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  1. Speaking of things Natchez and West MS. I don't remember seeing much if any discussion here about the Ruins of Windsor. Here is a fairly recent picture and also a rendering of what it would have looked like before the fire. According to several sources a fire was started in 1890 by a house guest who accidentally dropped a cigarette into a 3rd floor debris pile left by carpenters making repairs. Everything was burned with the exception of a few pieces of china, 23 of the columns, the balustrades and the iron stairs.
  2. Longwood is simply awesome. I have toured it no less than six times. The last time was about 8 months ago while I was in Natchez for my nephew's wedding. I brought my sons with me and it was their first time to see it. They were as captivated by Longwood as I am.
  3. Here is a nice picture, not necessary of a unique place or landmark structure but it is part of what makes Mississippi special. There is one particular region of the state where camelias grow exceptionally well...anyone care to take a guess?
  4. I was fortunate enough to have been able to participate in the charette. I can tell you that from talking to the elected officials who came around (many of whom are my clients), they have a significant determination to rebuild better. I think that we are going to see a wave of condos coming in to a certain extent. However, most coastal cities are hearing a strong public sentiment against condos. IMO, during this particular time when emotions are tending to run high and when there is a strong feeling of unity in an effort to recover, the local officials are likely to side with local sentiments.
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