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    You're talking to a confirmed shop-a-holic here and I too carry bags from store to store, but again, wouldn't you do the same thing at a mall? I just make a side trip back to my car if I get overloaded. Yeah, Tally gets mighty warm in the summer but again I think of the walk as a way to work on my tan
  2. AlaninTally


    If you lived in a larger city, the walk from Marshall's to the Sports Authority on the other side would be considered nothing. I park all the time at Marshall's and walk to Bed Bath and Beyond, etc...no problem. It's good exercise that we all need. I don't see how the distance from those stores at an outside lifestyle center as opposed to the same distance walked in the covered mall is not the same. Yes, one protects against inclement weather but come on... I do agree that that particular location is not the most attractive. I don't know if I would even consider it a lifestyle center.
  3. AlaninTally


    From my experience, the more someone boasts or puts on airs on their income level, the more low to middle class they actually came from or are currently. Most people who are in the upper class don't show it off. Also and in general, the newly upper class folks (nouveau riche) are more susceptible to bragging, showing off because they didn't have it growing up and want to make sure everyone knows that they now do... As someone mentioned before, the truly rich stay rich because they don't live extravagantly. There is a book out there called "The Millionaire Next Door." You would be surprised at how many millionaires live in that simple house down the street. Those that make you feel bad because you aren't in their same income/social class/blah blah blah are most likely very insecure people!
  4. AlaninTally


    I think it would be kinda of neat to have a Dave & Buster's take over at the soon to be deceased Dillards. Tally Mall would be seen as the entertainment mall (AMC 20, Barnes and Nobles, Dave & Busters providing the games/pool/food/ complex side of things) while Governor's Square would be our fashion mall (god willing we eventually have Governor's parcels totally full and completely redone to take out the disco vibe poother mentions!)
  5. AlaninTally


    Wait1? Is that good or bad?
  6. AlaninTally


    I think Tallahassee Mall did a great turnaround job when they got the AMC 20, Old Navy and Barnes & Noble. Before that, it was the "trash mall." However, if they can get stronger retailers more power to them and any redesign is welcomed. Governor's Square to me is a bigger offender because it is supposed to be our "good" mall. The outdated design does not serve that image well. There is also an uneasy mix of semi-upscale specialty stores and then local(?) offbrand retailers. It just makes the place look uneven and not polished. I can achieve my shopping goals there but it's not a place I want to hang out, chill, and/or people watch.
  7. "However, the good folks at TLH may be working hard at convincing the current airlines to do more point to point destinations from Tallahassee thereby avoiding the hubs. I believe this is our best long term strategy. " Hear Hear, anything to avoid the hub of Atlanta would be nice. It "seems" to have gotten worse in terms of delays and such. But point to point hopefully helps in cost. I don't want to go back to the days where a flight from Tally to the Atlanta hub is more expensive that the flight from Atlanta to my destination.
  8. Nice Pic! I like that building more and more as I see it in our skyline. However, "Just Read, Florida" has got to go!!!
  9. I think the concept of "expensive" may come from your respective area of town or situation. I know a lot of people who fly all the time, so in my view, quite a few Tallahasseans can afford to fly. If I were living in the student section of town, my view I am sure would be skewed towards thrifty college students. When I fly out of Tallahassee (and I am by no means wealthy), I see a great mix of people. Flying by plane is no longer glamorous (and hasn't been for a long while) and restricted to only the wealthy. You see businessmen, ragamuffin students, rednecks, poonther, whatever I don't think our city is a poor city and definitely isn't as seasonal as it may have once been. 23,000 FSU students during the summer is a quite a large amount. It would be wonderful to have a low cost carrier in our city. But, would it really make that much of a difference? If people don't have enough money to fly, would they have enough money for hotels, restaurants, shopping, entertainment at their destination? I don't know the answer. Did AirTran make an exponential difference in Tallahasseans travel plans? I don't think so because people still were driving to Jax for cheap flights. We had a low cost airline and Tallaahasseans still didn't support it. With circumstances beyond and within our control, we lost it. How appealing is that to another low cost carrier to come to Tally?
  10. Hello, I went to faremeasure.com and did the same query. Miami came out with a total of 57 daily passengers, definitely ahead of Baltimore, Denver and Boston. Tampa only had 27.
  11. I agree...part of having an 18-hour downtown is making downtown look "alive." Keeping some lights on at our tall buildings is part of that I think. On a side note, the slogan "Just Read Florida" is a perfect reflection of our governor's attitude towards education in Florida. It just seems a very flippant hands-off slogan.
  12. Could we please get off the "suck" kick? Every city has room for improvement. Tallahassee is not exclusive in needing better or improved facilities such as the airport. This forum is supposed to be about urban planning and development in Tallahassee, not a bash Tallahassee for what it doesn't have that other cities do.
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