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  1. You'll love this one...both exits from I-196 at College will be closed from April 2nd until fall :scared:

    As if traffic around the hospital wasn't bad enough...now everyone will have to get off at Fuller or Ottawa...oh, wait, can't do that either. Good thing it's not usually urgent to get to the hospital. Great planning. <_<

    Well, i don't know if it's until FALL... ;)


    Starts 03/31 (Gerald R. Ford Freeway) Eastbound I-196 On-ramp from College Avenue.

    Sat 3/31/07, 8 AM to Wed 7/18/07, 9 PM

    Ramp Closure

    Details: The on-ramp to eastbound I-196 from College Ave. will be CLOSED starting Saturday, March 31st through mid-July for bridge reconstruction work on EB I-196 over the railroad.

    Detour: The detour for the EB I-196 on-ramp from College Ave. is: College Ave. south to Michigan St., east on Michigan St. to Fuller Ave., north on Fuller Ave. to EB I-196.

    Restrictions: Motorists should expect delays.

    Kent County

    Expires in 113 days Last updated: 3/22/07 2:11 PM

    Starts 04/09 (Gerald R. Ford Freeway) Westbound I-196 Off-Ramp to College Ave.

    Mon 4/9/07, 9 AM to Wed 7/18/07, 9 PM

    Ramp Closure

    Details: The westbound I-196 off-ramp to College Ave. will be CLOSED starting Monday, April 9th after 9:00 a.m. through mid-July for bridge reconstruction work on WB I-196 over the railroad.

    Detour: The posted detour for this ramp closure is westbound I-196 to Fuller Ave., exit at Fuller Ave., south on Fuller Ave. to Michigan St., west on Michigan St. to College Ave.

    Restrictions: Motorists should expect delays.

    Kent County

    Expires in 113 days Last updated: 3/22/07 2:13 PM

  2. There's no cornfield at 3 Mile and Beltline. Most of it is an unused vacant lot surrounded by some pretty beat up 1950's era homes. However, there is a nice wooded ravine area at the South end that would be nice if they'd work around.

    Retailers like the ones they're putting in here do not want a lone parcel in an urban setting, unless it's a major city. They want to go where there is an excellent chance for success, and even then they have to be dragged into it, and only if 49 of their other retail friends are doing the same thing. As much as I am optimistic about GR, I'm also not living in lala land (OK, sometimes in lala land just for fun, but obviously not seriously).

    Well, yes, I'm aware there's no cornfield. It just kind of aches to see the same old sh... stuff going in the same old places. I think it is possible, feasible, and not that unreasonable to believe that a developer could finagle an urban infill deal. I suppose that wouldn't make them as much profit though, would it.

  3. What a waste. Waste of space, of land, of gas, of bricks, of air.

    I long for a developer that is creative :huh: and doesn't feel that the greatest thing will be to have another mall in the middle of a cornfield. (I should say, i know those exist, but this one sure isn't one of them.)

    Just imagine if the developer put all the stores into vacant properties downtown, creating an even stronger viable retail destination, bringing in the people that don't care that much about the independents. Of course, there's the huge parking problem downtown. Not enough parking!!! Better look somewhere else. How about a cornfield. (sigh)

    -end rant-

  4. I personally feel that widening 196 is long overdue...I hate driving down 196 because you have people going too fast anyways because it's 55mph and everyone is going 80...and congested as it is already, you have people trying to merge into the expressway and there's no room to get over (much like everytime I try going 131 southbound getting on the I96 eastbound ramp you've got like 10 seconds to get over or you are going 131 northbound. Now that I think of it everytime I go on that ramp there's a stupid semi in my way and was forced to go 131 northbound a couple times...

    As for Michigan...I'm not sure if widening would be such a good idea...of course I never drive in through the rush hour and none of us will really know how bad the congestion is until people are working in these new buildings...but I don't think it's all that necessary.

    I'm not sure how adding lanes would make it easier for you to get across the highway to your exit ramp... It seems to me that 2 lanes would be easier to cross than 3. What gets me is that lane widening is such an expensive and short term "solution"... the idea of the commuter rail from the Beltline would permanently remove traffic from 196, allow for more building of functional space on Health Hill (and less parking space) which would allow for a more pedestrian friendly, urban environment. I bet you could build and run such a rail line for 10-15 years for less $$$ than it will take to widen 196.

    However, MDOT's collective mind, I fear, is hard to change. They seem to be stuck in 1985 or so, while the rest of the states are considering alternate modes of transportation on a (more) equal footing.

    In the meantime, we have very little congestion. Wow. I wonder if it's really worth it.

  5. Those would be the Newberry St. stairs up to Belknap lookout. The stairs further south that are in better condition are the Fairbanks stairs. Right now I'm aware that the NOBL (Neighbors of Belknap Lookout) are in the process of putting together a design charrette to fix up both sets of stairs, and maybe more improvements too, such as something with the overlook at Hastings & Fairview, and maybe more.

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