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  1. uncreativeusername

    Orlando Attractions Area News & Developments

    I took my earliest tennis lessons on those courts in the early 90s :,( - albeit most of them were already blown up when they built the mini-golf course. Good looking project, nonetheless.
  2. uncreativeusername

    Orlando Citrus Bowl Stadium [Renovation Completed]

    For a city with such a developed event/convention market it seems impossible that there aren't folks in town who can figure out decent quality concessions on a short-term basis.
  3. uncreativeusername

    The Brightline

    I agree that it would be an insane missed opportunity (obviously, hence my original post). But I also think there are other opportunities here. Namely, the Tampa/Miami connectivity, OIA being connected directly to downtown Tampa (context - it could take roughly the equivalent or less time to get from OIA to Tampa via transit via Brightline than it takes to get from JFK to Penn Station via AirTrain & LIRR). With an I-Drive connection, Tampa has direct rail access to I-Drive and possibly Universal too.
  4. uncreativeusername

    The Brightline

    I know this isn't news here (and am offering no commentary on the likelihood of it actually happening)...but I was reading the below article on Brightline's potential Tampa leg, and was struck by the following: "In its proposal, the railroad said trains likely would run from its hub at Orlando International Airport, along portions of State Road 528, I-4 and State Road 417 to a new station in downtown Tampa." If this is the actual alignment, I will have an aneurism if they miss the opportunity for an I-Drive connection as part of this - either by their own doing, or in partnership with someone else. If tracks are being laid down 528 to I-4 anyway, how can they not? https://www.tcpalm.com/story/news/local/shaping-our-future/growth/2018/11/09/brightline-only-bidder-tampa-orlando-railroad-rights/1941271002/
  5. uncreativeusername

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I lived in Hartford from 2009-2012, less than two miles from the city center, and almost never had any reason to be downtown. The occasional concert or restaurant, but barely - and I never had warm fuzzy feelings when I was. Downtown Orlando (especially Lake Eola Park, Eola South, Thorton Park and Church Street) feels much more dynamic than Hartford ever did to me. Granted, Hartford has a more interesting stock of older architecture, and having the Wadsworth, Science Center, and convention center all within blocks of each other puts it well head of Orlando in that regard, but to me, Orlando still feels vibrant by comparison.
  6. In my nearly 15 years on Urban Planet, that's the closest I've come to admitting my identity.
  7. I graduated from the Visual & Perf. Arts magnet at Dr. Phillips in 2005, and they'd already ditched magnet buses by my time there. I want to say OCPS defunded them sometime between 2000-2002, so this isn't anything new. What's new is that it would be a stand alone program, and not a "school-within-a-school" like all of the other magnets are. I've definitely been curious what impact this would have on Dr. Philips's VPA program. That being said, @RedStar25, have you heard about this recently? I hadn't in years and was wondering if this part of the DPAC project had been shelved.
  8. uncreativeusername

    Other Metro Area Projects

    Wouldn't it be a wonder if this same political will were directed toward a mass transit link between OCCC/I-Drive and the airport. I don't mean to say I necessarily oppose the current expansion efforts - but if we're having a conversation about competitiveness, how huge a coup would it be for Orlando to tout a direct rail link to OCCC as a selling point?
  9. It is shockingly tall, but not a change of plans - I am presuming it's to accommodate elements of the convertible space. These flying walls have to go somewhere:
  10. I'd not noticed it previously (or maybe I'd mistaken it for another building), but it's quite obviously visible in this old video:
  11. uncreativeusername

    Winter Park & Maitland

    Agreed - these additional stops are excessive for a commuter rail service. But if there were some sort of urban core corridor from Winter Park to Orlando Health running every 15 minutes, then this sort of station spacing makes a lot of sense.
  12. uncreativeusername

    520 Church St. | 12-Story Residential [Under Construction]

    We thank you for your sacrifice
  13. uncreativeusername

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    I would hypothesize a contributing factor very well might be that since most tourists never make it to the City proper, there are tons of folks voting in a survey like this who've visited Orlando but have never seen the skyline. Or, think I-Drive is the skyline...
  14. The Walt Disney Theater is designed for amplified sound - Broadway productions, etc. Steinmetz (Phase II) is a legit concert hall, designed for acoustic, unamplified sound - something Orlando has never had. Disney Theater was basically a replacement/upgrade from the Bob Carr. Steinmetz is bringing something completely new to the table. Most notable is Steinmetz's convertibility/differing interior configurations for orchestral, ballet and opera productions. Each medium has very specific needs, but few cities have the resources for specific dedicated halls for each their symphony, opera and ballet. Historically, convertibility of space is a trade-off with acoustics. If the finished product boasts as excellent an acoustic as they are aiming for in conjunction with this convertibility, it will be a major coup for Orlando and Steinmetz will very likely inform future concert hall design elsewhere.
  15. uncreativeusername


    I think @Urban Mail Carrier's point is that SunRail to UCF isn't just about connecting the campuses. It's about connecting UCF to the entire region via public transit. Much more than a campus-to-campus shuttle.