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  1. I know I should not say this and really and truly I mean no harm by this comment, but every time I ride by your church's big billboard across from Tally Mall, I comment on how much your preacher on the billboard looks like Satan. I say that everytime I see it and I see it a lot. I noticed they changed the billboard to include the preacher and his wife, but the guy still looks like Satan to me. Must be the goatee and for the record I've never seen him in real life so probably he doesn't look like Satan when he's moving and in 3-D. I just find it funny that a preacher to me and probably to me only looks like Satan. Oh yeah and for the record, I've never seen Satan in real life either.....yet! No disrespect....carry on.
  2. I've been in Charlotte, NC since Saturday and will be here until later in the week. It's freezing here compared to Tally. It does not warm up during the day (only in the mid 40's everyday) and as soon as the sun sets, it's cold as heck. We had heavy sleet all night on Saturday. Everything is dead and brown...ugh. This is the South?
  3. Got a group picture of the City Commission TJ? If so, you should post one in honor of their good deed. If you have one of the County Commission, we could blow it up and use it as a dart board.
  4. Good points jpl02. I lived in South Florida when Dade and Miami started working as one. It was a very quiet type thing like you said. One day I remember it was Miami and Dade County and then the next day it was Miami-Dade. I understand that true consolidation is a long uphill battle here for sure. It's been voted down like what 4 times already? But I'd love to see them try it once more since many people from other areas have moved into the area. They aren't as likely to vote against the consolidation just based on the "good ole boy" fearful policy of "well it's always been like this and I fear change...etc etc." I know many in places like Ft. Braden and Woodville are really against consolidation because they are afraid of being swallowed up in Tally and losing their identity. Looks like we could use the Jax model where they give special rights I believe to their beach communities and Baldwin, thus still allowing those areas to keep their separate identities. Consolidation ain't rocket science. Who in the South are consolidated: Athens/Clarke County GA Columbus/Muscogee County GA Jax/Duval County FL Nashville/Davidson County TN Louisville/Jefferson County KY Those are all I can remember from memory. I want to say New Orleans is too? What about Macon GA? Is Charlotte, NC thinking about it? I am sure there are more I am forgetting. Anyway I want full consolidation, but if not, I'd gladly take the Miami-Dade hybrid model over the crap we have now.
  5. Welcome P_McLane, good to have you here. You are right, TJ does some excellent work for the Tally forum.
  6. I like murals. What building in All Saints is that one on?
  7. Good luck w/the application to the CRTPA. You'd be a great voice to have on there. Would you be representing the City of Tally officially or would you just be a private citizen on there?
  8. Hey is that what the sun looks like? Nice shot. I like the split leaf philendendrons under those Live Oaks just to the right of the shot. See the taller blue(ish) building down Monroe to the left. It use to be the SouthTrust Bank building now I think it's the Wachovia Bank building, but I'm not sure about that because I can never keep up w/all these bank mergers. Anyway, they have some great tall windmill palms along their College Street side (around Goodies Eatery.) Well the front one at the corner of Monroe and College has been dead for about 3 months. Looks awful. Check it out. I wish they would take some civic pride and just replant another one. It would take all of about 15 minutes and only cost them the amount they probably charge for one bounced check. Is there any type of commercial landscape enforcement in Tally?
  9. Ah, the 64 thousand dollar question.
  10. Hey where do they put their golf clubs? Seriously, how fast can those things go and for how long? Could you out run them on foot or a bike?
  11. Over in the park between Adams and Duval they had these blowers that were pumping out "snow." It was actually soapy bubbles I think. It was so cheesy that it was actually cool. I missed the parade too. Is it hard to find parking for this event because of course I never have to drive to these downtown events, I just walk.
  12. Well wasn't that win a pleasant little surprise!
  13. That is a really great shot TJ! I went to the festival, but did not watch the parade. I really enjoyed the snow. Did you get a good shot of that?
  14. I had forgotten that house was Gov. Bloxham's residence. Thanks for the reminder T.J. While that house has been converted into a business, if I remember correctly, that one is not a lawyer's office.
  15. Today's pic of the day is an old house again used as a business. Wanna guess what type of profession is in that one? That's right another lawyer's office. Again I like the palms under the live oaks. This time it's Sagos which really are not in the palm family but they'll do! Another good shot T.J.
  16. No, it's another lawyer's office. They remodeled this house about 5 years ago. They have offices here in Tally and one in Key West so the sign says. Sometimes they fly the Conch Republic flag from the front porch. The pet rest station is a popular thing in Key West. They also planted several Sabal Palms (the state tree) under their live oaks to give it that unique and my favorite type of North Florida look.
  17. Hey, you are still in my neighborhood with your daily pix! The name of that builiding is the Georgia Belle Dickinson tower. It's a senior citizen complex. I have no idea who she was.
  18. Hey T.J. I think regular updates would be grand! On the negative comment thing, I think that opposing viewpoints are needed.....HOWEVER there is always a right and wrong way to say them. Saying something like "this sucks" or "your opinion is wrong/stupid/silly/dumb etc. is NOT the way to say things. You can always have an opposing viewpoint, but you should always know how to phrase it correctly and politely. That is the best way to have it heard and to create a good dialogue. Often times I find on message boards that some people come into them just to stir up trouble. I generally try to ignore those types. On people saying that Tally sucks. Just ignore them. You know how you feel about it and how many others feel about it. So don't sweat what they say. I don't like when people say that Tally sucks compared to Orlando or Tampa or South Florida. In my opinion that is like comparing apples and oranges. Tally has a metro area of only 330K while those areas are from 1 million to 5 million. Of course Tally can't compare to them because of the size factor...duh! Also I've lived many years in South Florida and Orlando and they too have several problems of their own. No place is perfect. Keep up the cheerleading there T.J.!
  19. Hey that's my neighborhood! That house use to belong to the Florida Democratic Party, I'm not sure if they owned it or rented it, but when they moved out the house was in poor condition. Please no political jokes here just stating the facts. It use to be white in color and the driveway and front porch were crumbling. Then this law firm purchased ( imagine that a law firm in Tally) the property and fixed it up nicely. It's good to see those new sabal palms and sagos under the live oaks! Good shot T.J.
  20. I don't usually do this type of thing but I like you guys so here goes: Age: Old Fart (40) Occupation: Own a part in a computer biz, but really just a glorified house-husband School: The Florida State University B.A. Geography, M.A Urban Planning Ohio University Born: Montgomery, AL I worked as a City Planner for seven years at The City of Boca Raton, FL I love Tallahassee and actually chose to move here several years ago. Other Cities I've lived in: Troy, AL, Altamonte Springs, FL, Athens, OH, St. Louis, MO, Boca Raton, FL, Fort Lauderdale, FL, Tallahassee, FL T.J. I think your dedication and pictures to this site are awesome and are the reason why I joined. Please keep up the good work and know that it is appreciated and admired.
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