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  1. OK I'm pretty sure it was a natural gas reservoir with on site pressure regulation. I was pretty young wondering myself and I don't remember how I found out but that white cylinder would move. Now in case I'm dreaming down here, maybe someone can send the photo to the gas company to verify. I could be way off.
  2. The Daily Wire is based in Nashville, moved from L.A. last year: https://www.dailywire.com/ The New English Review is also based in Nashville, started up there: https://newenglishreview.org/
  3. OK so let's look at a little logic here. Population of Texas is exploding and the consequent job creation blows Mass out of the water. If the MA worker is creating so much value for the US economy, why can't that state blow away both TN and TX in job creation per capita when obviously it doesn't? It doesn't because raw GDP per capita like I said before, can generate nonsense, unless it is combined with the COL and maybe other factors. Also, yes auto mechanics in NYC are likely not making 2x the money of ones in Houston, but they certainly make significantly more without fixing more vehicl
  4. What piqued my interest in 2007 was a WSJ feature article on the economic status of Houston which at that time was growing very fast, almost at the same rate as 'Austin at about 3.5+ times the metro population of Austin. These economic figures are fairly difficult to understand and here is what is confusing. The article stated that the Houston workforce was essentially 1/2 the productivity of the NYC workforce which according to the per capita GDP interpretation means that NYC per capita GDP is twice that of Houston. If you drill down that means that cab drivers in NYC produce twice as much as
  5. So over the years in internet discussions I've used both TN and MA growth as illustrations of the difference local policy makers can make to the fortunes of states. The former has been outgrowing the latter every year and so anticipating the swapping of their population rankings has been sort of a background interest. The puzzle is this: I came upon a website that shows that swap in 2021 stats. They also show Mass as fewer population in 2021 than the 2020 census results. Here is their page for TN: https://worldpopulationreview.com/states/tennessee-population and the page for MA: https://world
  6. Yes something seemed a bit weird about that, so I looked for similar night images of the whole US. Atlanta's light splotch is noticeably bigger than the ones for Houston and Dallas/FW, and both latter metros are larger population than ATL by not a smidgeon at all. The Atlanta splotch looks the same size as Chicago and Los Angeles on seemingly all of the photos I found, and I can't come up with a reason unless there is some Georgia manufacturer cleaning up on sales of streetlights that happen to have a lot of upward leakage. Not seriously but this is interesting to at least speculate over.
  7. OK so lets make it local. Tennessee gets ranked on these lists. Just wondering how hunky dory to consider TN defense installations as welfare payments to Tennessee residents in these calculations. You know Campbell, Mid-South, Arnold, and ORNL. I hope you would see this as an intellectual arming of you guys to go up against these bogus comparisons. All federal spending going to a state gets counted just like welfare. Doesn't matter if that spending is on infrastructure to benefit interstate commerce, it gets added into the "welfare" spending on Tennesseans. There's really nothing wrong with p
  8. I think I've said it on here but I'm going to say it again. This debate about what is in the above quote is a phony one for one major reason: Reserve currency status of the U.S. dollar. This is missed by most of the elitist politicians and pundits that are addicted to their reasons for looking down on their cultural inferiors and just love to group said inferiors into a selection of ridiculed states. Well here is one of those inferiors pointing out the standard elite ignorance: most economists put the value of reserve currency status at $1.2 trillion ~ $1.5 trillion*. Guess what - if it weren'
  9. What the heck does that mean, "disorganised"? OK you don't like the way Houston looks, big deal - we have the largest tree planting culture here of any city, forests planted by the state are maturing along much of the freeway system here, not so anywhere in CA. Not to mention the city expanding or promptly replacing lost live oaks lining a plethora of city thorougfares. And disorganised? You know, it turns out that what humans do worldwide is organise, believe it or not. It goes by the name of the modern industrial economy. And who cares that there are supposedly cities that one thinks Nashvil
  10. Baltimore: 1924 (now Bank of America) 509 ft 37 stories. And there were a slew of them in Philly and Pittsburgh. When I was kid there were six cities in the SE larger than Nashville and this covers 1957: Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, Louisville, Memphis, Birmingham. And for good measure throw in St. Louis . So for Nashville to have, if only for a year the tallest in the SE + St. Louis, was an unique distinction for a year's bragging.
  11. Not entirely true, to help with the astoundment. I've clarified on here before that it is true that the L&C was taller than anything in Atlanta and Miami for roughly 1 year until the Bank of Georgia topped out at a couple of stories taller in 1958. Since I was 8 yo in 1958 and my dad worked in the L&C tower from its opening until 1967 I've know this all my life. I've also clarified that The Gulf Building in Houston was completed in 1929 at 37 stories, 430 feet and the L&C is 409 feet. Hope this clears up why you will never see that the L&C was ever the tallest in the south.
  12. Based on what past example? Maybe look at the history of L.A. and of Houston where I am. The metro here grew like gangbusters in several big spurts over the decades. Did that require rail? Nah. The first rail line opened right before Superbowl 38 in Feb. 2004. The metro population at that time? 4.5 M. The advent of rail in Houston has been shamefully wasteful and currently is the most dangerous in the world for train/motor vehicle collisions, even pedestrian deaths. The same cultists kept neglecting to control their rail envy and kept bringing it up for a vote for a couple decades and it kept
  13. Absence of documented evidence requested, plus other unanswered questions duly noted. Absence of logical or evidential refutation of the Projections versus Census Counts correlation with state voting patterns duly noted. Absence of a supposedly required logical connection between the existence of said correlation and the leanings or personality of the reporter reporting the correlation duly noted.
  14. Please I would like to see documented evidence of the last administration's "attempt to undercount minorities." How did that "attempt" play out. What would be the rationale? Or the supposed benefit? In case you're interested, here is how your state and my state and every other state with R majorities possibly were intentionally undercounted this time. It's interesting how the D states all beat their projections with the census figures and the R state failed to meet the projections. Really interesting. All of the projections were off as if they were all about politics. Here you go read on: htt
  15. OK believe it or not I'm going to reference a piece that I read in the school library at the former UC, now UTC, in 1969 right before I transferred to VU. Look below at page 97. This piece opens with a brief reference to the destruction required to put in the interstate through the North Nashville environs. That is precisely why it stuck in my mind, since I had a little bit of knowledge about North Nashville. It goes on to describe what the original interstate system was concieved to be during the Eisenhower years and how the original plans got corrupted by financial interests, both public and
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