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  1. Sorry- no new news, but I wanted to throw an idea out there. I've had it in my head since the RFP was released, and finally had a few minutes at the office to translate it to a (very rough) site plan. This would include a new ballpark and arena on city-owned land and the site of the current Coliseum, as well as two (2) new high rises - one hotel, one mixed-use - over multi-level parking decks (potential for below-grade parking, too). It would create an entertainment district right in the heart of downtown, and realign N. 7th and reopen Clay. Any thoughts? Have others had similar ideas? Edit: Ballpark is scaled to minor league ball, and arena reflects roughly ~18K seats.
  2. Not sure if this has been posted before, so apologies if so, but related to the previous posts about the purchase of 700 Semmes, it looks like the lot in front of 700 at 401-421 West 7th is also for sale (adjacent to 7West). The marketing flyer shows what is buildable as-of-right, and describes the potential for an "approx. 425K GSF residential & commercial space. Preliminary site plans allow for 9 standard residential floor plates with unique topography to accommodate 4 podium floors and one floor of partially subterranean parking. This 13-story building has the potential for 270 to 280 residential units with a roof top clubhouse and 6,000 SF of lobby and gymnasium. The property can accommodate approximately 275 parking spaces with 2 level garage access." See below for conceptual renderings from OneSouth Commercial's marketing page:
  3. Looks like there's some new conceptual renderings of the proposed office tower. A little less suburban in nature, and now sharing the lot with a proposed 2nd residential tower: https://www.thalhimer.com/sites/default/files/listings_files/City-View-Landing-Office-Tower.pdf
  4. As the Graduate Richmond plans its opening this month, it looks like Richmond will get another rooftop bar: The Byrd House, "Richmond's highest rooftop bar", will open up atop the 16-story hotel. I assume non-guests will be allowed with a setup similar to Kabana at the Homewood Suites/Hampton Inn Downtown.
  5. Love it! Manchester is Richmond's little Williamsburg. Only a matter of time till a grocer is announced for the neighborhood. Wouldn't be surprised if its two between Cityview Landing and Manchester Town Center.
  6. Anyone hear any additional information about this? 512 Hull St (next to PortRVA) - proposed: 188-unit apartment tower with ground-floor retail.
  7. Nice shots! With all the attention Dominion's new HQ is getting it's easy to forget that this is happening just down the street (literally). VCU's got a few webcams up for this project: https://app.oxblue.com/open/ACC/VCW
  8. Was in town visiting friends and family over the weekend and walked through Kanawha Plaza on our way to the folk fest. What a great, revitalized space. Love the openness of it. The city needs to work on programming the green space during the warmer months. Would love to see an outdoor beer garden and lawn games similiar to what Philly and Boston have done with formerly underutilized spaces. Too bad a winter ice rink would kill the grass. Would have been cool now that the lot along Broad is surface parking. Dominion's new tower and the Locks at 321 will totally transform this space within the next couple years. Time to land a tenant for the second phase of Foundry Park to round off the southwest corner of new plaza.
  9. Looks like we've got some movement on The Belvidere! Complete redesign with new renderings. Looks to be around 15-16 stories. Also mentioned in this BizSense article about VCU purchasing more real estate around the ICA. edit: added images.
  10. Too dark for pics?? Time to start thinking of programming now that additional funding for capital costs have been pushed back. A recent trip to Boston had me stumble upon this little gem in the Seaport District. Would love to see seasonal programming like this at the plaza; check it out for yourself: The Lawn on D. Would be great to see Venture Richmond/Cap One/WestRock/Dominion/Suntrust/etc sponsor it.
  11. Looks like they'd tear down the existing building with the shop reopening at the base of this new development.
  12. First internship in my senior year at VCU was as a Community Development Intern working with Derek and Cybelle. Really great couple who have their finger on the pulse of BPB. Excited the area is finally getting the attention and attraction it deserves. Switching gears to Carytown, it looks like Fultz and Singh Architects is working on a four-story mixed-use building at Cary and Mulberry at the current site of a thrift shop that operates there. Neat, modern design. Glad to see Cary Street continuing west across the Boulevard. This, along with the bus barn redevelopment is critical in connecting Carytown with the activity along Robinson. Would love to see the property at the NE corner of Robinson and Cary redeveloped.
  13. While I agree that its position across from largely vacant retail/restaurant spaces is daunting, I would think that area should be nearing critical mass for additional retail once the 187 units deliver. Service retail is especially lacking in this area of downtown. IMHO, retailers along the Canal Walk don't have to be 'sexy' at first. Get some first gen tenants in there and the rest will follow. There's also the next phase of the Locks east of Gate 5. One of these future developments has to be the uptick in the demand for retail in this area.
  14. What a bummer. Aside from 14th and 5th, there aren't many great pedestrian connections to the riverfront. This could have been a great opportunity to provide some sort of cohesive linkage to the canals and park system. I'm reserving final judgement when more details are released.
  15. I wouldn't be too concerned with the rendering where it depicts the Locks as shorter than Riverfront Plaza. It looks like an earlier concept than the one we're familiar with. I really REALLY hope they activate the frontage along the Canal Walk. What a missed opportunity if that goes overlooked.
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