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  1. I saw that. I hope they make it. That would add a little local flavor. Pun intended!
  2. It was definitely going to come down when the plan was for JCHS build a new facility. Now that they are moving into the old Community Hospital building, I think plans may change. The college has plans to continue growing and will need more than one building. If it doesn't come down, the place needs a serious gut rehab. I imagine most prisons to feel homey compared to the interior of that place. The ceilings can't be much more that 7 ft, lighting is awful and it feels like a cave in the hallways. I would also like to see a ten story building stay, but if they are going to have a gym, student center etc. in the future, the students deserve and the college needs a better facility than this. That can come from either a top to bottom rehab or a new facility.
  3. The article about the construction of Carilion Clinic and the medical school aslo talks about the trouble Cambria Suites has had. However, it's my understanding that the city and the developer have agreed to an incentive package of 1 million that will be voted on in October. A majority of Council appears to be on board, so there is simply a delay here. The project has not died.
  4. That's a good point. Some vintage buildings restored for retail would be nice to see.
  5. Perhaps. However, in the last 3 years or so, something seems to be different. The feel is starting to change a bit. Lets not forget, there was no Fresh Market, Ukrops, Starbucks, or Panera. The art museum was only a dream whose design had not been made public. There was no Carilion Clinic on the horizon, no new medical school set to break ground. There was no new hotel coming to the biomedical park. There was no real talk of streetcars or an outdoor amphitheater or rehabing the market. Barely any redeveloped housing had taken hold downtown. There was no Miller's Hill furthering the rehab of Old Southwest. Victory stadium was still standing and sucking all the energy away from anything that mattered. Mind you, there is still a long way to go and obviously many who are resistant to change remain. However, when I first joined this board a couple years ago, I said those voices finally seemed to be losing more (though not all) battles than in the first five years I lived here (1998-2003) in which NOTHING happened. If the next three years can be as fruitful, there is no telling how far this urban renewal might go. I try to be an optomist by nature though .... so others may see it differently.
  6. The big city is just bustling!
  7. Yeah, a new highrise residential building would be pretty sweet. The views would be fantastic. I saw one the other day proposed for Asheville that is 24 stories and looks pretty darn good. Just need a developer who thinks they can sell the units for a worthwhile profit. I would guess that a new state of the art building would get sold out quickly because there is no competition. All the current housing going in is rehab of older buildings which is great, but an expansion of the market is in order. I bet most units would be sold to transplants. There is plenty of space to build downtown.
  8. I guess we will see what the market brings. I think the article said there were two bids? I'm just glad the motel is going away. It doesn't help make Elmwood park a nice place to be when there is not a festival going on. I would also like to see the SS building go behing the Poff building and save this prime spot for something a little more substantial, but beggers can't be choosers. 200 jobs at the southern end of Jefferson street will be good to further stimulate redevelopment down that way.
  9. Welcome rolltide. I am one of the forumers who lives in Old Southwest, so welcome to the neighborhood as well.
  10. I always had mixed feelings about this one. I am pro urban development that increases density, but I think city greenspace is also very important. If it stays a golf course I don't that is a terrible thing as long as it stays cheap and accesible to the average citizen. As low a the planes buzz that land, I think that would have severely limited the market for housing. Maybe they can expand the recreational options beyond golf.
  11. I agree the railwalk is a nice addition. When I have had to go to the higher ed center I like to sit and eat my lunch on the benches along there. It is a nice tribute to our rail history. Also a good vantage point to watch the construction on the art museum.
  12. Office condos seems to make sense to me, though I am sure there are risks to consider. On a different note, after twenty-seven years of construction, Ukrops announced it will open it's doors on June 27th!
  13. Seems like a smart move for the Wine Gourmet since Ukrops doesn't sell wine. I was thinking I'd have to go to Kroger to buy wine, now I can just go next door. Glad to see something else go up in Ivy Market as well.
  14. Looks like this idea has officially died. I saw on television this weekend that the Fisburn family which has final say has stated they don't want it built. They said they support the principles of Valley Forward, trying to advocate for progressive change in the valley, but that this project should not be done.
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