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  1. just fyi for anyone - it took me a few times to find these myself after the revamp http://www.cityoforlando.net/city-planning/appearance-review-board/ http://www.cityoforlando.net/city-planning/municipal-planning-board/
  2. Jack-do you have renderings for the new Sevens proposal?
  3. The MPB November case schedule has been released also.The Sevens project has returned as a 9-story, 325 unit building with integrated parking deck. http://www.cityoforlando.net/planning/cityplanning/MPB/2012%20MPB%20Agenda%20Minute%20&%20Staff%20Reports/Nov/MPBNov2012Recap.pdf
  4. jnorlando


    Thanks, that second image definitely helps. I found this video also has a rendering at 1:55 that helps visualize where the new tower is going.
  5. Sorry to be blowing up this thread...working from home today. I was right. Hunton Brady was the architect. The building is being revamped apparently for residential use. http://www.huntonbrady.com/pizzuti-777-2
  6. Yes, you're right http://www.cityoforlando.net/planning/cityplanning/ARB/2012/09Sep/ARBSep2012AgendaR.pdf I had also thought that 777 was a mid-rise office, not apartment building
  7. Anyone know if Buddy touted the Sevens project in his most recent State of the City address? I can't recall. The Sevens website is gone and there is no mention on Pizzuti's website either that I've seen. That guy does not have much luck in Orlando.
  8. i'm sure there is somewhere, although i'm not quite sure where. i'll keep my eyes open for it.
  9. awesome, hard to believe this project started as two green, twin towers called "Verde" still excited to see movement on this lot.
  10. jnorlando


    I can't get my bearings...which direction is the near side of the building facing?
  11. I was browsing different websites and stumbled onto this for the first time (i think). http://www.highwoods.com/Images/photo/property/aer01-e35036cb-1252-4ee8-b04c-f375ac89110b.jpg
  12. I don't think it is. Definitely caught my eye as well.
  13. I'm crossing my fingers that the groundbreaking for 899 N Orange was a typo. The completion date is listed as quarter 1 2014. So it would make sense that the groundbreaking might be Q4 2012, right?
  14. One of the sketches shows a ped. bridge to the main building.
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