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  1. You call it the UFO? I always thought of those as oatmeal can towers. This development is over on my side of town, and as someone who moved here from Asheville, frankly it makes me all giggly. I love neo-historical architecture when its done right, and this area already has a track record of that. Neo-historic is Spartanburg's signature style, for example. It can be done right, and with it being done right already all over the area, why wouldn't it be done right here?
  2. I had no idea this even existed until seeing this thread. What on earth was a sign for a hotel in Minnesota doing on a building in Greenville? ...And that blows. Something like that could have added a real touch of character to the park. What a damn shame.
  3. I'm in that weird little no-man's land where the addresses say Simpsonville, but I'm within walking distance of the Mauldin city limits, and not much farther from the city limits of Greenville proper... No crickets over here. Nothing but the sounds of squirrels fighting against the soothing and constant whisper of traffic on Woodruff.
  4. Sounds great, but the problem is that 90% of what people think of as "Greenville" isn't in the city limits. Although, the weensie little fragment of "Greenville" that actually is inside the city limits certainly will look lovely while the rest of the region sprawls hell for leather.
  5. Beautiful downtown Sans Souci, basically?
  6. As someone who moved here from NC, I really don't understand how all these special government districts are supposed to work. In NC, whatever a city doesn't manage the county does for the most part and that's the end of that.
  7. Meh... Only a temporary exhibition. Nice, but I reserve my urge to get all up in a giggly dither for permanent installations. Still going to go see it though.
  8. Moving to. We have our apartment in Asheville until the end of the month, so it's a continuous, gradual move... Partly because I have yet to find a job down there.
  9. We closed on our house in Greenville yesterday, and my GPS got me lost on the way back up the mountain to Asheville. It took me by a neat little piece of public art I'd read about.... Those old lion statues from the zoo that now reside in the parking lot of a gas station at the corner of Laurens and Washington. I got all excited.
  10. Welp... We closed on our house yesterday, so we will officially be paying for a house in that weird little dark corner that claims to be Simpsonville, but is right by Mauldin and Greenville proper, forever. Yay! Now let's find a job! Because not having one is really, really stressing me out! But I keep smiling! Perhaps too manically!
  11. If all goes according to plan, my husband and I close on our house on September 4... We'll be living off Tanner Road in that weird, nationless plot of land that says it's Simpsonville, but is actually closer to Mauldin and Greenville proper. Still looking for work, so if anyone has any leads on where all the cool social workers/case managers hang out these days let me know. However, I'm also interested in the restaurant scene, supposing this current season of cholera doesn't wipe it out. When there isn't a plague on, we love to eat out and we love ethnic cuisine. Any good Korean places
  12. So... Considering that we're moving to Greenville and hope to close on a house there in September, how might one... well, I hate to bring it up... how might one go about finding a job to pay for said house and move? Specifically, how would one go about that if they were looking find a job somewhere in the field of social work? Feel free to PM me, folks, if you have any ideas.
  13. It's been quite a journey trying to find a house in Greenville... We've found two that were perfect, put an offer in on one but someone with more money wanted it more. The other one sold before we could even put an offer on it. Everything else has, for the most part, been a "plynyl" (cheap, plywood and vinyl) box located in an "aggressively suburban" -- as one of my friends described it -- neighborhood where you pay an extra $30 a month so someone can come by twice a day with a ruler to measure the grass and fine you if it's too long. Man... What do you have to do to find a good, cont
  14. Looks like no one has asked anything in this thread in just about forever but it looks like the best place to state... My husband and I are thinking of moving to Greenville. He's a newly-minted psychiatric nurse practitioner and I'm a social worker. Jobs up here in Asheville where we live just aren't there for him, while I've got a good job at the moment. He has a good lead on a job in Greenville, but jobs for me don't seem to be there. Suggestions? And, what's it going to be like for an interracial gay couple down there?
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