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  1. Not sure if this is the correct forum or not, but New Geography listed Charleston as the #8 World's Smartest City... http://tinyurl.com/yjwsvd6 The rankings feature cities that tend to be "smaller, compact, and more efficient". They mention the development of manufacturing, the port, and Boeing, while preserving the integrity of downtown. I never heard of New Geography, but it's nice to be mentioned.
  2. Not often seen view of Downtown. It looks quite dense from that angle.
  3. Didn't they make this into a Condo-tel? I remember them selling for around $80 a year or two ago.
  4. I hate it when they don't provide renderings.
  5. I went over to the Washington State Newpaper sites, and read the comments. Most people are blamming the unions acting like the N. Chas plant is a done deal, but one person pointed out that they could be doing it as a leveraging point for tax breaks, etc in Wash. I hope they open a plant it N. Chas. It would be huge for the region and the state.
  6. Move 'Em to Main Block Party I just saw this on Columbia's Facebook Page. Be a part of history as we usher in the new Main Street to the downtown Columbia landscape. Join Columbia's hottest (famously hot, that is) folks as we "Move 'Em to Main". You're all invited: young and seasoned professionals, creatives, transplants, boomerangs, natives, and anyone who loves our city! http://www.midlandsypa.com/ This looks like a pretty cool event. Wish I could make it.
  7. I'd love for an Apple store to open in Columbia, but Five Points should not be the place. Apple would do wonders for Main Street. I wouldn't mind seeing it in the Vista. While it's already too late, I would just like to see non-chain stores in Five Points. I really liked the "Keep Five Points Funky" Campaign, but I guess Starbucks was the start to the fall, followed by Walgreens, et. al. I'm sure there's others that have come and gone (like Rising High), but I think the local stores, restaurants, and bars made Five Points what it is.
  8. RT - Have you been to the park at the end of Pitt Street in the Old Village of Mt. Pleasant? At the eastern end of Pitt, there used to be a trolley bridge that went over to Sullivans. The town has turned it into a linear park, with a dock at the end of it on the old trolley bridge supports. From that vantage point, you can see the entire harbor from the Cooper River Bridge to the downtown skyline to the Morris Light House. If you go around sunset, you can see the sun dropping down behind the steeples of downtown. I'd love to see what you could capture down there.
  9. http://www.columbiabusinessreport.com/news...ibilities?rss=0 Looks like Holder and Kahn are both "intrigued" by Innovista Possibilities.
  10. Cool photo. Bates West is hideous. Carolina really needs to refacade it.
  11. I agree 100%. I lived on Saluda a block from 5 Points for 3 out of my 4 years, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I had some friends that lived out on Bluff, and the construction on those places is shotty at best.
  12. Mast would be HUGE news for Main Street. It's hard to believe that we may be seeing Main St. begin to emerge as more of a non-business destination in these economic times. With the Rooftop Bar, the Nick, the White Mule, Mast (fingers crossed), and hopefully a good restaurant in TMG, things are really looking up for the area.
  13. ...so much "keeping Five Points Funky".
  14. I wish the Capitol Center still had a logo at the top (like the South Trust in the photo above). I also wish Wilbur Smith hadn't changed their signage at the top.
  15. ^^^I find this really exciting. It makes me wish I lived in Cola right now so I could support this venue. "Maybe Main Street's niche could become live entertainment. Now that most of the streetscaping is complete there is nothing to stop Main Street from reaching its potential. I would like to see street musicians up and down Main Street. With the Tower at Main and Gervais anchoring the south end of the street and the Marriott, Sheraton, Museum of Art and the White Mule anchoring the middle part of Main and the nickelodeon and Mac's on Main anchoring the northern part of Main we could end up with a nice stretch for 7-8 blocks north from the State House. Look how popular the Sheraton Rooftop has become." -Matt June 10th 10:40pm This was one of the comments on the article. I really like this idea. I didn't realize (although I'm not suprised) that the Sheraton Rooftop had become so popular. Maybe with the White Mule, the Rooftop, the Nick, etc, Main Street will finally begin to emerge as a nighttime destination.
  16. I like how it's built on the street... quality urban development. Great improvement for the area.
  17. Wow. At first glance, that didn't look like Cola to me. From a street level view, that tower really adds a lot. The color adds an element I didn't think it would.
  18. I can't speak for the signage around the campus, but since they canged the logo a few years ago, I've seen several ads in major magazines (Newsweek and I think SI). My only complaints about the adds... it doesn't say where it's located.
  19. That Walgreens in Vegas is very similar to the CVS on George St. in Charleston. It actually reminds me of what the Walgreens would have looked like if the orginal project was being built. It's funny you mention the Biltmore Village McDonald's. I was there for the first time this past weekend. It felt too much like Disney World for my taste.
  20. Really, Vista West could be the "urban core" for both West Cola and Cayce. Besides the obvious municipal boundaries, I've never really understood the separation of the two. It would be nice if both cities could put an effort into making this area a quality urban environment with integral ties into the river walk. I guess its more West Cola, but the area where Zesto's is could also be a cool urban area.
  21. Well the design COULD be a lot worse. I hate the drive thru, but other than that, it's better than I was expecting. It's just sad that such a quality urban development has turned into this. I didn't really read much of the PDF, so does anyone know if this is going to be a 24-hour Walgreens? If so, the parking cannot be used by the public at night, which just makes the parking in 5PTs worse. Yesterday's used this parking lot for their parking. Are they going to lose it? A final question. Who prepared the 5PTS Master Plan? Who funded it? It apparently was a complete waste of money, and I hope that not a cent of tax payer money was used.
  22. Springhill looks pretty good except for the ground level. As discussed before, it really needs better street level interaction.
  23. Thanks for the link. Pretty cool stuff, but man there are a lot of typos in there.
  24. Could not agree more. Hank's & Frank's Outback in Pawley's Island... the best tuna I've ever had.
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