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  1. I have no prediction on when we see our next new tower with office...but declining vacancy rates of existing space will certainly lead to new construction quicker than flat vacancy rates.
  2. Exactly. The argument seems unfounded - running a train down a highway that already exists is not going through anyone's backyard...and if Hunter's Creek ends up being serviced by SunRail as a result, that is a huge benefit to the community. Not saying this is the perfect route, but the complaint seems to ignore the facts of the proposal.
  3. My favorite thing about the Society plan in its current iteration is that views of the Courthouse from CV won't be entirely blocked.
  4. I like the offset stack aesthetic when it's done well, but of course that's a matter of taste. I'm surprised the redesign doesn't strike you as a value engineered version of the stacked boxes.
  5. That rendering is already ancient history. Unfortunately. This was the most recent, although I would imagine another redesign by the time it actually happens.
  6. Faux windows would have been great. But this project is such a net win, I definitely don't want to complain.
  7. I know it was only a quick sketch, I wasn't criticising its accuracy. I was observing that even any of Orlando's current thinnest residential towers wouldn't fit on this lot without trimming down half the tree (which defeats the purpose, I think). There are lots of things I wish Orlando held developers more accountable for; exposed and hideous parking structures, street-level activation, general design aesthetics, to name a few. In this case, expecting a developer to forgo building on the majority of the lot strikes me as unreasonably burdensome, especially in this location. Just my op
  8. The dimensions @JFW657 illustrated above would necessitate a tower thinner than The Vue, Sky House or Citi...and would negate the possibility of a mixed use tower as had been proposed originally. I am a lover of trees, but I just don't see how it happens on this particular lot at the intersection of two major downtown streets.
  9. I've been asking myself this question for the past 6mo. I still don't have an answer. I appreciate the visual interest...but I'm not convinced it works. Nonetheless, I prefer it to an empty, windowless wall.
  10. 2005. PI was so much further it wasn't worth it. I also have a vague memory of free parking at City Walk after five ending at some point. Was the Steak and Shake at Crossroads? I know it was in the general vicinity. That was our one other late-night food go-to besides the B-Line.
  11. Funny - this Dr. Phillips teen (and tween) spent tons of time at Pointe Orlando - when we were still carpooling/being dropped of by our parents. To your point, we ended up there much less once we were driving. Although seeing a late movie and then walking over to the Peabody/B-Line Diner for midnight dinner is a great tradition/memory from that era.
  12. I don't mean to discredit the concern over the potential awkwardness of that lot sitting empty while we wait for the rest of the vision to come to fruition. I share these concerns, although I also wonder how much harder it would have been to raise the funds without a promise of some immediate action. If the pocket park motivated donors for this first phase, and the success of the first phase motivates the next phase, terrific. The fact that the CRA matched $1.2M doesn't negate the fact that $2.3M was indeed raised, which I still find impressive. That being said, I also second your call of hyp
  13. I appreciate that. Re-reading all of the posts, I also realize I may have misunderstood @nite owℓ's response to Spenser as well. Forgive me, the past two pages have made me dizzy...ha.
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