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  1. Justin6882

    Hillsborough Street - NCSU Area developments

    I work at NC State and closely with housing and admissions. The past two freshmen classes have been much larger than their projections so it’ll take some time for that to show up these. Now I’m not sure how the graduate school is doing with enrollment, but they aren’t the students living in these types of developments, for the most part.
  2. Justin6882

    Hillsborough Street - NCSU Area developments

    Actually enrollment has grown by 8-10% over the last two years as more students accept admittance. If that keeps up, that’s just one of these buildings after 2-3 years.
  3. Justin6882

    Triangle Economic News

    Raleigh loses out on Army Futures Command center Heading to Austin instead.
  4. Justin6882

    Raleigh Union Station

    Yep, One Glenwood.
  5. Justin6882

    Person Street

    lol seriously??
  6. Justin6882

    Triangle photo of the day

    Snapped this pic with my drone last weekend. View from E Lenoir/Cabarrus area.
  7. Justin6882

    Triangle Economic News

    And good news (to me at least) that it all would be in Wake County. That has to help our transit dreams come true a little faster.
  8. Justin6882

    Raleigh Union Station

    LOL Just bringing this back - it actually only took 12!
  9. Update: http://www.newsobserver.com/news/business/article200955759.html
  10. Justin6882

    Where should HQ2 go?

    I think it’s Atlanta’s to lose.
  11. Justin6882

    Triangle Economic News

    I'm not sure why Centennial Campus hasn't been brought up more often for some of the Amazon space. If we can link Centennial to downtown to midtown, that would be an excellent outcome.
  12. Justin6882

    Triangle Economic News

    Could The Triangle be in the running for Apple’s second headquarters? https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2018/01/17/n-c-economic-developers-make-initial-pitch-to-land.html
  13. Justin6882

    One Glenwood

    More good news for the Glenwood to downtown connection. For some reason I thought the hotel would be a "phase 2" type deal, but the article says the footings are being poured before year end and the website has it opening in 2019.
  14. Justin6882

    Glenwood South miscellaneous developments

    Ok, so I'm pretty excited about this project. This would be the second AC Hotel in Raleigh, correct? Isn't there one at North Hills? And the mention of condos on the top two floors is good news. Seems like we might have small condo boom on the way.
  15. Someone needs to open a real BBQ joint in this area and call it Smokey Hollow.