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  1. Honestly the idea of the little green cars at the mall sounds kinda stupid to me...but if people use it so be it, doesn't bother me any. Now about your argument on Denver, Chicago, and Vegas. I have been to all three of these cities several times and they all have forms of transportation in the areas you listed. Denver (which by the way is the greatest city in the US), has a free mall shuttle that goes up and down 16th street and it makes a stop at every intersection. These buses are electric also and are free to the public...that is why they are call "free mall ride" which is ran by the RTD of the greater Denver Metro Area. Last time I went to Vegas and Chicago there are cabs, limousines, monorails, city buses and even moving sidewalks that move people around. Yes walking is a choice but if you didn't feel like walking or you can't walk that far you can take a cab or pay 2 dollars and ride the bus...there are other forms of transportation. While I think this idea is crazy for the Promenade, if people use it let em' they aren't hurting any of us (unless of course one of the cabs run us over).
  2. The left side of the building does look a lot nicer then the right. The left side has a more historic look while the right has the more modern look. It doesn't make sense on why they would make the building half and half though.
  3. How tall is it going to be, and what is the address for it?
  4. Personally I think the new Hunan Manor is pretty ugly. Looks like a big brick box with some fancy entrance that is out of place. I'm still really excited about the new Taco Bell that just opened though...I've ate there like 10 times in the past two weeks.
  5. Damn Mcheiss your taking the fun out of everything
  6. I disagree with you that the UofA is a pretty average school...I got a degree last year from the UofA and the Walton College and I think my education was very good. I did not have any problem finding a job out of school and I had quite a few offers to choose from. Everyone I talked to thinks the UofA is a good school and to say its average is wrong. The UofA is no Harvard, Yale, Stanford or anything along those lines, but for a public university you get a damn good education.
  7. You are correct...I was thinking Texas was 4 years ago...anyway the point is that we don't sell out the stadium on a regular bases so adding additional seats makes no sense.
  8. As I said there have been two sell outs in the past three years and both of them were this year against USC and Tenn. If the LSU game would have been played in Fay it would have been a sell out as well. I can understand adding another 10k for the south upperdeck but as far as adding anothing 20-25k by making the north end zone a bowl is out the of question for many, many years.
  9. I don't see them making the a bowl out of the north endzone any time soon. Right now the stadium holds 72,000 and the next expansion will take place by adding an upper deck on the south endzone which will add approx. 10,000 seats. We have only sold out the current 72k twice in the past three years, so I don't see an expansion coming anytime soon. I know they plan on taking down the current Razorback foundation building and the soft ball field and creating parking for the time being, however, those plans may change.
  10. It is my understanding that the Target will not be a super target. It order for the company to make it worth their money they would have to open 3 to 4 super targets due to logistics.
  11. That is good news, I'm still not happy with the fact that Delta pulled the plug on the flight to Orlando.
  12. The expansion of Baum Stadium will add 21 new sky boxes to the stadium, making boxes down the line to the left and right foul poll. Also, under the sky boxes they are adding covered seats which will add approx. 1,300 chair back seats to the stadium. Also, they are expanding the "trough" in the outfield, making it three times as large. There are some pictures of what the stadium will look like when its complete, and I'll try to post them later.
  13. How do you get the traffic streaks like that? I think traffic streaks make all night photos look sweet. Do you just use slow speed film?
  14. Actually they can take the camera. If it indeed has to do with trademark issues then any use of that trademark, either for personal or public use is against the law. I don't see how its a trademark issue, but if it is they can take the camera. Now, if you decided to not give the camera to them or not delete the pictures then they can hold you against your will for an reasonable amount of time until police arrive under the "shopkeepers privilege" which protects business from thefts, and in the case, you are still the use of their trademark. I seriously doubt they would take those measures, but it is leagal for them to do that if they want to. Saying that I would love to see more pictures. I think the place is really nice looking and I would really like to see some night pictures if you get a chance to go at night.
  15. I visited the Promenade today and I agree with most of what you said. I think the Food Pavillion is nice, but really small, I honestly can't believe there is only room for 6 places. I went to a outdoor mall in Southern Cali. and in the middle it had brick and cobblestone with no cars which was great. Its just a matter of time before someone gets hit by a car.
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