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  1. 222 Mitchell Street: Good to see another old building converted to residential lofts in Downtown. It's not a big development but that corner can really use some new life.
  2. The tallish building is the existing hotel that is across Peachtree St. from Five Points MARTA station. The part of the model that is at an angle follows the bend in Peachtree going north towards Woodruff Park. The lit atrium at the top right of the model is the existing Kenny's Alley. Behind the model is the plaza where the old World of Coke and the Zero Miles Post are located.
  3. With regards to the Georgia Dome: option C should help connect Downtown to the west side/Atlanta University Center due to the proposed park expansion. The problem to be solved is that the current park is on top of a very tall parking garage. It appears to be at street level from the Downtown side because most of those streets are also on top of parking decks. An expansion of the park would eradicate the barrier that the Dome created by allowing the expansion to 'step down' to Northside Drive on the west reconnecting the downtown business and tourist districts to the university district to the west. What an amazing opportunity to expand Downtown Atlanta's cultural zone for tourist to include the Atlanta University complex. I would love to see the park go further and cross Northside Drive and really connect the AU center to DT by morphing from a city park into a university style quad (between Rhodes St to the south, Sunset Ave to the west, and Magnolia St to the north).
  4. I was back in Atlanta to check on my house last week (currently living in Brunswick, GA). When we moved in July we couldn't believe how much was still being developed in our hood (Old Fourth Ward). Given the amount already being built in the Old Fourth Ward it was even more unbelievable that [email protected] had recently started. I know that this is not the building boom that we Atlantans are accustomed to but for anything to be breaking ground now is worth noting.
  5. I Love Savannah! But back to the new health museum... when do we get a better image than what was on the paper today? Are there more detailed plans floating around out there?
  6. Is the 300 unit building called The Fourth? If so the parking structures are almost complete. Soon all they will have to do is wrap them in condos.
  7. Trammell Crow is replacing the old Overlook apartments, located at Irwin and Jackson streets in the Sweet Auburn district with a 600-unit apartment complex called Alexan Cityscapes. The $100 million project has broken ground. I live down the street and have been worried due to the lack of images. I saw something a long time ago, before Trammel Crow signed on. Since they were announced as the developers I haven't been able to find anything about how the apartments will look. This is a highly visible site. Everyone traveling northbound or southbound on the downtown connector will se this development. It
  8. Oh God NO! NO NO NO NO Those remaining sites around the park would have such an amazing impact as residential towers. There is a great balance in the area but another tourist attraction tilts that balance to a tourist district and tourist DO NOT make a city!!!! People who live in a city are what form an urban culture. Why not have the museum be a catalyst for getting the Dome remodeled. It would be great to incorporate a new museum into the GWCC/Dome complex.
  9. The understated design could lend itself to being 'classy'. It all depends on the details. So many building that go up in Atlanta look great on paper but in person the cheap stucco facade and mass-produced Home Depot light fixtures cheapen the realized building to something worthy of a suburban office park and not much else. I have confidence in Chipperfield, the architect but have none in an Atlanta suburban developer who has a portfolio of mindless suburban tract developments. Lets hope that he is a reformed man; after all he plans on living in the building.
  10. Could that be something planned for the front parking lots of Lenox Square? It says that the project would include a shopping mall. It doesn't say that they will be buildingt the mall, but then again it doesn't say much of anything.
  11. I like it as well but it would look better in a city like San Fran.
  12. I for one am extremely pleased with Sovereign, the Mansion and the Saint Regis, just to name a few in the same neighborhood. From modern to classical, they really have set the bar for all new Buckhead developments.
  13. Ooops! I counted the bridges the wrong way.
  14. I noticed a rendering of the 14th street bridge that includes a park accompanying the bridge. It even looks as if it includes a 13th St. crossing. The buildings in the rendering also look like actual projects and not just filler for the sake of the rendering. But I'm going to asume that they are not real beacuse no one has mentioned them. Does anyone have any details on the bridge and/or the buildings? http://www.greenbergfarrow.com/Experience/...ing/UrbanDesign
  15. Saying that Buckhead Village is Atlantic Station in Buckhead maybe too nice. It's more like Atlantic City, NJ comes to Buckhead. Is Faux-Classical Beach-Boardwalk-Casino a recognized genera of Architecture?
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