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  1. ^I thought they had gotten approval to create an underpass (more really like a culvert) up on that portion of US 27 to allow the turtles and wildlife to go underneath the road? I use to have that bumper sticker.
  2. You probably didn't sing it like this: The Official Version
  3. The song in it's orginal verse is pretty harsh IMHO. I'd be more in favor of just changing a few of the words and let that version be our official song. ANYTHING is better than the 3 choices they are giving us. They all are simply boring and lackluster! Anyone heard the Charles Atkin's song FL's Song which was used by Charlie at his inauguration? It's much better than those 3 choices. Or heck use a Jimmy Buffet or a Tom Petty song....anything but those 3.
  4. I think folks here tend to converse more on weekdays than they do on weekends. Maybe a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday posting might be best? Should you go to Southwood, could you please take a shot of the parcel that was suppose to be part of the Town Center but is now going to be apts? A shot showing it in relationship to the current TC/Lake and Townhouses would be superb. However do not make a special trip just for this shot. On the other end of town, if you happen to be up that way, maybe a shot of Bradfordville Corners or the new Kohl's going up. I guess my main request would be things anywhere on the edges of town since I don't get out that way as much.
  5. From what little I know about the real estate market, it has always gone in cycles and it always will. On the subject of foreclosures, it has been my observation that many folks got into trouble during the "glory days" b/c they simply bought too much house. Instead of the modest 3/2, they bought the 5/4 in Golden Eagle or the likes and now things are catching up w/them especially w/adjustable rate mortgages. I've known people that took out mortgages just for the interest only (there's a name for these) and my first thought upon learning that info was "What the devil are you thinking? This will surely come back to bite you in butt." Those interest-only mortgages that I know about did not occur here in NFL but in SFL and CA where they were more popular.
  6. poonther


    Of course he's not, he was home-schooled for freakin' sake. (j/k it was a joke, just a joke.) Is it true though that last year his father was banded from practices or at least from coming on the field b/c he was over zealous? I hate when my friends squabble, debating fine, but squabbling makes me sad . And back on topic........when is Dillard's leaving Tally Mall? At first they said after the Holidays, then I heard a report that it would be before Christmas. Anyone know?
  7. poonther


    FL, I think that's more immaturity talking than wealth.
  8. poonther


    Technically CCF and Chang's are considered mid-range restaurants. Chains like Morton's, Ruth Chris would be more in the upscale category.
  9. poonther


    Most of the time Changs/Cheesecakes are located in Metro's 1/2 million and bigger, HOWEVER Changs has just located in Destin.
  10. Great shots TD! Thanks for sharing and taking the time to post them. Are those taken w/your phone? If so, what great clarity. My Motorola Razor takes crappy pix.
  11. Ah the palms and sagos along the backside (Calhoun St.) of St. John's. You've been all over the places I routinely walk lately FL.
  12. I believe your lizard is a Skink. There is a fictional character from many of Carl Hiaasen's books named Skink and many times here in Tally and throughout the state I've seen bumper stickers that read: "Skink for Governor."
  13. First our little sister, Valdosta, dealt successfully w/the big bully Delta and now this? Goal of 1,500 new jobs in VLD in the next 5 years. We better wake up and get moving before WE are the little sister.
  14. What's the purpose for that vid? It definitely has that "feel-good, slap-happy sticky" Disney feel to it. Is the song from some Disney movie?
  15. Yes, FL you worry too much. Things here on UP seem to just go in cycles of heavy posting and light posting. Sometimes it seems to have to do w/the construction/new project cycles in our fair city and sometimes it seems to have to do w/our poster's schedules. Some days I'll post 5 to 10 times and then go several days w/out even posting once. I think everything is on track here and all is fine. I also was a lurker here for at least two months or more before I first joined up. Sometimes I think that "strategy" makes for a better poster. Not that we have any truly unique way of posting, but I remember when Rachiroo first started posting, it took me awhile to realize she was new. She just jumped in w/our posting style as if she'd been here forever. Also I've noticed that both Rachiroo and B'Boom have both just completed some fine quality detailed restaurant reviews. Before, it was mainly only you FL that did. So I'd call that progress too. FL, I am about to lose my best COT contact too. I'm not sure if an official announcement has been made, so please say no names. It will be a great loss for our downtown and surrounding area. The good news is that "the contact" will remain in town. Ah Tally.com. I've said it before and I'll say it again, bloggers at The Democrat make me appreciate you guys so very much. I glad they are starting to enforce a few of their TOS. It was about time. Things over there were getting crazy. The nasty stuff coming from folks there on MLA and other topics in past embarrasses me and makes me sad. I wish they'd put the comment section at the BTTM of the stories instead of beside them. Most every other newspaper does the comments at the bttm. That way if you don't want to read them, you don't have to. Yes I know I have the option to not read them, but when you are reading the story and just an inch off to the side someone is spewing nasties in all caps, it's hard not to look.
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