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  1. Good stuff! Thanks for all the updates KJW!
  2. I agree. All mid to large sized cities will definitely feel the pains of traffic increases when this system is completed. Even the small towns.
  3. An article concerning road construction in Arkansas. http://www.ktbs.com/story/25323447/highway-projects-underway-in-arkansas
  4. My guess is partly because of the upcoming inland port at Tex-Americas Center. A rail like is also supposed to be constructed to transport containers from the port in Houston to Tex-Americas where the contents would be broken down and shipped via truck/rail to other areas of the country. I-49 is supposed to funnel traffic through here from the port in New Orleans. Talk about a crap load of traffic coming through here. All these freeways coming through will eventually need to be upgraded to 6 lane freeways.
  5. Right. A lot of communities along both of these interstates in this state will see good times. Besides the obvious cities like El Dorado, NWA region, Ft. Smith and Texarkana a lot of smaller towns I think will see more growth/opportunities than they've seen in years or possibly ever. Glad I-49 is making head way in the northern section of the state and hopefully one day the area between Ft. Smith and Texarkana gains momentum and we actually see some dirt flying from construction.
  6. I love what you had to say on this topic in Aaroads as well. Texarkana really wants to see I-49 and the I-369 connection completed because the city and much of Bowie/Miller counties will surely explode with growth especially when the planned inland port at Tex Americas Center (formerly Lone Star Ammunition Plant) gets underway.
  7. What are the population stats for Fayetteville, Springdale and Rogers up until 2030?
  8. Here is a article related to I-49. Not Arkansas news but thought you guys might find it interesting. http://www.shreveporttimes.com/article/20121210/OPINION03/212100311/Interstate-49-north-speeds-completion?odyssey=mod%7Cnewswell%7Ctext%7CFRONTPAGE%7Cs&nclick_check=1
  9. Thanks KJW. The spur of I-69 to be built to I-30 in Texarkana has been rumored to be numbered I-169 and the section of the existing beltway from I-30 to Hwy 59 will be renamed I-369. Plus the north belt around the city between I-49 and I-30 will be I-249. When all the roads are built we will have I-169, I-369, I-30, I-49 and I-249! I think it's smart the city is trying to get the freeway system in place before the growth comes since we're projected to enter a major building boom.
  10. bigboyz05


    Wow! Lafayette is really doing a lot! Lafayette is probably the fastest growing city in the state.
  11. Does Shreveport/Bossier have Cheesecake Factory?
  12. I'm glad I read this thread all the way through because based on earlier comments I was about to think Springdale was an undesirable place to be.
  13. Theirs always a few bad apples to stir things up. Some people should be banned from going out in public.
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