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  1. Unless GA Power does it differently from the companies I'm familiar with, they will not pay you for excess power unless you do some serious investing in other equipment. To do it right, you need equipment to condition the power to 60Hz, and have remote cut-offs so you won't feed juice back into a dead line. Not having this equipment will, at best, be harmful, and at worst, it can be lethal to lineworkers. Same applies to backup generators as well.
  2. I love how people always gripe about that, but believe it or not, people need to get on and off the freeway. Personally, the interchange is more valuable to me than some crappy old 2 story buildings. Besides, its not really that big when you drive it, curves are actually too tight if you ask me.
  3. Its the local power company, it serves Hamilton county exclusively. Last I read, they have around 160,000 customers. http://www01.epb.net/
  4. Riverfront project grows to $80 million By Mike Pare Staff Writer A planned downtown Chattanooga marina project coupled with new condominiums and commercial space has grown in size to cost more than $80 million, a Florida developer said. The project by Orlandobased Mirabilis Ventures and John Haslett, also of Florida, would be the largest private commercial development ever raised along the city
  5. Speaking of Museum Bluffs, they have the drawing for the companion project on their website. Here's a link to it: http://museumbluffs.com/parkview/render1.jpg
  6. I have no idea where Palmetto 8 is. However, the northshore project is on frazier ave., next to a gas station, across the road from 417 Frazier. The Greenlife Grocery is supposed to be on Manufacturers Rd IIRC, which intersects with Frazier Ave/Cherokee Blvd just NW of Market St. Edit: BTW, 417 Fraizer has been "started", they've leveled the old building and have excavated the basement. Seems like I have a picture somewhere I might post tomorrow.
  7. Hmm... it kinda does. Heres a picture out of my archives for reference.
  8. IIRC, the EPB Building was around $31 million. I have an artist drawing of the proposed BCBST building, but its from the initial press release, so its accuracy is unknown. From the looks of things, it'll be a collection of connected 4-6 story buildings. Land value is still too low in Chat for any high rises to be economical. Considering its 800,000sq ft., if it was downtown Atlanta, we'd probably be looking at a 50-70 floor building. Here is the picture I have, looks like its on 6th st or MLK Blvd looking west from the CBD.
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