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  1. I started going through the NYC MSA and stopped at 71. Here are a few others: Hartford: 4 San Antonio: 4 Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News: 4 Indianapolis: 3 Jacksonville: 3 Kansas City: 3 Louisville: 3 Tampa – St. Petersburg: 3 Toledo: 3 Allentown: 2 Austin: 2 Portland: 2 Akron: 2 Baltimore: 2 Orlando: 2 San Diego: 2
  2. Don't forget Domtar in Fort Mill. Here are some other MSA totals: San Francisco – Oakland – San Jose: 31 Chicago (IL, IN, WI): 28 Houston: 25 Dallas – Fort Worth: 24 Los Angeles: 24 Minneapolis – St. Paul: 20 Washington D.C. (DC–VA–MD–WV): 17 Philadelphia (PA, DE, MD, NJ): 14 Atlanta: 12 Boston: 12 Detroit: 12 Charlotte: 9 Cincinnati (OH-KY-IN): 9 St. Louis: 9 Denver: 8 Milwaukee: 8 Pittsburgh: 8 Cleveland: 7 Seattle: 7 Richmond – 6 Columbus: 5 Miami – Fort Lauderdale: 5 Omaha: 5 Phoenix: 5 Hartford: 4 San Antonio: 4
  3. The Current got me listening to FM again. It's commercial free, has a mix that trumps most online radio services, and most importantly, plays local, indie music from the Twin Cities and beyond.
  4. A local MPLS.-STPL radio station (89.3 the Current, which is one of the country's best) has been playing requests from people in Charlotte, NC (as well as other cities throughout the country). My perception of Charlotte is that musical tastes aren't being addressed. I've never paid attention to radio stations while in Charlotte. With that said, are all of the stations there commercial? I know there are some descent bands in the Charlotte area (Benji Hughes kicks) as they are played on the Current. Are local musicians being heard in Charlotte?
  5. What division because RBC Capital Markets has offices throughout the United States?
  6. When was the last time Raleigh took advantage of the annexation process? I think the last time Minneapolis was able to annex was 1920.
  7. My friend in Raleigh sent me the article from your local news station earlier this evening. The first thing I noticed was that the estimate was from Raleigh's Growth Management Division. I liked how they used their numbers against the latest census estimates for Minneapolis. We all now the Census Bureau's estimates have been historically inaccurate. For example, they were off by ten of thousands for Minneapolis and St. Paul during the 90s. If Raleigh's Growth Management Division would have used the estimates released by the Metropolitan Council then there would not have been a story. According to the Met. Council, Minneapolis has a population of 387,970 (as of 2006). They also failed to mention the size of these cities. Raleigh at 114.6 sq. mi. is bigger than Minneapolis and St. Paul combined (107.7 sq. mi.). Whatever the case, it is nice to see a central city thriving so congrats. to Raleigh for its steady (and hopefully smart) growth.
  8. Charlotte is not a much more important financial center than San Francisco. Charlotte is home to two banks with combined assets that rank them 2nd in the country. BTW, I'll be in Charlotte in a couple weeks. I'm anxious to check out your lrt system.
  9. Minneapolitan


    How has this year's Stanley Cup ratings compared to last year's dismal ratings?
  10. Minneapolitan


    Maine is a damn good team and I wouldn't be surprised if they win it. The Sioux however, are playing some great hockey and have a great chance too. Toews, Duncan and Oshie are fun to watch - any of you gonna watch? I'm going with the Sioux.
  11. Minneapolitan


    So now that the Penguins are staying in Pittsburgh, what team is going to end up in Kansas City? There is more and more talk about Nashville making the move. Any thoughts?
  12. He was referring to tenants - not renderings.
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