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  1. I agree with you - I still see the potentiality as a win/win. It would be ironic if it takes corporate interests to get us to shell out the taxpayer $$$ for this, but the net result would still be a direct airport connection without relying on Brightline as the transfer service, which is a win for the public. Cynical optimism? (What else are we left with these days...)
  2. Not placing any wagers on whether or not this will happen - and honestly I'm not even sure how I feel about the overall design. But I have to give major credit for the contextualism in the step down from Tower 1 to Tower 2 to Crescent Central Station - a widened mirroring of the BOA steps, while also leaving an opening for a view of the OC Courthouse from CV.
  3. Wow. This would be a best-case scenario, for sure.
  4. I think you're correct - especially since it looks like the intersection at the right of the image is angled...and we know Amelia to be angled. Although...the traffic doesn't make sense.
  5. I had this same thought and looked at renderings a few months back...but I think we may have misinterpreted the original renderings and are premature in saying the wave is gone. The core structure of the building seems to be rectangular, and the wave element seems to be achieved by irregular overhang of the glass facade.
  6. Presumably Publix as well...I would imagine a neighborhood grocery has a lot of weight.
  7. I don't resent this zoning. Yes, our beloved new terminating vista would be more impressive if this were 10 stories taller, but on the other hand, I personally feel the scale of this project is a perfect transition into Eola Heights heading east down Livingston.
  8. But opportunism is to many an American Ideal™, which means that every ounce of anything that helps someone else is less for you. Patently anti-American. (In case that was unclear, I agree with you.)
  9. I'd been wondering why RoseArts sounded so familiar...ha!
  10. On family road trips to Miami when I was young, my sister and I knew we were getting close when we passed Mt. Trashmore on the Turnpike. A Florida landmark!
  11. This really has to do with building in the cost of parking in a way that makes it structurally difficult/impossible to reward those who chose not to use a car, right? When the psychology is every unit automatically comes with a parking space as opposed to parking is an optional add-on, nobody realizes they are paying for parking; the actual cost is hidden. Everybody wants free parking, but free parking isn't actually free, so the best option for developers is to build in the cost and pretend it is free. This is very problematic for those who don't need a car, or are on the fence as to their need. If people knew their parking space cost $100/mo (made-up number, but as a hypothetical), wouldn't their cost-benefit analysis of whether or not they need a car shift significantly? I'm not going to say we can blow up all the parking garages downtown to immediately create a pedestrian paradise, but people who don't use cars should definitely be rewarded.
  12. 100% for this ^. "Preserving the public space" doen't mean just leaving completely empty grassy fields.
  13. Yes, I agree, and I was originally very concerned by this change of plans. By this point, I've somewhat warmed to the idea of preserving the public space, and I think a similar dynamism can still be established when the empty lots across South & Anderson are (eventually) developed. South and Anderson need a streetwall for DPAC to make more sense.
  14. I love Loch Haven and am also very glad DPAC isn't there. The size and scope of the venue (regardless of the design) would have overwhelmed the park. Orlando Rep, OMA & Orlando Shakes are all appropriately scaled, and OSC is separated enough that it doesn't overwhelm. I am also glad DPAC is downtown from a planning perspective - I would rather the project spur denser development around its current location than around Loch Haven. Is there a degree of hubris in using DPAC as a crown jewel for City Commons/City Hall/whatever-we-call-the-whole-area? Probably. But I'm not upset that this was the result - this is turning out to be a great civic space, in my opinion.
  15. Wow, this is pretty hideous. At first I thought this wasn't even The Olive, but now I realize this is the odd little extra bit on Central discontiguous from the rest. I don't think we ever saw a rendering for this portion of the building, did we? I think they went out of their way not to include a rendering of this in any of their promotional materials...
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