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    OT: I focus most of my attention towards Cyburbia, but I like to wander around and check out other sites from time to time.
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    Considering that this is the Meijer thread, I thought I'd ask a question that has been sitting in the back of my head for a while. In the Cleveland area, I've heard several people tell what sounds like an urban legend about Meijer's plans for the area. There were options on sites, and architects and builders at the ready, but they backed out because they feared stores in the area would become unionized. True? False? What's the real reason why Meijer hasn't made that final leap into the Cleveland market? For the planners among us: is Meier easy to work with? Are they as bad as Walgreens -- "Stock plan or nothing!" -- or will they be flexible? In communities with strict architectural regulations, will they conform to the regs kicking, dragging and screaming?