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  1. Stayed at the AC last weekend, some great views:
  2. I've been to a couple here in Chicago...the RFID tech on checkout is super cool and convenient, but that's the only selling point. Selection is limited, prices aren't great. Also, I got ripped off $20 by way of a coupon that didn't work - I was supposed to scan it at the turnstile on my way out and just "trust" that it worked if I heard a beep (according to the sales associate trying to convince me to leave with no visible proof that the coupon had been deducted from my bill). Unsurprisingly, I discovered later that week when reviewing my bills that it hadn't actually worked. So I've sworn off ever returning (and have been avoiding Whole Foods even more than usual as well, out of spite). Also, Jeff Bezos doesn't need any more of our money. Super excited for other stores to figure out their own RFID instant checkout systems though, haha.
  3. It has always seemed nearly impossible to me that the Trek IP is still untapped in the industry (excluding the minor temporary things that have popped up over the years, e.g. Star Trek: The Experience in Vegas.) Especially now, in this current golden era of Trek - it's the lowest hanging fruit out there.
  4. This seems to be an accurate rendering that matches the construction photos; there are some enclosed portions, and some open portions.
  5. Fascinating, thanks for sharing. In some alternate reality where this actually happened, it is easy to imagine Jacksonville (and even Tampa) trading places with Miami as Florida's principal city
  6. Exactly. This the exact kind of development we (I) hoped CV would spur, isn't it?
  7. There's an eventual APM loop planned for the entirety of Terminal C & D. I have no inside knowledge, but I would think this would be included in a later phase of Terminal C...until there are more gates, what's the point of an APM?
  8. Oh man, how do I not remember that? I do remember awful colors - red and yellow maybe? (For the record, I'm not that old yet, haha, but I was often along for the ride picking up my sister from Lake Highland as a kid...)
  9. In the era of ubiquitous rear view cameras, it seems like less of a big deal. Tight for Orlando standards, but not that big of a deal in the context of urban environments elsewhere (coming from someone who has to regularly parallel park in spaces a few inches bigger than my car... )
  10. In the sense that there must only be one person working on the entire project? lol
  11. 520 Church was Phase 2 of 420 Church. So, yes, Phase 2 of 520 Church is Phase 3 of 420 Church, haha.
  12. I wouldn't call it a retrofit - the existing two platforms are built for Brightline, with room for expansion of more platforms. Wouldn't it just be a matter of building an expansion platform at-grade with the track? (Someone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong...) And AirTrain is an APM, same thing as is already at OIA. I would argue that SunRail straight to the airport is the superior option. OIA is becoming a legit intermodal hub, and our regional rail system should connect directly to this hub. AirTrain at JFK connects with Jamaica Station, which itself is an intermodal hub...I don't know the Newark AirTrain personally, but it also effectively connects to another intermodal hub w/ NJ Transit and Amtrak. So, if our intermodal hub is already developing at OIA, let everything converge there. Also, being able to take a train directly from downtown to the airport would be a significant (and marketable) asset for the city. I agree that high frequency is important too, but ideally it wouldn't have to be an either/or. Not to mention, SunRail directly connecting to OIA also lays the groundwork for expanding to Lake Nona. A Lake Nona-Airport-Downtown SunRail route may currently be a pipe dream, but would be killer for the region.
  13. As an out-of-towner...there's no such thing as too many pictures, ha.
  14. Right? It really feels like a brutalist take on a McMansion...
  15. Really? I found that gallery extremely unsettling - everything feels unbalanced, poorly positioned and proportioned, and thrown together by an amateur with no sense of space or scale. Granted, I don't know what the interior of the Engel looks like so I can't make an actual comparison.
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