across something that could be interesting. This was taken from the resume of an architect at Walter Parks. See where it lists Locks 7 tower for around 2023. All the other projects on the resume are either completed or in progress, so seems like this could be on the horizon. I wonder if this would replace the announced canal walk hotel across from the Carmax offices. I can't find anything else about this, but anyone heard anything?? http://www.nahumgoodenow.com/resume
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