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  1. Frontier Airlines returning to New Orleans in June! Great to see them back. Will offer a daily flight to Denver. Southwest is also adding a daily non-stop to St. Louis in May.
  2. I can't wait to see what goes into the old New Orleans Center. I'm hoping for an ESPN zone. That would be a kick ass place to hang before Saints and Hornets games. Overall...a win win for the state, city, and the Saints. I've already renewed my season tickets.
  3. I saw a crane at the Cancer Research Center site this weekend. Looks like they are finally starting work on it.
  4. I would rather see the old Carrollton Shopping Center owners proceed with the project they spoke of earlier this year. With some reworking of the street grid...it is a fantastic site for traditional big box development. Right now it is just empty concrete slabs, and a couple of run down strip centers that have yet to be torn down.
  5. Got only an inch of snow in Slidell, but it snowed 6" over in western St. Tammay Parish near Folsom. I thought we might get 1 or 2" of snow in the area. Never thought it would be 6 to 8" in a few spots. It snowed alot harder than I expected for a longer period of time. I have pics, but still need to download them. Will post when I get that done. Not nearly as impressive as in BTR.
  6. I'm ready for a break. Worked 24 hours OT the last 2 weeks. Luckily...nothing is on the horizon for at least the next couple of weeks.
  7. Financing is hard to come by for most any project pretty much anywhere in the nation right now. Unfortunately, the market crash coincided with a flurry of projects on the drawing board for NOLA. The good news is that smaller projects are continuing. It's the big projects that are slowed the most.
  8. Did some hand analysis at work. The ridge is holding in strong right now. It really looks like Ike will remain well south of Louisiana and most likely impact the central and south TX coast as most of the models are pointing at right now.
  9. Sorry for not posting...worked a string of 12 hour days over the weekend. Overall...we dodged a bit bullet on this one and should be thankful. Shear and dry air intrusion are wonderful things when a hurricane is approaching. The strongest winds recorded were 117 mph at the mouth of the MS river. Grand Isle recorded 105 mph. Surge was around 10 to 14 feet across the area which is below the height of the hurricane protection system. As for our other friends... Hanna is headed to the Carolinas. Ike should turn northwest and affect the East Coast next week. Josephine looks l
  10. Still just a wait and see situation at this point. There is a ton of variability in the models with some going east of us and other going west. Very few actually have a landfall location in Louisiana per the 00Z model runs. The official track is basically splitting the difference between the model spread.
  11. Gustav will enter the Gulf over the weekend...that I'm pretty confident on. If the ridge over FL remains in place early next week...it looks like the TX/LA coastline needs to be on the lookout. This thing could hit anywhere from Corpus to NO depending on just how strong the ridge remains. There are indications that a weak shortwave trough may pass through the Midwest and Great Lakes on Wednesday which may break down the ridge slightly. If that happens...a Louisiana landfall would be more likely. Given the high uncertainty beyond the next 3 days...I would say to monitor the storm and sta
  12. Well...even with the northerly track and weakening...we got TS force winds in New Orleans. Lakefront Airport recorded a wind gust of 42 knots or 46 mph today with sustained winds of 37 mph. Armstrong had a peak gust of 38 mph with sustained winds of 30 mph. Rainfall wise...around 1 to 2 inches of rain has fallen so far today. Expect another 2 to 4 inches of rain before tomorrow evening with some locally higher amounts.
  13. Well...throw my previous thoughts out the window. UA analysis is showing a much stronger ridge than expected. Looks like a more westerly track right into coastal MS and the Northshore now. With this westerly track...expect TS force winds to impact some parts of the region...primarily along the coast. Rain will be main player...and we could see some signficant amounts in the region. I'm think on the order of 4 to 6 inches in general. Areas north of the lake will get it worse than south of the lake.
  14. I think there could be some big time flooding on the Pearl River coming down from MS. Most models are pointing toward the system stalling over central MS. We probably won't get much down here in SELA...maybe a few rain bands...some breezy conditions...and maybe even warmer than normal temperatures if dry air is pulled down across the region.
  15. TS Fay formed this afternoon. It is currently over the Dominican Republic...but a well defined center is hard to pick out. Unfortunately...this means that the models are little less reliable than usual. With this in mind...I'd say if you live from New Orleans to the Outer Banks of NC...continue to monitor this system. It is very evident that a trough will lift the system northward...but the exact location of the system as it begins the northward turn is highly suspect.
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