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  1. Each slab is going to be in two pours, one every three days. Topping out is set for June.
  2. 3 jobsites - 1 camera Vanderbilt In the middle is the Vanderbilt Vivarium, to the left is Adelicia, and to the right is 1108 Condos.
  3. Here are a few from MRB IV when they were encasing the steel trusses that spanned the existing MRB IV building. Almost too much rebar for any concrete.
  4. It's going to not only be massive, but hideous at the same time. I hope it looks better in real life than on paper.
  5. Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays. Seriously, I would hope that everyone that has visited this post realizes, including yourself, that nobody knows if or when this will be built if the developer doesn't know if or when this will be built. That is why groundbreaking has moved 6 months from the original date given. Any information I have contributed, including groundbreaking dates, has come from conversations with the project management team from Turner Construction. Any information I get in the future I will also post so we can discuss it. Isn't that what we're all here for?
  6. Right cheerio. I think you guys would be amazed at how many changes (mostly from the structural engineer) happen before a project starts. The changes don't stop there either. Changes keep occurring throughout the entire project. Encore is on the 6th floor and yesterday the structural engineer sent out more changes for the 7th floor. The 1st set of drawings for the Siggy lacked many structural details (i.e. concrete slabs were shown, but concrete beams were left blank). Hopefully these new drawings will answer all the questions left from the 1st set requiring this 2nd round of bidding.
  7. Revised contract drawings came out today. Revised bidding is due 2/9. Hopefully shortly there after we will find out if we have a skyscraper or not.
  8. You can imagine the manpower and time commitment this project will require. Some cannot afford to throw all of their eggs in one basket. To them, more smaller jobs is better than one large job. If you pass on all the other jobs to get this one big one and it goes south, you're screwed and have no work.
  9. Turner Construction has been pegged as project managers on it. I'm sure they will be sending several people from their New York or Atlanta office to help out the local Turner Universal office. The next major position is who is going to do the concrete work. I've heard two names thrown out so far, but not much interest from local players. They would just as soon stay out of it, is what I've been told.
  10. Right. Plans needed to come out for budget numbers. Now they have to go back and fill in the blanks.
  11. I was expecting this since the first set wasn't 100% complete. Several structural items weren't fully designed yet. I would expect 4 or 5 more revised sets before an "Issued for Construction" set comes out.
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