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  1. The tax money being used for the Museum Plaza project is for general improvements to the surrounding area. A new flood wall must be constructed, River Road must be re-routed, and a new plaza/park will be constructed. The develpers requested assistance with these projects from the start. It was granted because the lot is virtually useless due to flooding concerns at the moment and the city's long term plan was to make these improvments at some point in the future anyway. The tower itself is being funded privately. Then again the developers are billionaires so that was never really an issue to begin with.
  2. I appreciate that you've acknowledged my apologies from my earlier "misdeeds". However, I'm not sensing any response as to the actual support of existing retailers in this thread..which one of you will make the commitment to support us all? As far as my shop is concerned...Yes, we have tattooed/pierced customers...we also have good clean upstanding customers buying everything from Miles Davis cds to the latest artist that pitchforkmedia.com recommends. We are NOT an intimidating force in any way. You just need to stop in...away from the comfort and security of the internet and see what we have to offer..and what other retailers are selling as well. The internet: If there ever were a city/culture killing machine....this is it. Use the internet for knowledge/information and take that to your local community/retailer. Let us try to help you with your needs and desires. Please! I have many customers that do just that...They want our presence in their community. SO..HOW MANY OF YOU WILL MAKE THE COMMITMENT TO SUPPORT THE RETAIL COMMUNITY THAT IS ALREADY HERE? Herm
  3. Firstly, I apologize for my rant. It's becoming increasingly difficult in our current state of the economy to keep a retail venture going. The "brain drain" in this town is shocking as I've counted 25 customers who are leaving the state (in 07 already). The evening of my initial rant was fueled by poor sales and a bit too much beer. Again, sorry. As a local business operator, I make every effort to shop/eat/etc at locally owned businesses. I forego convenience to do this. I'd like a city with a diverse retail mix and am willing to pay for this if in fact there is an upcharge. I avoid the internet for purchases unless it's the only option. I'd hate to live with the option for a book purchase only being Amazon.com. And that was my drunken point...make the EFFORT to support what's already in your midst and the chances of local vibrant retail increase. Really it's that simple. I suspect that many of you could afford to spend $10 a week in the local downtown economy at whichever retail store you choose. Would that be a tough commitment to make? Best, Herm P.S. We're looking to hire a P.R. person...know of a good cheap one?
  4. A question for you all....How many of you ACTUALLY support the retail that is already downtown? Have you been to my shop...Vertigo Music? How about Savenger Hunt? All-City Kicks, etc? Really...where are you? Stop talkin' and start supporting! Otherwise shut the f... up! Best, Herm...call me if you have a beef 742.5106..I'd love the conversation
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