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  1. Lansing Photo of the Day

    That's a great shot. I wish I could get access to that location to shoot.
  2. Lansing Photo of the Day

    I wish the stadium was symmetrical.
  3. Lansing Photo of the Day

    Great shot, I love the sky.
  4. Detroit Photo of the Day

    ok, I'm a moron and put this in the wrong thread. Sorry. Taken this last weekend;
  5. Metro Detroit Photo of the Day

  6. Metro Detroit Photo of the Day

    Hey Detroiters! I'm a Lansing guy but I was in town last weekend, here are some pics;
  7. Lansing Photo of the Day

    We've had some nice warm nights around here so I took a night ride the other day;
  8. Lansing Photo of the Day

    Oh, I do too. Whenever I walk by this building I always stop and take a second to admire it. Like you, I really like the "Old World meets the modern era" contrast this building brings. I was on the grounds a few days ago but I didn't notice the ladscaping.
  9. Lansing Photo of the Day

    Here are some pictures I took today of the building in question; Here is the text from the historical placard next to the door: "In 1890, the Lansing Women's Club completed construction of its club jome, a two-story red brick building located at 118 West Ottawa STreet in Downtown Lansing. In the same year, the Michigan Millers Insurance COmpany constructed next door at 120 West Ottawa a two-stroy brick building designed by Darius Moon. In 1911, the club added the theird floor and an elevator at 118 West Ottawa. Between 1980-1999, while Bill Ralls practiced law here, Rosemary and Bill Ralls renoavted and restored these buildings to their current historic condition. Thus, they preserved them for the people of Lansing and placed them on the Federal Register of Historic Buildings in the United States. Today the buildings, which are ownded by Gary Granger and Jeff McAlvey, are the home of the Lighthouse."
  10. Lansing Photo of the Day

    I could be mistaken but I don't think he meant the Hollister building. I think he means the old building (and very cool looking) that houses Beaners on the ground floor, it's on Ottawa Street one building down from Capitol Ave. It's ajacent to the building that spans Ottawa, with the pretty multicolor glass. If I get a chance I'll get a pic today. Great pics of the Hollister, I love the look back to the original designs.
  11. Lansing Photo of the Day

    Funny, between me and my wife we currently work at 3 of the places on that list. While the SimCity fanatic in me is thrilled with a clean slate to build on in the middle of the city, I can't help but think I will be disappointed with whatever replaces the factories.
  12. Lansing Photo of the Day

    You nailed it, it was taken from the Capitol Commons Center at Pine and Kalamazoo.
  13. Lansing Photo of the Day

    Here are some photos of the GM plant demolitions for our out of area Lansingites: