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  1. That's great news. I didn't think that they were even supposed to finish the parking deck by now. The credit market that we're experiencing now is truly unprecedented. Any project that secures financing and moves forward in this environment is a pretty impressive feat.
  2. If you're refering to crime, Seaboard Station is incredibly safe. There used to be a large, barrack style 1950's public housing project there called Halifax Court surrounded by vacant warhouses and acres of vacant lots that used to be a mill village. After an incredibly successful HOPE VI redevelopment, crime there is virtualy non-existent. My understanding is that the year before Halifax Court was razed there were over 1000 police calls from Halifax Court, and it least one was an officer being shot. The year after the redevelopment there was only one police call, and it was over some kids
  3. Clearly the key to F street's long term vitality is recruiting businesses and more housing. Its not a great mystery and I think everyone on this board is well aware of this. Meeker was not the one out there recruiting this festival. Jim Early and the BBQ Society were the driving force, and I say more power to them. A festival like this has the potential to have the same economic impact as a large convention. The BBQ festival in Lexington routinely draws crowds of 100,000 people. Were you this down on the Oyster Roast, Live after Five, World Beer Festival, or the Bike Fest? If
  4. Hell yes!!! I've always wondered why Raleigh didn't have a big BBQ festival. This is exactly what F street and Raleigh needs more of: http://www.newsobserver.com/news/story/576601.html
  5. Except that they've already given buckets of cash to fix up fayetteville street, glenwood avenue, PEIII, davie street.... the list goes on. How many times are we going to go back to PE or RBC and ask them to shell out? Its a cop out to me.
  6. this was approved by the full city council yesterday
  7. Just so we're all clear, the visitor's center is a State Government project. F Street was under the purview of the City.
  8. I was shocked to see Craven's quote that he was "tickled to death" with the Reynolds design. Never thought I'd live to see a positive comment like that. I had guessed that Isley was one. I would love to know the rationale why though.
  9. Does anyone know who the two council members were that voted against it, and if they gave any reasoning for their vote?
  10. That sucks. I've heard good things about the place. I'm going to go buy my groceries from there for this week. I hope everyone else will do the same.
  11. Me too. I wouldn't have known that were it not for some inside knowledge My grandfather was an orphan there. Didn't know about Avent Ford though... Senator Helms had his Raleigh office there until 1999. A few months after Senator Edwards opened his office down the hall, Helms staff moved to the Terry Sanford building on New Bern and Dole's office has remained there. Senator Burr decided to not have a Raleigh office, and now there isn't a congressional office there. To my knowledge, OSHA and DOL have moved out as well, leaving the third and fourth floors vacant. Spe
  12. ^ thank you sir. I'll post one just to see if it gets other stuff rolling. A lot of folks on this board may already know this, and if it is repetitive, I am sorry. If anyone besides me thought The Century Post Office building on the corner of Fayetteville and Martin Streets (right across the mall from the RBC site) bore an uncanny resemblance to the Old Executive Building in Washington, DC- that's bec it does. The CPO was designed by Alfred Mullet (huh-huh), the same architect of the OEB. That was probably Mullets' best known design, and they share many similar elements. On a side
  13. Wow. I am impressed Jones133. You have more useless historical knowledge about Raleigh than I do. This is awesome. I want to keep this thread alive. Please post any factoids or useless knowledge about Raleigh and the triangle here. Keep em coming!
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