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  1. Tallahassee Regional Airport

    Speaking of PFN, check out this article in today's PC News-Herald. The most interesting part of this article to me is the table at the bottom. Look who by far has the cheapest flights to Dallas and DC in this area. I'm surprised w/AirTran that PNS isn't cheaper. Also note that of the cities w/high cost per mile that the dominant carrier in all those cities is Delta. I really don't see the correlation between longer runways and cheaper fares. I understand that the current PFN airport has too short of runways for bigger planes, but if those bigger planes are going to be flown in by Delta, will that alone really lower fares?
  2. Tallahassee Regional Airport

    IMHO the subsidy to bring back in-state Delta service was stupid. First they are subsidizing Delta which w/their pricing has created a lot of our problems at TLH. Second they are subsidizing prop service, not jet service on at least CRJ's. So the travel times increase especially to SFL. Finally and most important they are subsidizing routes where the fares are still astronomical. In order to get folks back to flying out of TLH, the fares have to drop and they didn't. 500 bucks for a flight to FLL, booking a month in advance is absurd! I too believe this was a sweetheart deal for the fat cats that work at the Capitol. Therefore I think it should have been a State subsidy only and not involved the City or County. The good note in all of this is that we are getting a DC-Reagan flight. That is good news and I believe there is the demand in town for this route. Let's hope so! Meanwhile over in Bay County, they just approved adding one cent to the bed tax for the next five years to help lure a new low cost airline to the new airport. Walton County is also going to add a one cent bed tax to help lure an airline. The real trouble starts here b/c Walton County will give their bed tax funds to the airport that lures a low cost carrier....PFN or VPS (Okaloosa Regional.) This has created a war in the area. I believe in the end PFN will win this war w/the new airport and b/c VPS already had AirTran but lost them to PNS and they must share the runways w/Eglin fighters etc.
  3. Malls

    Is that the only one in town or is there one in the Disco Mall?
  4. Malls

    Thanks for the info seaty. I'm curious, did The Body Shop, where Swarovski is now, leave the Disco Mall completely or did they just move to a different location in the mall?
  5. Tallahassee Regional Airport

    Hey guys I heard this proposal on the news last night and it perked my interest. Vasilinda who is running for my FL House Seat, District 9 has "said one of the first bills she would sponsor would be to exempt Tallahassee from the 6.9-cent state tax on each gallon of aviation fuel. " Here's the full story and article Here's my questions: Would this repeal of the state gas tax work to lower fares at TLH significantly? Would it help to get us better airline service especially more in-state flights and maybe a new airline? If it would work, could she ever get it passed in the State Leg. if she did get elected? Is this just a silly political stunt w/no merit?
  6. TallySheet

    This geek will be at this grinning from ear to ear: Weatherfest!
  7. Malls

    "That's the Night when the Lights went out (near) Georgia." Wow it's come to this? I doubt COT will put them completely in the dark, but you never know. Feldman let our mall go.................please!
  8. Tallahassee Regional Airport

    Poonter sounds like then a derogatory name for your punter after he's made a terrible punt. Wrong airline as in I'd rather JetBlue be flying those Embraer's here rather than Delta.
  9. Tallahassee Regional Airport

    ^Yeah, but by the wrong airline GG. CapeFish I hear you about the TLH fares. I've noticed lately that the JAX vs TLH prices have gotten out of hand. Before I could plan my trip early and only pay a little more to fly out of TLH than JAX. I'm sorry to report that has not been the case in the last month or so. I loathe loathe loathe having to drive 170 miles to and from an airport and will not do it if the price difference is around $100 dollars, but lately on flights out West, I've noticed the difference is way more than $100 bucks. So on my next West Coast trip, I may have to make that drive. Nothing worse than landing in Jax at midnight from a 5 hour flight and having to drive that dark lonesome highway for 2 plus hours to home. RSW was the one in state airport I always thought we needed direct service to before the cuts began. I too have known people to fly to RSW via ATL once and then realize that it takes just about as long to drive there and never fly there again. I heard on the news last night that Gulfstream/Continental will began service to FLL from TLH and continue their TPA service. However those flights will be on 19 seater prop planes. This is NOT a solution IMHO. Props take almost twice as long to fly to these airports and they are really uncomfortable even for a small guy like me that fits nicely in CRJ's. I call these flights the "white knuckle express." I use to take them often in the summertime between here and TPA. Oh what joy they are over the Gulf on a thunderstorm day.
  10. Tallahassee Regional Airport

    Democrat just found out that DayJet is gone The small problem I have w/the article is the following quote from Marc Dunbar over at Pennington Law Firm: "It's unfortunate that DayJet had to shut down its operations in Florida," Dunbar said in an e-mail. "Their service was going to become very convenient and I was planning on using them quite a bit, considering Delta has decided to eliminate the only direct flights to South Florida from Tallahassee. I am very disappointed." Hopefully I'm making more of this than it should be, but that statement to me tells me the way the average Tally flyer thinks. Yes it's true that DELTA axed their FLL and MIA flights from TLH, but remember Marc, AA still flies between here and MIA. So those really weren't the ONLY direct flights. It's a Delta-centric world...well at least at TLH and in the minds of our passengers.
  11. Tallahassee Regional Airport

    I'd still rather have more city choices on smaller jets, even crj's, than very limited city choices on larger jets. But of course my opinion can be skewed since I fit nicely into CRJ seats. bhNC, thanks for the info. Funny the Democrat hasn't even reported this yet. No surprises here w/this announcement IMHO.
  12. "Evening Rose"

    Charter School Grand Opening in Evening Rose Good for them! Hopefully this will help sales in Evening Rose. The article states they have 320 students. What grades encompass this new school? So the article states the name of the school is Imagine School. Is that the full complete name? Do they have John and Yoko as their mascots?
  13. TallySheet

    I know I tease here a lot about what I affectionately call The RRM (Redneck Rumor Mill) and often times my mentioning it is in jest. However after what happened here on Friday w/the gas situation, The RRM is alive, well and powerful!
  14. Tallahassee Regional Airport

    I'm glad Crist is at least addressing this situation. I'm not sure how much good it will do considering all the problems and seat cut backs that the airlines are doing, but at least he's will to try something. I'm glad he called Delta, but I'd rather someone else cover those routes. SW would be terrific, but I believe they may have their sights set on the new PC airport. That would put them in a central location in the P'handle and draw folks from PNS to TLH up to DHN. Tally isn't situated as well geographically, but it does have a much higher demand for in-state service, so we'll see. I'm always surprised that SW flies to Jackson, Miss. Their metro is about 100k larger than ours. They aren't really a secondary market to anyone especially since SW flies to B'ham and NOLA. Jackson airports handles about 1.4 million passengers a year. TLH was just a little lower than those numbers in the AT years. Also Jackson is served by the same airlines as TLH plus just SW. However the affect SW can have on an airport is huge. I'm sure it raises Jackson's total passengers numbers and lowers their airfare prices. Plus look at how it divides their airline market shares. I'd love to see this same table for TLH. Courting AT again would be great. Just give us the MCO flights along w/the ATL ones and not the TPA. That was one of the problems in the first place IMHO. Finally GG I'm glad to see someone state the drive to TPA is approx. 3.5 hours. Most folks I know here say it takes them 4 to 5 hours and I always think.."what are they doing, stopping every 15 minutes?"
  15. THis is a good person to know :-)