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  1. Likewise your opinions are subjective -- opinions do have that quality about them. That being said, yes, Charlotte is doing something right... but so is Atlanta, another place Greenville says it does not want to be like, while doing everything in its power to be like, what with rapacious badly-planned growth. And there are some aspects of what I talked about that are objective. For instance, central Charlotte is not a shopping destination and its urban form at the street level is awful, however nice the skyline looks from afar. Greenville has better downtown shopping and better urban form,
  2. I happen to think Charlotte is aggressively bland, soulless, and easily the most mediocre major city in America, in large part because at least a good ninety percent of their historic architecture was destroyed in successive waves of urban renewal, and what replaced it is a forest of anonymous, interchangeable glass boxes. I'll grant you that uptown Charlotte looks nice from a distance, but the street presence is abysmal, consisting mostly of blank walls, bank lobbies, and bars. There is next to no retail, so Charlotte fails in form and function alike. That being said, what saves Greenvi
  3. No. Look at Charlotte: Developers are happy to just upend the jug and pour out the mediocrity as long as a community is willing to let them.
  4. I think the sprawl-a-rama that makes up the vast majority of the metro area is proof enough that fast growth and buildings lots of things isn't a good thing unless you've got high standards for it to adhere to. I've yet to hear anyone wax rhapsodic about Woodruff Road. That being said I like Greenville as well, and I like the things going on here. However, I don't think Greenville has done, or is doing, itself any favors with the "any old box will do" mentality toward urban growth. I think Greenville has enough of a cachet about it to demand better and land projects that will actively incr
  5. You have to admit that an 8-story highrise is indeed much better than the 3- or 4-story "highrises" that usually get NIMBYs into such a dither.
  6. Why complain? Bland modernism is the name of the game for about ninety percent of what's been built inside the city Greenville in the past twenty years. Just ask people who live near paper mills and sewage treatment plants, and they'll tell you -- You can get used to anything after a while. But I'm with you... I wish Greenville would either take a page from Spartanburg's book and raise some really high-quality neo-traditional architecture, or I wish it would attract some really daring modern architecture. The middle of the road is boring and architecture is not one of Greenville's strong p
  7. It sure didn't take long for a Greenville Driver (tm) to take out one of those new street trees in front of the courthouse. I don't know that I've ever lived anywhere that the cars so yearn to be free of the constraints of the road.
  8. What are all those things that look like ready-made facade pieces? Those cut outs look like windows and doors, like the whole front of the building just needs to be raised up in one piece.
  9. A lavender dirty chai that I had there was the first coffee I'd had in Greenville that was as good as what I was used to back in Asheville, so they've got a place in my heart. I don't get to go there very often though. I'm much more apt to find myself either at Crave out in the burbs, or Coffee Underground.
  10. Hm... I hadn't been able to read the article about this place and see where it was before now. I hope it won't affect Crafty Cats to have another coffee shop so close. I love that place.
  11. Why? Growth for its own sake is just cancer. Greenville is desirable enough that it should be able to exercise some clout and get something of better quality than a bunch of ugly boxes. I mean, look at Charlotte, since we're trying so hard to look like them: Charlotte is far and away the most mediocre large city in America. It's a bunch of glass boxes and beige EIFS. Why should that be any model to follow?
  12. That really is quite meh... Architecture just really isn't Greenville's strong suit, which is a shame. Greenville can't outdo Asheville with the flashy, authentic historic architecture but there's no reason it couldn't either pursue really dazzling modern architecture, or take a page from Spartanburg's book and build a lot of high-quality neo-traditional architecture. Anything is better than this growing collection of "Charlotte Boring"-style beige boxes. What really sucks is that the quality of Greenville's public spaces is the best in the region by far, but it just won't take it over the
  13. It's a nice day for a white rendering. It's a nice day to start again?
  14. Just weighing in here, as a person who moved from Asheville to Greenville. What this area needs is fast, reliable, regular transportation between the two airports, so everyone can go where they need the fastest, for the best price. Hell, it works for New York, with their three major airports, and it works for Chicago with O'Hare and Midway. It works for any region with more than one airport. Here it would work because Asheville and Greenville don't attract the same clientele to fly out and don't attract the same passengers flying in. People go to Asheville to play and retire -- that's why
  15. The disdain comes from the fact that nothing is so toxic or has hurt more people than morbid religiosity, and because I have been on the receiving end of it more times than I care to count, as has my husband -- which is to say that Bobby has made it abundantly clear he wouldn't want my kind visiting anyway. And not only because I'm gay: I'm white and my husband is Black, so we've got a compound sin going on here as far as Mr. Jones is/was concerned. Tell me for instance, has a Southern Baptist minister ever interrupted your stepfather's funeral to point at you and tell you you're going to hell
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