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  1. I agree that Pine and Central matter tons more, but it's not like this had to be an either/or. It's not just the door - it's the awful empty wall. And I resent what I see as big league developers who know better taking advantage of the city (who SHOULD know better). How did this sneak past the ARB? I'm still glad for the building overall. I just hate when the small stuff gets screwed up for no good reason.
  2. I don't know, I was pretty shocked when I was home over Christmas and walked by...my reaction was legit "since when is Rosalind an alley?"
  3. Exactly. This was my original point a page or so back - student density will be a major catalyst in bringing things to CV that potentially benefit the broader downtown population, and CV can easily become a destination neighborhood.
  4. That seems short sighted - there may be no reason for a non-student to go to Creative Village now, but I really do see an interesting neighborhood with tons of potential sprouting up. The influx of students should open up new dining and retail possibilities in the neighborhood. Without being overly optimistic, having a college campus of 8,000 students is an objectively significant demographic bump downtown hasn't before experienced. Once a few interesting restaurants open, not to mention a significant urban park, why wouldn't this be a neighborhood people go to? That being said, I agree that Creative Village is a gimmicky name, but I don't think the name should be so insular as to only refer to UCF either. But it's a moot point anyway - not like the name will be changing any time soon.
  5. ^May I request a history lesson on this one?
  6. I agree! I was initially worried during the transition (and may have made a regrettably snarky comment or two about it here), but the level has been much more consistent as of late. A great resource for Orlando!
  7. Haha, just came here to post the same link. Great video footage!
  8. That's the business model though - get the rich folks in for the specialty goods, and then markup the staples 2-4x for insane profit margins and hope no one notices...
  9. I know! I was squinting, standing on my head, even flipped the photo trying to figure out why everything just seemed...off. I had nearly convinced myself the photo had somehow been reversed, and was a view from the southwest corner. I just I couldn't account for why the courthouse annex was behind the AT&T building... oops/hahaha. Now I know!
  10. The 55W garage offends me enough, thank you.
  11. Thanks, @JFW657. I had been scratching my head trying to figure out that orientation, thought maybe the photo was flipped. So the library expansion was originally planned for the Cambria/St. George lot? Anyone know/remember the story on that?
  12. I'm digging CSP's irregular vertical lines against Amway's irregular horizontal lines. A nice exercise in contextualism.
  13. I definitely appreciate the notion of preserving public space, while I also feel the site plan begging for those parcels to be developed. I loved the feel of the plaza in the middle of the space as we saw in the original renderings/flythroughs. It doesn't have to be an either/or in my book. My ultimate pipe dream? A creative public/private development that preserves significant public space in the final development. Ground floor porticos on the plaza-facing sides of the buildings, mid-block cut-throughs to access the central plaza from South & Anderson, grand staircases leading from the plaza to some sort of public space atop a 2-, 3-, 4-story pedestal (the first and last time I'll champion a pedestal in building design) connecting the elevated public spaces with the plaza below. I'm thinking The Bean/Park Grille in Chicago (The Bean and surrounding plaza sit on the roof of the restaurant, for those not aware) meets the Barbican meets St. Mark's Square - obviously scaled to the size of the lots, but there's no reason we can't aspire to a similarly high level of integrated public spaces. Truthfully, this shouldn't be a pipe dream at all - these are probably the highest profile undeveloped lots in the CBD, and immediately adjacent to the crown jewel of our public facilities to boot. If these lots' eventual usage is anything less than spectacular, heads should fly... (I had a lot of other things I should have been doing this morning, so sketched a quick mock-up site plan instead )
  14. Most reasonable defenses I've heard of Lake Nona center around it being a net gain for Orlando - that Lake Nona isn't taking things from Orlando, but just growing the pie, if you will. Taking Orlando's art museum seems to undermine this argument pretty well.
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