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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Even though I thought it was unreasonable to expect this lot to be developed around the tree, I was all for efforts to relocate it. That the developer "accidentally" took down the tree without a permit just as a campaign to move it was mounting reeks of the worst kind of cynical, self-serving disregard for the community. I would appreciate some local investigative journalism calling this out for what it was.
  2. And I'm looking forward to your historical essays and anecdotes, @spenser1058
  3. Thanks for posting. Have we seen these renderings yet? (Can't access the actual article, not sure if they're even included) Edit: I answered my own question, although these are terribly low-res. (And now I'm laughing to myself at the notion of the Bob Carr getting its own adjacent residential tower before DPAC...all kidding aside, I love the potential of that plaza.)
  4. Yes and yes. I've never had a complaint about the SunTrust teal (I've kind of always seen it as a riff on aged copper anyway), but the teal against the red brick kills me. Still love this project overall though.
  5. Agreed - they're all typically decent chains (I went to grad school in CT). Stop & Shop/Shoprite feel pretty equivalent to Jewel here in Chicago, or like Albertson's when I was growing up in Orlando. The Big Y nearest me was Publix-level great, but there was a Stop & Shop even closer, so I was there more often.
  6. Agreed. The space between the towers (pool deck area) was significantly bigger once they scaled back to two towers.
  7. Oh weird - and good catch. Elaborate lamp posts/lighting fixtures?
  8. Indeed! Looking forward to the Vue view (ha) disappearing bit by bit.
  9. I'm not trying to start a fight (lol), but from this incredible view, the lot where Zoi House was proposed is begging for our new tallest.
  10. I'm not trying to start a fight (lol), but from this incredible view, the lot where Zoi House was proposed is begging for our new tallest.
  11. I am equally confused. I agree with the overall sentiment 100% - but I can't comprehend how this point applies to the Travelodge, a suburban motel which would have felt entirely out of place even if it wasn't sleazy and run-down.
  12. Agreed. Isn't that the reason for the first three floors being concrete? Sort of sad to realize that well-disguised parking structures are so rare in Orlando, when someone does it right we assume there must not be any parking at all.
  13. I mean, Advent is a Christian organization, so...
  14. I am both amused and pleased by the circle motif in the courtyard, given the name of this project.
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