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  1. Mayor of Atlanta is a bit envious of Memphis' position as a top cargo hub and wants in on the action. http://www.ajc.com/s...cargo03281.html
  2. Air Canada will begin operating two non-stops to Toronto in the spring to fill the void left by Delta's elimination of the route. Twice-daily service on a larger CRJ900 actually expands the number of seats available compared with the previous service. http://www.commercia...-daily-toronto/
  3. A 4th parallel would be in the approximate location of the current Airways Blvd. which would be a tremendous dirt-fill job for the base of the concrete. The airport already bought the houses between Boeingshire and Airways north of the FedEx training center. They also bought the houses between Hancock Dr. and Airways south of the training center. There are a couple of apartment complexes south of Raines which would be very close to a relocated Airways and less than 1500' from the new runway...certainly an issue. The Mapco at Airways/Raines and the gas stations at Airways/Shelby would have to be relocated. The other tricky part is would be shoehorning the new Airways between the FedEx training center and the new airport western boundary. There is not much room, and two landscaped ponds at the FedEx center would have to be filled in. The new runway would also be very close to Winchester Elementary on the north side. Not sure what the ramifications would be, whether relocation or noise-proofing.
  4. A 4th parallel on the west side has already been discussed. It would involve a lot of dirt moving and the relocation of Airways, but there's room. They also have an extension of Twy. M northward across Plough Blvd. in the works as well. They have a lot of future plans in their back pocket should the need to greatly expand ever arise.
  5. Today, Flintco was named the general contractor for the airport parking garage expansion. I think this project is far better than having an off-airport transportation center for buses, shuttles, and car rental agencies. This puts the car rentals much closer to the arriving passengers and leaves space for a potential 4th parallel runway on the west side of the airport should the extra capacity ever be needed. MBJ: http://memphis.bizjo...14/daily19.html Daily News from earlier but with extra background: http://www.memphisda...e.aspx?id=46735
  6. The July 6th Daily News had an article detailing the redevelopment along the Poplar corridor from the Medical Center into Downtown: http://www.memphisdailynews.com/editorial/...e.aspx?id=43483
  7. Multiple media sources covered it, but Delta announced addition of twice-daily service between Memphis and Golden Triangle Airport serving Columbus, West Point, and Starkville, MS. Looks like the service will be operated by Mesaba in the Saab 340. Good to see this service return as NW Airlink had not served GTR in several years. From the Columbus Commercial Dispatch: http://www.cdispatch.com/articles/2009/01/...ews/local02.txt
  8. MBJ sheds a little more light on Delta's plans with Memphis and their spat with Atlanta over passenger fees. http://memphis.bizjournals.com/memphis/sto...2946000^1765844
  9. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports Memphis officials are using a feud between Atlanta and Delta over costs to lobby Delta for more flights out of here. Our regional chamber is also in the mix and they break down the Memphis cost advantage. Interesting and timely: http://www.ajc.com/search/content//busines...is_atlanta.html
  10. Looks like MEM's east-west runway 9-27 will be getting a rework next year and upgraded to a concrete surface vs. the current asphalt, according to the Memphis Daily News. It's interesting timing for this as I seem to recall in 2004 or '05 that runway was shut down for a period of time for repaving. Perhaps the transition to heavier aircraft (757/777 purchases) necessitated 9-27 being concrete to hold the higher weights. No word yet as to whether the airport will upgrade the approach lighting system or add centerline lights to make this a Cat 2 or Cat 3 runway in the future. http://www.memphisdailynews.com/editorial/...e.aspx?id=39679
  11. McAllen is in south Texas in highly populated Hidalgo County near Harlingen and Brownsville (the latter in Cameron County). The metro area population is around 950,000 and Matamoros and Reynosa across the border also contain about a million people. American and Continental currently serve Miller Intl Airport in McAllen (MFE). Southwest and Continental Express serve nearby Valley Intl Airport in Harlingen (HRL) and FedEx serves HRL direct from MEM as well. Continental Express is the only air carrier at Brownsville Intl closer to the coast. Pinnacle used to fly the CRJ200 from MEM to MFE until a few years ago. Hopefully Delta will market this service better than NWA did. If this is the start of Delta's "Southwestern Strategy," perhaps we might see new service from Memphis to one or more of Amarillo, El Paso, Midland-Odessa, Albuquerque, Tucson, Laredo in regional jets and Longview, Lake Charles, and Texarkana in the Saabs.
  12. Delta/NWA will be adding service in spring 2009 to Lubbock and McAllen, TX. Both routes are slated to be operated by Pinnacle. From the MBJ: http://memphis.bizjournals.com/memphis/sto...17/daily28.html
  13. MBJ reports the Grade Hotel project on Front fell victim to the credit crunch and will be reconfigured as an apartment project with commercial bays on ground level. Interesting quote from Regions Bank about condos being on their moratorium list for financing. They think the cash flow and return on investment are low. Not sure whether that's a problem specific to the sluggish downtown market or a nationwide issue...maybe a little of both. http://memphis.bizjournals.com/memphis/sto...6293200^1728839
  14. U of Missouri students/professors/researchers, state legislators in Jefferson City, and other residents of Central Missouri will have additional options of getting around the country via Memphis on NWAirlink: http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/080516/20080516005926.html?.v=1
  15. BDL is a needed destination from MEM. Hopefully we can get PVD (Providence) and MHT (Manchester) in the future as both those airports have strong traffic and are great alternatives to Boston. BDL-MEM, however, is a long time to sit in the back of the CRJ, and if there's weather near Memphis that requires use of an alternate, some passengers are going to get bumped to add fuel (often a problem with BOS-MEM when on CRJ200s, not so much with the EMB175s). Guess this old hub of ours still has a little life in it yet...
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