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    Cabela's will be opening on March 20th at the Village at Riverwatch. With the addition of Cabela's, a developer has expressed interest in developing an outlet mall at the site. It's still in the preliminary stages but we should hear something within a couple of weeks.
  2. PJA

    Augusta Developments News

    CarMax, the usa's largest used car dealership is coming to Augusta. This will be the first location outside of the Atlanta area. It will be located on Mason McKnight Jr. Parkway close to the Wheeler Rd and I-20 interchange. CarMax - Augusta Chronicle
  3. PJA

    Augusta Photo of the Day

    Those are some very nice 4th of July pics.
  4. PJA

    Augusta Developments News

    Rumor mill is that Outback and Carrabas will be opening second locations somewhere in Richmond County. Also Bonefish will be moving to a stand alone location also in Richmond County.
  5. Another project I'm excited about for downtown is the new tour boat called The Patriot. I think it will start running next week and will go from downtown to Lock and Dam. We haven't had a tour boat on the river since the Princess Augusta stopped running.
  6. The Watermark may have broken ground but I'm not sure. I know they were clearing the land last year and they had to move some contaminated soil. I don't imagine the TEE center breaking ground until later this year.
  7. I don't think the ground has been broken yet has it? It just got approved yesterday plus I think they still have to come up with the site plans and get those approved first. This shouldn't be too hard as downtown is going to need more hotels when the TEE center is built.
  8. PJA

    Georgia Population Figures

    Yes Fort Gordon is located In Richmond County. I know there were deployments but as Topher said Ft. Gordon employs less people to begin with. So the loss was probably a lot less than Ft. Benning. Also troops are constantly being stationed here so that probably balances the losses out.
  9. A new hotel, condo and retail development could come downtown. A national developer wants to build a hotel at the intersection of Ninth and Reynolds street that would extend the the corner of Broad Street. It would include condos and street level retail as well as a parking garage. It would be aproximately 6 to 7 stories high. Currently and old police station and some warehouses are sitting there. A public hearing will be held next week to discuss demolishing the old buildings.
  10. PJA

    Georgia Population Figures

    Thanks for putting this together Topher.
  11. PJA

    The Shoppes at River Crossing

    Are they finished with everything yet? I would love to make a Saturday trip down to Macon but I want to come when they are finished or at least when most of it is opened.
  12. PJA

    Evans-Columbia County

    The last time I was in Evans, just the Home Depot was open. As far as that apartment complex, yes they shot it down..however part of land is zoned for aparments anyway, so they may sitll get built. However the devolpers said they won't be able to make them as upscale so it looks like the residents shot themselves in the foot.
  13. PJA

    Georgia Population Figures

    There is supposed to be a 762 area code for the 706 areas as well. That's why we had to go to 10 digit dialing for local calls when we used to only have to dial seven digits.