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    Durham Athletic Park & area redevelopment

    I have not been on here in a while so I'm just getting around to some of these posts. This area has been home to several grassroots/ DIY developments over the last several years. Motorco Music Hall Geer St Grill Cocoa Cinnamon Fullsteam Brewery The Pit (just opened) Music Hall Several other small or sustainability focused businesses It should be interesting to see how the Liberty Warehouse redevelopment affects this area.
  2. bullcity76

    Urban Apartment Boom (Durham)

    Under Construction - WV III - 605 W Chapel Hill - Circle/ Crescent Main - Greenfire/ Armada Almost complete - Southside Phase I - Circle/ Crescent Ninth - Riggsbee St. Co-Housing Project ~80 units That is over 1500 apartments within a mile of City Center! It will be great to see the Liberty Warehouse and City Center Tower projects break ground. The West Village III building is probably most important since institutional money is on the table. Its success could put Durham on the radar of other public REITs.
  3. bullcity76

    2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    Maybe a new movement of "You didn't support improvement of our transit systems...So I'm going to vote for someone who will..." is coming. The Triangle has a growing list of infrastructure needs that going unfunded and could lead to declines in our quality of life which we constantly receive accolades for. I'm tired of voting for politicians...will some LEADERS please stand up!
  4. bullcity76

    2035 Triangle Regional Transit Vision Plan

    Rep. Paul Luebke is frustrating!!! If anything poor and working class people stand to benefit greatly from more transit. It opens up access to more jobs across the Triangle. At the same time, high gas prices are making people cut back on their car trips. Luebke (and others like him) are not looking at the BIG picture here. He's no better than the Locke people who believe that we can outpave growth and traffic...hmmmmm...that's never been tried before...Atlanta, Houston, LA, etc.
  5. bullcity76

    Durham Performing Arts Center (DPAC)

    Durham needs a rising tide...In other words, the more entertainment and arts that open downtown...the more people that will spontaneously come just for fun and/or culture. BTW, there are several (currently vacant) potential venues for a variety of nightclub and restaurant/lounge concepts.
  6. bullcity76

    Blue Devil Partners West Village

    The completion of this development will go a long way towards connecting downtown and the Brightleaf area. The Brightleaf area will be almost at capacity once Gatsby's Sports Lounge opens along with the redeveloped "Pizza Hut" building.
  7. bullcity76

    Dorothea Dix Property

    They should be able to raise plenty of money from the Dix 306 crowd... Since it looks like Dix is going to be mostly a park, the City should do all it can to make it and Pullen Park a destination park. Pullen could use an upgrade along with improvements at Dix.
  8. bullcity76

    American Tobacco Historic District

    Phase III is supposed to have ground-floor retail with residential above. There will be wide pedestrian paths and plazas between the Northern entrance and the Performing Arts Center. In between there is supposed to ample restaurants and residences with ground-floor retail.
  9. bullcity76

    Ninth Street changes to come?

    I think the retailers dictate the the small lots in front. The Pavilion at Lakeview is shaping up in a similar fashion but I'll take this compromise for now over the suburban deep parking lots. The worst is the lots and buildings sunk down in the ground to be more "visually appealing". That only works for ugly, cookie cutter buildings (such as South Square "redevelopment"). Ninth Street might end up dying because of the people who love it so much. Rents are steadily increasing because of demand and landlord privilege. So the businesses that people want to save from competition from new development might not survive after all. A well-developed neighborhood plan as well as good business plans should keep the rents reasonable, add more customers and maintain the indigineous (sp?) businesses in the area.
  10. bullcity76

    American Tobacco Historic District

    The PR issues start with word of mouth. It is acceptable to say Durham is unsafe or Downtown is unsafe. It is acceptable to say that families typically don't eat dinner at Brightleaf or somewhere especially when there were no or few options before. I find it very disturbing for a woman to be kidnapped and murdered from a Downtown Raleigh parking garage near the Courthouse. This is not directed at any individuals...just trying to do my part to break down the mental barriers that prevent other Triangle-ites from experiencing such an interesting city. I particualarly invite my neighbors in Cary to a break from there extreme monotany(sp?). This entire district is changing fast and becoming a "tourist" attraction for people across the Triangle.
  11. bullcity76

    Durham Athletic Park & area redevelopment

    The goal has been to maintain this facility as a multi-purpose facility. That's why they were looking at the turf which wouldn't get torn up during the Blues and Beer festivals. I would be leaning more towards the museum since they would be able to maintain all of the other uses. I wish we could have both but it probably be useless for the field crews to train on artificial grass. It'll be interesting to see how everything will shape up but I am optimistic about everything so far.
  12. bullcity76

    Triangle in the national media

    Greenfire and other property owners are working on not having overlapping retail/restaurant concepts also. You know like having 5 Asian Bistros and 8 pizza parlors in the CBD.
  13. bullcity76

    Dorothea Dix Property

    This should be used as a challenge to developers. Each one of the properties are inwardly focused for a variety of reasons: SV and Meadowmont - zoning regulations?; American Tobacco - historical building layout and restrictions; North Hills - heavy traffic on Six Forks. A developer at the Dix property would not have such restrictions. Plus Raleigh could potentially come up with a Traditional Neighborhood development zone. If we're looking at cookie-cutter so called mixed-use development, then we ARE better off with a 300 acre park. Like has been said before this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the city of Raleigh.
  14. bullcity76

    Dorothea Dix Property

    I'm still confused as to why all of this can't be accomplished on 200 Acres. Grand vision and all...the vision you have portrayed seems myopic thus far. I don't see any other housing, shopping or office development going on this land. That would be a travesty. I'm seeing influx of potential users of a world-class active space that provides views over a grassy hill towards the downtown skyline. I see absentee landlords and investors improving the housing in the surrounding neighborhoods. I'm seeing improved pedestrian, bike and vehicular connections between Centennial Campus, Pullen Park, Dix and Downtown. I think those are Grand Visions... Even if the ULI plan is approved, I hope there are still people like yourself who will fight to make sure that all of the recreational and cultural amenities are part of the 200 acre park plan. They would only make the development that much popular and unique.
  15. bullcity76

    Dorothea Dix Property

    amen...I say the ULI plan with a solid Pullen connectiion makes Dix/Pullen Park an even better Destination Park with Dix's proposed added active uses and ampitheatre.