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  1. dtown

    Traverse City

    man. ive really been neglecting this forum. anything new going on up there in TC?
  2. dtown

    Traverse City

    Are they going to remove any of those dams or not? they've been talking about it for a while.
  3. dtown

    Traverse City

    Why is TC so bass-ackwards? They couldve filled up a vacant building and a vacant lot, but no. Development might make TC look like a city! Idiots...
  4. Nice pics. Yeah, i hope they resolve all the problems with the Rowe building. We've been waiting forever for that thing to show some major progress.
  5. dtown

    Traverse City

    Anything goin' on in TC?
  6. dtown

    Traverse City

    Is there any work going on on Front St by JS Hamburg?
  7. What I've listened to so far today: Cursive - The Martyr Bad Religion - New Dark Ages Sparks The Rescue - Getting Clean in The Dirty South (lmao) The Geto Boys - Still
  8. dtown

    Traverse City

    Sounds cool and hopefully it brings more people downtown.
  9. dtown

    Traverse City

    I noticed that the State was lit up when i was up in TC over Thanksgiving. Now I know why. Will they be showing like big hollywood films or just independent films?
  10. And I Told Them I Invented Times New Roman by Dance Gavin Dance Bury Your Head by Saosin
  11. Is that Towers building going to stay or will it be demolished?
  12. dtown

    Traverse City

    OMFG, no! That would be just about the wost use of a great piece of property.
  13. dtown

    Traverse City

    What idiots. They want it to be a "small town". Well, damn it, it can't be anymore. Its not like it was in the 50's. If you dont want to destroy all of the beautiful countryside in the area, then you need to build more densely, taller, and in the city! Damn, i hope that project isnt scaled too much. Hopefull they just lose some parking and have more occupiable space or something.
  14. dtown

    Traverse City

    Cant wait to see...kind of. Hopefully its not too bad.
  15. dtown

    Traverse City

    Yeah, an ampitheater sounds cool. a plaza of some kind
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