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  1. Can I say something about our country? So far as how "people of color feel constantly" and whether or not we should imagine it "constantly" I do know how one person of color feels about the country, by the name of Wynton Marsalis. A guy who has spent decades traveling and performing on every country on the planet. I don't remember the context and whether some person resenting the USA was baiting him but he responded with his opinion. And from his knowledge of other countries he definitively declared this country to be the best in existence, period. I know that negating that is supposed to help a sector attain power, but there is an example of a guy feeling what he feels without the swaying from power plays of people wanting to refute or recruit him. And beyond all that I myself feel (at the moment) a need to defend the nation and will post here a 2019 paper from the National Academy of Sciences that does the same: "Officer characteristics and racial disparities in fatal officer-involved shootings" ----> https://www.pnas.org/content/116/32/15877.short
  2. The First American National Bank Bldg, 28 stories on the far right (UBS Tower), was announced in spring '72, when I was a couple of weeks away from graduation from VU. I assume the page of skyscrapers date of 1974 correct. Since the National Life bldg (Snodgrass) had topped out in '68, and the last one to complete, it was kind of exciting for the city to get a new (my preferred cutoff of 18+) tower announced 4 years later. (a 17 story state office bldg had gone up in between.) BTW never mentioned it on here before but there were these handsome old stately townhouses across from the former Kissam Quadrangle, at the NW corner of West End and 21st, for about a block west, and about a half block north on 21st where Lowes hotel is, with some businesses on the ground floors. The last few of years of their life, students had rented the upper floor apartments of those buildings and I visited sometimes. Everyone knew they were coming down and at the same time First American tower was announced there was another tentative project announced, a 31 story hotel, cylindrical tower footprint for where the Lowes is now. Supposedly several years away, and like many, it got scaled back. My 3rd and final Nashville residency ended in '75 and I don't know when that hotel actually got built but I know of another exciting project that got started in '75 and it was the downtown thermal plant, representing the future in environmental /conservation thinking.
  3. OK so I did an estimate with ruler, assuming the guy on scissor lift at 5'10' and assuming 5000 kg/m^3 glass density: Glass plate 25' x 8.5' x 4" x (1/12) ft/in = 71 ft^3 ... x 5000 kg/m^3 x 2.2 lbm/kg x (.305 m/ft)^3 = 22,000 lb.
  4. My brother is rehabbing his rent house in Soddy Daisy for sale, and told me a few days ago that the average time on the market for that Chatt'burb is 3 days. Good school district there.
  5. I hang with the musical types here in Houston and over the last 12 years known of two young guys from here who enrolled there for music, specifically guitar studies. Which is saying a lot, I think., considering UNT in Denton is such a strong music draw in Texas. On of them got kicked out because he had an antique rifle in his room. He didn't leave town, found a touring gig.
  6. I visit Birmingham several times per year since my sister and her family are there. I know it pretty well, and like it a lot, for quite different reasons than my fondness for Nashville. Gonna go have a look and comment. My username on that site is groovamos.
  7. Shell Oil beat you to it. Or should we say Skidmore Owings & Merril. The above (1968) was a good practice run for these by the same firm: One Shell Plaza Houston 1971 50 stories: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1v3xbcs3504ftrjd_PzxOTV7Z7MioT8us One Shell Square New 0rleans 1972 51 stories: https://drive.google.com/open?id=138lfpbJ8gjo3UbOV20ou9cXA7po6wQn0 The Houston building has splayed out base and the NO building (city's tallest) does not from what I can tell, correct me otherwise. The NO building was recently renamed Hancock Whitney Tower, the merging of a Mississippi bank and a New Orleans one (I have an account with them from Bank of Houston days). Some of the Royal Dutch Shell operation in NO was moved to Houston, but Shell's deepwater operation still employ ~1000 in the NO tower.
  8. The G in STG is DeWitt Gayle who I knew at Vanderbilt, and a few years later shared a house with him in Austin when we were both in graduate school at UT. He grew up in Houston and was at the same high school and friends with Billy Gibbons. I met Billy and he was intrigued that I knew DeWitt, and was quite happy that I was able to tell him of the dramatic success of our friend. DeWitt loves Nashville almost as much as he does Austin which I'm sure is the reason his firm located an office there. He visits Nashville frequently. The firm has a Houston office too.
  9. I believe I patronized a pool hall on the second floor of that bldg back in '69?
  10. Well unfortunately for Archie and the rest of us Houstonians the team didn't sufficiently tighten it up today. Was hoping for another matchup between the T-T's and H-T's. 75th birthday party: https://www.houstonpress.com/music/things-to-do-archie-bell-turns-75-with-celebration-at-the-continental-club-11341553
  11. Would be interested in links to the claims of these individuals, preferably self-identified.
  12. True and L.A. has a few extra-CBD clusters of urban density in Westwood, Century City, and Wilshire BL, and whichever I don't know about. Also is the L.A. metro pop. not north of 12 million?
  13. For anyone interested : Hines Interests (Gerald Hines, 93) developed the Houston Galleria, and the adjacent 65 story Tranco tower and many scores of other large scale projects worldwide, and around Texas especially Houston. They develop and operate their own properties and sell them off variously after appreciation. When I first moved to Houston in '89 I pulled up into his driveway to pick up a lady friend baby sitting for him in one of the the high end (of course) Memorial Villages municipalities. The bizjournal piece says this project is the arrival of Hines in Nashville which you could say is another indication that Nashville has arrived. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerald_D._Hines
  14. Oh OK. Was thinking I was making a contribution to the thread. I've probably said it before on here,in years past, but my dad got hired away from The Equitable in Atlanta by L&C in '55, so I may be the only one on here with that kind of memory of L&C before there was a tower, plus getting to see it (the lobby & my dad's department) when it opened. The "developers" were Guilford Dudley and the board. I'm just a bit aware of what was claimed for the building since I and my family were, you could say, linked to its advent, and my dad had a clay ashtray with the original design sticking up out of the corner, which was quite different from the final one. And the story of why that ashtray design got scaled back. If you guys are interested. But feeling a little standoffish right now with no need of discussion looming.
  15. The Gulf Oil building in Houston was built in '29 and is 430 feet, now with a different name. So the above should be qualified further as in the Southeast. Would be interested if the Louisiana Capitol bldg is taller than the old Houston tower. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JPMorgan_Chase_Building_(Houston) BTW the Texas capitol bldg is just shy of 304 feet tall. Furthermore btw there was a very long thread on the Houston C-D forum as to whether Houston could be considered an outpost of the southeast. I gave one of the most comprehensive answers as to how the argument could be made in the affirmative, since I grew up in the SE, (Atlanta and Nashville), and all my immediate and distant family did too. It turned out to be a highly contentious debate. I would post a link but that may go against the rules here. Maybe I could cut and paste.
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