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  1. It's under construction right now. Probably another month to go. For the above building @ Millenia....rents are down 15%, vacancy is above 20%, and they are rezoning and building a new office building? Either smart or crazy...where is Darden's new HQ, anyway?
  2. My apologies to any lawyers. In their defense, they wern't PI attorneys.
  3. Anyone would be deterred from moving to I-drive due to the failure of ....what was it? Something, then the Pac-Man Cafe, at Pointe Orlando? XS Orlando? I don't know what happened there, or how they afford to leave the area with the 2 nightclubs and the cajun place empty now....the top floor of CSS used to be an arcade, right?
  4. Oh they talked a good game...and paid for it. A local ambulance chaser paid to smooth talk, a Wal-Mart environmental consultant promising that they had a green building, somewhere! Traffic consultants promising that they were just below all the thresholds, no improvements necessary! Who needs a bribe, when you have the promise of progress?
  5. Yes, it's good to see the bus depot, no not an actual bus station, but the bus depot, get a Supercenter. Or did you mean the Frito Lay plant? Or did you mean the homeless camp that probably moved to some of the adjacent thousands of acres of woods nearby? Or did you mean the closest residents, those on Mercy Drive, who either must drive there or walk on the side of Princeton in a drainage swale, because as I've mentioned there are no sidewalks leading from there to there. I know, I got up and argued in front of the MPB that they should at the very least require s/w's from other major roads, including 50. Those idiots yawned through the entire hearing and approved it with no conditions.
  6. I have no idea where you're talking about but I know they are building a new supercenter at JYP and Princeton. Yeah! Millions of square feet of empty or underused storefronts along SR 50 just a mile to the south and they move to an undeveloped corner without a sidewalk within sight.
  7. You're right, that seemed to be the focus of the conversation. And I can understand that more than building mini office parks at random highway interchanges...although I think it's important to focus on getting tourists from place to place without using cars as well. But there are many examples of office buildings built in seemingly random places as well, in addition to poorly (in my mind) thought out ideas like Seminole County's 'Technology Cooridor' or whatever they were going to call it near 434 and the 417. But, then again, it's not like we have much in the way of mass transit nor a whole lot of planning so what are you going to do? It's interesting to see Darden's HQ...it could be more poorly located, since it's in a developed area already at least...but much of it is sketchy and empty storefronts anyway, so who's going to walk, take the bus or ride a bike? But then again, without things like it, then 441 would probably be even worse than it is.
  8. In my humble opinion, we don't need any more far flung employment centers without more mass transit.... It's one thing to move office towers slightly away from the city to preserve historic buildings (see La Defense in Paris). It's another entirely to sprawl out everywhere in search of the cheapest land deal. Longer distances, more travel = more entropy.
  9. neon9

    The Plaza

    It was crazy the night District 9 came out. Good to hear it's busy other nights also. Previously it was pretty slow.
  10. No one is calling you a 'neo-nazi'. They are calling you misinformed. The 'invisible hand' has said that it's cheaper to provide degrees in liberal arts and that's what people are paying for. If you want central planning of schools and economic development, well then you might just be a liberal.
  11. It is. Someone mentioned the market at southside...the building under construction there where the old Roadhouse was is a Chick-fil-a.
  12. Has no one mentioned the disaster out at the strange Venetian themed development over in Metrowest? The one where OUC is shutting off the power and water because of unpaid bills while people are living in the buildings? Once that happens, code enforcement is kicking everyone out.
  13. neon9


    I think we could be eligible for up to 2 billion. A rough estimate for construction costs is 20 million per mile. The good thing is, all the studies here have already been done (or at least most of them).
  14. Well, the obvious answer is they don't think the economy will recover in a year or two, regardless of what they say in public. And I thought construction was supposed to start soon? Either way, the economy getting worse very quickly didn't stop them from dreaming, so it makes sense to assume that the current economic situation might impact projects for years to come.
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