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  1. Long time since I've been on here, but thought some of you might get a kick out of this. I was admiring the winter wonderland from my office window and noticed someone had stomped out a crude phallic drawing in the reflecting pool at the Christian Science Center. Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jjk5/2192881191 I thought I had grown out of finding this stuff funny...
  2. Great pics, love that last one!
  3. Haha, that reminds me of the raccoon carcass that was on the airport exit offramp on 95 last year. I think I saw it in the late summer and it remained at least through December until it probably got plowed up.
  4. Woops, forgot to recant this. Instead, this Sunday I will become a resident of Boston's North End. It's been a great week for packing, too... I think I've sweat out 20 pounds. I'm pretty stoked for the move though. I fell in love with the North End when my girlfriend moved up there this winter and I can't wait to get up there, sell my car, and settle into the neighborhood. It really is a bona fide neighborhood, something I've never experienced before. Besides the restaurants, I can walk to the pharmacy, gym, hardware store, bars/pubs, library, parks etc. all without leaving my nei
  5. http://www.apple.com/iphone/ Apple's new cell phone. Personally I think it's overpriced and lacks some important features. Hopefully they come out with a revision six months down the road.
  6. Ordered my MacBook Pro! Got the cheapest one, which I'll outfit with 4GB of RAM once it comes (Frys has 2GB modules for 85 bucks). Went with the glossy screen after many times going back and forth. I'm super excited though, should come the end of next week. Also, if anyone is a college student, you get 200 dollars off the MBP, then a free 4GB Nano and a free printer! (199 and 100 dollar rebates, respectively). 500 dollars in savings is pretty awesome!
  7. Canon Powershots are great cameras. My dad has had a PowerShot G1 since 2000 and it's still taking great pictures.
  8. I originally wanted to tri-boot my MBP (I think i'm picking it up tomorrow ) but then I read that it's kind of a pain. I'll just use Bootcamp and then run a virtualized Linux install when I need it. I hear Parallels is good, but I'm hearing even better things about the VMWare Fusion beta. VMWare itself has much better Linux support than Parallels.
  9. Interesting. Well, I guess I'll go glossy as hopefully that'll be better when I'm out and about. Like you, I'll have it connected to an external monitor when it's safe at home. My first Mac, I'm super excited.
  10. I like the glossy. I'm getting a MBP this week myself and I wasn't sure which to pick. But I spent some time using laptops with both and I've settled on the glossy. It's actually pretty good in sunlight. I find the matte tends to just diffuse any glare over the whole screen, washing out the image. It's weird though, if glossy is better, how come you never see it in stand alone monitors?
  11. I was told the car theft situation had been taken care of, but I have no idea if that's true. Don't even get me started on how inacessible the terminal is. Unless you're coming from 95N to exit 25A, it's a pain in the a** to get there. Here's the route I'm forced to walk because of barbed wire fences, highways, train tracks, blah blah blah. The red pushpin is where I wish they'd cut some stairs into the embankment so pedestrians could get there from the Smithfield Ave sidewalk. GMaps
  12. I don't see where he said house. A two bedroomed condo in the Boston Metro for 250k is certainly doable. http://boston.craigslist.org/search/rfs/gb...p;maxAsk=275000 Of course, it won't be in a brownstone on Comm Ave.
  13. So I will be moving to Boston (Eastie, specifically) July 1st with a couple of buddies. It feels like I just got to Providence. I've only lived here a short time, but since I've been here GTech, the Westin, Waterplace, and the Masonic temple all went from bare metal (or just one wall in the Temple's case) to finished, or close to it. Luckily I'm not moving that far away and can easily take the train down here. My only complaint is that the latest Saturday train back to Boston is at 10pm which is not nearly late enough for me to really enjoy ( ) a Waterfire. I'll have to make sure I hit
  14. Lucky! I'm getting a MacBook Pro as soon as they get updated. Hopefully that's between now and WWDC. I'm hoping the update includes Santa Rosa.
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