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  1. poonther


    Is that the only one in town or is there one in the Disco Mall?
  2. poonther


    Thanks for the info seaty. I'm curious, did The Body Shop, where Swarovski is now, leave the Disco Mall completely or did they just move to a different location in the mall?
  3. This geek will be at this grinning from ear to ear: Weatherfest!
  4. poonther


    "That's the Night when the Lights went out (near) Georgia." Wow it's come to this? I doubt COT will put them completely in the dark, but you never know. Feldman let our mall go.................please!
  5. I know I tease here a lot about what I affectionately call The RRM (Redneck Rumor Mill) and often times my mentioning it is in jest. However after what happened here on Friday w/the gas situation, The RRM is alive, well and powerful!
  6. THis is a good person to know :-)

  7. Welcome and good to have you here dawg!
  8. poonther


    WTXL did a nice report on the stumbling of Tally Mall. They interviewed Steven Darby, the GM of Tally Mall. He has posted here on UP once or twice. My favorite quote from the story (watch the vid if you can) is "It'll almost be like Atlanta" Yeah a third mall will make us as big as ATL, good news for the airport. Tally Mall Struggling
  9. poonther


    DeVoe's Mega Strip Mall aka Pinnacle now set to open in: 2010 DeVoe states that part of the delay is b/c of the economy and then of course he states it is also w/acquiring permits. While that is probably true, DeVoe never misses a chance to bash the process from what I've seen...........and judging from the trail of ugly bldgs. he's left around town........that process isn't so strict. Of course I enjoy reading the rumor mill comments below in the Democrat. Let's repeat this again: There will be NO Nordstrom's or Bloomies at this location. It's going to either be JcPenny or Dillar
  10. poonther


    Seems the RRM has been in full swing again. I've read and heard that Bloomingdales (Bloomies for short, not Blooms) is moving in Tally Mall. I definitely think this is wildly false! Bloomies(my favorite dept. store)actually has very limited stores throughout the country. In the past few years they just moved into the Orlando and San Francisco markets. If Jax and Tampa don't have a Bloomies, do you really think we'd get one? Our metro is way way too small and our median income IMHO is too low. IMHO we'll get a Nordstroms way before we'll get a Bloomies and I don't see that happening for
  11. I completely agree w/tombarnes on this subject. Having lived in all 3 distinct regions of FL (South, Central and North) I appreciate Florida and love it for its diversity. Also having traveled to other states w/this diversity like CA, NV and NY, I prefer this situation much better than the "City-States" like Mass/Boston and GA/ATL. I must respectfully disagree w/your statement USF about under representation of the Big 4 Metros. This may have been true up to the 70's during the Pork-Chop Gang's domination, but it no longer holds true. For example my district here in Tally runs from her
  12. Hey Tally ranked number 3 and the highest ranked city in Florida. No surprises here and if you've walked anywhere lately, I'm sure you'll agree!
  13. poonther


    Wow another hit to Tally Mall and once again another vacant spot on North Monroe. Even though I wasn't much of a Goody's shopper, I'm rather surprised by this news. It looked like this store was somewhat busy most of the time. They only had 6 FL locations and they appear to be shutting down all of them BUT the Lake City location. I wonder if Kohl's entry into the FL market had anything to do w/these closings? Looks like they'll keep their GA border stores open in Bainbridge, T'ville and Valdosta. mracca, interesting theory and you may just be correct. You know at this stage of th
  14. poonther


    Can anyone confirm if they've started construction on the Panera at Tally Mall?
  15. poonther


    ^Interesting news GG. Why are we now just getting an outlet type of store? I didn't even know Bass had those type of stores. Many metro's our size support a full-on Bass Pro, so why can't we? Montgomery, AL is one of them. While I'm sad to see Tally Mall lose them, it does seem more in-line w/what I see from Bass that they'd want interstate frontage out at DeVoe's Mega Strip Center (DMSC.) The only Bass I know of (and I don't know of that many off hand) that doesn't have interstate frontage is the one in Destin...mainly b/c there's no interstate there. The other point I wanted to m
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