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  1. Exactly right. Douma's was next located on Fulton Street near Jefferson until online ordering of discounted art supplies basically put their retail and wholesale divisions out of business. Wonderful art supply store. I miss it.
  2. Ah, thanks for supplying the name, I had forgotton. Did a google search, some info still there. He was murdered in his home (off Burton St) in 1993. I believe Maria DeVos was a Fryling and he was her dad.
  3. Wasn't that house Maria's parents home, where her father was murdered by the prostitute/pimp or some story to that effect awhile back?
  4. Good thought. The way I understand it, for group entries, each member of the group still pays his/her 50 dollar entry fee. I think it's a good value - for others, not so much.
  5. I realize we're talking student parking here, so that may be the difference when visualizing projects of this type. When picturing a certain vibrancy of urban life there is the tendency of 'seeing' a youthful, young professional component without seeing 'those people' for whom living in a real urban area like NYC is a daily struggle - people in the AARP category. There is a big difference in how easily navigable urban life is for students and people in their 30's, than people in the 50+ range. You'll understand it when you get there...believe me, I NEVER thought things would ache this mu
  6. I don't think the argument for potential residents is having to walk, per se, but the issue comes when one is hauling home books, or groceries, or other purchases one needs, especially after being in class all day, or going to school, then to work, then stopping at the store and having to lug things into the house and just being darn tired! Being able to park close to where one lives isn't a vanity and it's more than just a convenience...it saves wear and tear on an already tired being. And yeah, I know, get a cart or something on wheels to haul in 'stuff'...blah, blah, blah. I'm not suggestin
  7. That was fun...in short order I "earned" 4000 kernels of rice and ended up at 42. All that reading has paid off! Good question, though - how many much rice equals a meal?
  8. Okay, I'm convinced...will stop in next time for the weekly grocery shopping - it's no farther from me than Knapp's Corners or 28th and 'zoo.
  9. May I ask what the incessant posting and praise singing of Meijer by one or two posters is all about? Employed by the company, perhaps? Or just easily impressed? Not attempting a flame war, here, but, sheesh, nearly everytime I pop in, the top post in the Coffee House is - wait for it, drum-roll, please, "MEIJER".
  10. Artist's Open House Shop for unique handmade gifts and original artwork in a beautiful Heritage Hill Home. (Great for those last minute Mother's Day gifts!) Friday, May 11, 6-9 PM Hosted by Lasting Impressions Bed And Breakfast 433 Madison Aveune SE, Grand Rapids Enjoy wine and snacks provided by Art of the Table AND samples offered by Making Thyme Kitchen. Featured Artists: Deana Brownlow: Wire & glass gems uniquely adhered to glass and stainless servingware, home accessories and table ware, and clay children's impression tiles. Peri Den Dulk: Pottery, ceramic frames and ch
  11. We talk a lot about who's doing the construction, financing, development of these various projects, but does anyone know who is doing all the IT work for them? I mean, how does it happen that all these buildings get wired for the various networking capabilities they need? It seems like there would be a lot of jobs in the IT/computer fields with all the building of these hospital/medical care facilities and that would be good for the area, but these companies/individuals seem so quiet. Could going in this direction, more companies, more individuals doing this sort of work in Michigan hel
  12. Dan DeVos' new place is 38,000 square feet, 10,000 of which is the two-story master suite.
  13. Art is NOT in all things. Completely agree - a good fit for the look of the museum. And I'm glad to hear it is named for the city, not another donor. By the way, was anyone able to make it to the tree lighting ceremony? I had to work and missed it. Hope it was a nice event.
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