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  1. Personally, I think we need to take baby steps towards a transit system. Other than Miami, who has a transit system? This high speed rail system needs some connections. For example, let's say I'm in Tampa, and I want to go to Orlando. I hop on the train, and get to Orlando. Great - Now what do I do. Do I hop on the imaginary rail line to Church St? IMO, first we (Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville) need to get a decent transit system in the cities, then we can look at a rail system to the other cities.
  2. I stand corrected - When I said world, I really didn't think about Asia. However, the point is that we have what we have - I really don't see Jacksonville ripping up I-95 and replacing it with a Train. With the layout of Jacksonville, and the mindset of the residents, I don't see transit as the primary means of transportation (at least not in the next 25 years)
  3. You can't build a grocery store within walking distance to each and every house; you would have a grocery store every 8 blocks (assuming that 4 blocks is a reasonable walking distance. This is where some sort of transit comes in. It wasn't mentioned in the article, however I know JTA was looking at a trolley like that ran from Downtown to Roosevelt Square. In this case, much of the historic district would be within walking distance of this. Again, you can't serve everyone. For example, let's take two of the best transit systems in the country, New York and Chicago. There are a lot of p
  4. As a graduate of Nease (St. John's County), I will say that while I felt that the school prepared me for life after school academically, socialy it was horrendous (I'm not talking about being cool or not), but the fact that it was like la-la land. The average 16 year old girl does not get a BMW 3-Series for their 16th birthday, but you wouldn't know that by looking at the Nease parking lot. The typical problems that teenagers deal with usually don't include getting all of their friends past the security gates at marsh landing for the weekend party, but this sort of stuff was discussed at N
  5. But since you have the Skyway, why do you have all of the downtown stops? To see what I'm talking about, check out the print article (the maps do not appear online). To me, you have a stop at the intermodal center, and maybe a stop at the stadium (since a line goes over the Mathews anyway), and that's it.
  6. While i'd love to see Jacksonville get Rapid Transit, it seems like JTA is taking the wrong direction. Instead of extending lines to Regency, Gateway, Baymeadows, and Wilson, they should pick two of them, and finish them (like from the Airport to the Avenues). I'd think there would be a lot more demand for a line from OP to Downtown, rather than just Wilson for example. I know you have to start somewhere, but if you get Skyway sized ridership, people will scream. What do you all think?
  7. City set to start buying land for rapid transit bus system 29-mile network for express buses would pick up passengers at 27 stations By DAVID BAUERLEIN The Times-Union With $100 million in the bank and a stack of studies on the shelf, Jacksonville will start buying land in 2005 for a 29-mile rapid transit system where express buses zip along in their own lanes while picking up passengers at 27 stations in downtown and the suburbs. The total bill for building the system over a 20-year period will be $611 million, according to estimates by the Jacksonville Transportation Authority
  8. Well, I'm sure people would never go for another better jax plan, but go with me for a second. The city owns the Prime Osborne, which the JTA would buy (hopefully we wouldn't give it away for too cheap). The JTA has to buy land and build the building already, and it's not like the Prime Osborne is in bad condition, so the renovations would be too extensive (relatively speaking). Plus, what about the bed tax we are charging at our hotels? Between the two of these, I thing we should have a start.
  9. Thanks for the welcome! I spend part of the time in Avondale, part with my parents in Ponte Vedra, and I am under contract for a townhome that is currently under construction at Kernan @ Wonderwood. I wanted to move Downtown, but I wanted to own (not rent), and the options downtown are Berkman (IMO, not worth it for the price), the Shipyards (out of my price range, and who knows when anything will go vertical there), or the Parks at the Cathedral, which is not bad, but I am looking more short term, and I don't feel like it is a good short term investment (hurts to say, because I love do
  10. Personally, I think that instead of being next to the Prome Osborne, it should be the Prime Osborne. Remember, this thing was designed similarly to Penn Station in NYC, so it would function well as a transit hub. Plus, the rail lines already run next to the thing, and the Osborne Center isn't exactly the world's best Convention Center anyway (the new one probably will be at a different site)
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