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  1. The Gold Dome was bank until about 5 years ago. Bank One (occupant at the time) wanted to tear it down and build a Walgreens (!), so preservationists threw a fit and it was fortunately saved. It is at the center of the Asian District, so a Vietnamese doctor purchased the building and it is now a cultural center.

    Here is another pic:


  2. Some OKC pics as requested by another poster:


    The Oklahoma City Museum of Art, home of the largest collection of Chihuly glass sculpture


    Santa Fe Station, the northern terminus for Amtrak's Heartland Flyer


    looking up at First National Center and City Place

    Some that I didn't take:


    downtown at night


    looking north on Classen with the Gold Dome in the foreground


    The Museum of Art, Festival of the Arts, and the Deep Deuce neighborhood

  3. Yeah I had noticed that my other pictures have disappeared. They were linked from facebook and it seems after several months the linking no longer worked. The pictures haven't moved on facebook, so I don't know what happened. I will have to move them to photobucket and start over. :( Feel free to continue to add pics for now while I get that taken care of.

  4. Block 42 now has a showroom in Automobile Alley (Broadway north of Downtown). They have animations playing on a 10x6 screen in the front window and if you go inside you can see a lot of the the amenities that will be in the flats and townhomes. I think this is a great marketing tool. There's a lot of visibility.

    Also, the same developer has bought the old downtown airpark on the river and plans a massive mixed-use development.

    I'll post a thread with the article later.

  5. Actually that's a side view of the capitol if you look at how narrow it is and how there is no big boulevard directly in front of it. It IS a view from The Classen.

    Oh, and that is a great site for Block 42. We should make that more visible for out-of-towners. It may not be high rise, but it's nice stuff.

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