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  1. Virginia Beach town center comes close but not quite, I think. 440 is much older and much closer in than 485. Surely that has something to do with it.
  2. I think that map may be dynamically generated choosing cities that are as close together as possible while avoiding overlapping names. Washington, DC is to close and would crowd New York.
  3. Outside of NC, perhaps even within NC outside of the greater Triangle region, the terms "RTP" and "The Triangle" are basically synonymous, and have been for years.
  4. Forgive me if this is not news, but I just noticed that the latest NCDOT STIP draft has funding for bunches of track work related to Gateway in 2018, plus about $10 million for an actual station and passenger service relocation slated for 2019. So maybe the temporary station plan is back on?
  5. There was a member on this forum, @vitaviatic I believe (who stopped posting in like 2010) who was very interested in the potential of redeveloping Central Prison. Basically, the thesis was, beyond just what can be achieved on the land occupied by Central Prison itself, the prison's presence is suppressing the potential of what could/should be the premier urban neighborhood in the city (the area between NC State and downtown.) The problem is, the cost of building an equivalent maximum security facility out somewhere else would be absolutely enormous. And NC doubled down by building the hospital there a few years ago. So yeah, we're at least a decade or two from any such deal happening.
  6. I like concept E: Build a normal bridge and scrap the aesthetic enhancements. Cynical? Perhaps. But it'll save some money.
  7. I would have a hard time believing that imploding the building at 526 S Church would be economical. Interior updates and a ground level refresh could go a long way towards making it look like less of a hospital. Better to sell it off.
  8. To the best of my knowledge, many/most of the transit privatization schemes that have actually worked and yielded real benefits are actually closer to real estate development schemes than anything else. Basically, the transit operator gets the infrastructure and a good deal of surrounding land. They operate transit to make the land near the stations more valuable, and develop that land in order to cover costs. Putting high-intensity uses near the transit stations also increases transit use, which makes the land still more valuable, and so on. It creates a cycle wherein the incentives are appropriately aligned. It also requires a planning regime that is either very top-down or else extremely hands-off so that NIMBYs and local governments can't get in the way and the private operator can basically build what they want in order to maximize their value. This is basically how things work in Hong Kong and in Japan. But Even there, however, the capital costs for actually building new transit lines are split by the private operator and governments.
  9. Two ways via rail to F-V: The 'direct' way, which goes via Wake Tech and really not much else, and the way via Cary, Apex, Holly Springs, and the abandoned Durham & Southern line, so much of which has been built over to make it impractical. Unfortunately, the above combine to make rail service to F-V not very likely, and a lower priority than than rail in pretty much any other direction.
  10. Is there a developer for this land who is making these proposals, or is this just the town studying possibilities? If the latter, it may take a while for this to get realized, but nevertheless I wish the town of F-V the best of luck.
  11. I was wondering when Fuquay would see something like this. Quite a nice little downtown. I am surprised we haven't seen a proposal like this for Apex yet which has probably the liveliest suburban downtown in Wake County. There is something of relatively similar scale in the works in Cary. Cary's downtown was a complete non-event a couple years ago, but with a population of over 150,000, they've been able to throw some fairly significant resources at livening it up - Academy Street rebuild, downtown park, Arts center, Cary theater - all of which finally seem to be having the desired effect.
  12. Are you sure they're going to tear down the house on 6 Bagwell? The conditions say "No new vertical construction." That could mean one of two things. 1. they are going to tear it down and use it as a parking lot, or 2. they are going to keep the house.
  13. BLE included a lot of property acquisition to widen and rebuild North Tryon. I assume that was a pretty big chunk of overall costs. A tunnel avoids all that. That said, tunneling itself is not generally the expensive part of building underground transit. Stations are.
  14. A slightly improved site plan was submitted recently for the Hillstone project at 305 Oberlin (Basically, the maiden lane apartments complex.) The east-west pedestrian corridor through the site, that was previously meandering and useless, is now arrow-straight clear from Enterprise to Oberlin, and the complex is divided into two buildings on either side of this corridor. I personally would like to see this east-west corridor opened to vehicular traffic, and also see Maiden Lane punched through northward to the corridor. In fact, mostly just NOT ABANDONING MAIDEN LANE will achieve that. The developers wouldn't have submitted this revised site plan unless the city was unsatisfied with their first submission. Hopefully the city keeps pushing them for more improvements.
  15. They might consider selling it for a reasonable sum south of Atando, like how they sold the Blue Line ROW between Woodlawn and 11th to Charlotte in 1998.