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  1. I posted some new downtown pictures that I just took in the Photos forum, including shots of current progress on the Galleria Garage, the Colcord, and the Skirvin. Might be of interest to out-of-towners and people who can't go down there very often.
  2. Great pictures, fromdust. Is that a new development on The Triangle?
  3. Good idea. We have Starbucks all over town but none yet in Downtown or Bricktown.
  4. Oklahoma City's Amtrak station (the historic Santa Fe Depot) is privately owned, and for several years has gone untouched. It was upgraded some when Amtrak came back, but some portions of the building still looked pretty bad. But now it has been announced the depot's freight docks will be converted to shops. I can't find a picture but for those of you unfamiliar with the building, its south side has six docks that will basically be converted into storefronts. This will be a unique place for shops and I really like the idea. It is just outside of Bricktown and has prime street frontage and lots of foot traffic, especially at night. The only thing I don't like is that the first tenant will be Cingular Wireless (). Oh well. Here's the story: www.newsok.com
  5. Looks like OKC had a higher growth rate than Tulsa as well as the state in general.
  6. 200 rooms. The project will cost $20 millon.
  7. Here is a rendering of the new Bricktown Hampton Inn. It will have 10 stories and be the tallest building in the Bricktown District. It's been rumored for a while and I'm pleased with the design. We've had some problems with the newer development in Bricktown (mainly Lower Bricktown) looking more suburban than urban, but this design looks good.
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