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  1. Maybe this is Charlottes way of creating a type of signature. An above ground walk way that connects all the financial business together from one point of uptown to the next. It could become a tourist attraction (Possible) in Charlottes future.
  2. I think the fact that CNBC is showing it says a lot b/c most brokers, investors, etc watch this channel. I was glad to see this because I am doing an internship at a commodities brokerage in Chicago and that's all we watch. Too see Charlotte plastered on the screen makes me happy, since I moved to Chicago back in August. It raises questions of where is Charlotte and what is Charlotte. Although I think everyone knows Charlotte is a heavy hitter in the financial market with all the BofA news.
  3. I can't believe how fast this is going up!!
  4. ^ Just imagine how this view would look now if 210 trade did not have all this drama going on.
  5. My girlfriend took this during the taste. It's a little blury but I think it is cool.
  6. Keep in mind that it works fast only with credit cards. Cash purchases are still slow. I used it this weekend at the Taste of Charlotte. My girlfriend and I got on at Bland. The announcement came on as we were walking toward the station "train arriving in 1 minute." So I bolted to the ticket machine and purchased both our tickets, with my credit card, in just enough time before the train departed. I think it is a push to get everyone to use cards instead of cash, personally.
  7. Ok now with the visual from this, the deck is starting to make sense. I just could not see how this fitted in but now I do. Thanks.
  8. Please forgive me if I missed it in earlier parts of the thread but, what is that structure? Is it part of the parking deck, office tower or what? I've just been trying to line it up with the renderings and can't seem to place it's purpose. Sorry again if it has already been mentioned.
  9. The question is, does the contractors want to take the time posting billboard like advertisments to scappling? Seem like it would slow down the construction progress.
  10. ^ I don't see why they can't run 3 cars. They can load 2 of three then inch the train up to load the third car. At least for now, in my mind it will work.
  11. That looks nice. It looks like the little brother of the BofA tower.
  12. I was in Charlotte Saturday night to celebrate my friends birthday at Blue Resturant. One of my friends told me to park in downtown but after driving around for 30 minutes I decided to park at the Bland Street Station. So we took the train in to CTC and had dinner, drinks, and so forth. Coming back we left out of CTC and the ticket machine malfunctioned on us while there. I brought my one way ticket and just as it finished printing my ticket and giving me my changed the machine shut down to rebot. I told my girlfriend that this is just unacceptable for a city this size and machines of this standard. We had to walk to the other end of the station to purchase the remaining tickets but for my friends first time riding they enjoyed it. I just wish they fix the machines and add like 4 more per station.
  13. I was there that night and it was even more people. Felt like a major city, like NY or Chicago. Although the streets was trashed that night.
  14. Here is one of my old photos of BofA from the sandwich shop in the Mint Museum.
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