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  1. the scariest thing about an industry that is strapped for cash are the items that get overlooked. like the actual maintenance of a plane. as soon as i see duck tape on a plane, i quit flying.
  2. *warning* - tower crane leaning, work halted apparently a call was made to 911 reporting the tower crane was leaning. i did see it for myself and noticed a definite lean to the southeast. work was shut down for the day. wonder if they plan to repair it or just muscle through it.
  3. this is to complete the parking deck on the east side of Fayetteville Street. once that is completed, i imagine they will start on the Charter if approved.
  4. they are beginning to assemble another tower crane. will be interesting how high it goes.
  5. might want to lower that rent some. especially since the tenant knows this is short term.
  6. i believe that they are finishing up the underground parking component up to the surface. this way, whenever they decide what they would like to build there, the foundation will be in place already.
  7. the city has just updated and renovated the dawson half, so i don't see it going anywhere. they also need it to accomodate "all" the city staff. a lot of staff is in OEP, Capital Bank building and Hanover II. not to mention, will the police return? i believe there will be a component to the new building that will house offices for police administration. the big question mark is the parking structure in that block. its on its last leg, will the city rebuild a deck with a commercial/office component. that would really bring that block to life.
  8. so far away from any of this happening if approved, who knows what kind of shape our economy will be in by then. scary thought
  9. probably in town for the military parade as stated before. will have some neat stuff here it sounds like.
  10. this cost includes every single item down to a pen
  11. they are already planning the moving involved for existing departments in the old building. raleigh traffic operations is based out of the that building and are in the process of finding a suitable location to move.
  12. well at least they have allotted $200 mill for the project. that is a substantial amount of money that should be able to make some significant improvements.
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