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  1. Mitt Romney for President 2012. will you vote for him?

    ^^ hilarious! Mitt will do practically anything for a vote!
  2. Obama for president in 2012? Will you vote for him?

    Fun quiz! Here are my results: Jill Stein (Green Party) 88% Rocky Anderson (Justice Party) 78% Barack Obama 71% Mitt Romney 5% I must say, I am still a little surprised how high I ranked Obama on my quiz. Mitt Romney
  3. city logos

    Of course I'm partial. I have always loved Charlotte's crown theme--- even as a child I thought it was so fun. There are a few other American cities that call themselves "the Queen City", but as far as I'm concerned there is only one.
  4. Mitt Romney for President 2012. will you vote for him?

    I'm not taking up for Romney at all. But interestingly, no one mentions that Obama is already a known criminal. He even confessed in his books that he was a coke head and smoked pot.....that makes him an uncharged criminal basically. Obama has also bombed foreign countries without Congress's approval or knowledge. I'm not sure if that is illegal, but it certainly seems like an impeachable act on Obama's part. Sounds like both major candidates for the presidency are crooks. Neither one of them deserve my vote.
  5. Obama for president in 2012? Will you vote for him?

    Have y'all been following V.P. Joe Biden's campaigning? Is it me, or does it seem like Joe can't make a public appearance without making a complete fool of himself? His gaffes in the past were mostly amusing, but these days they are downright embarrassing. I wonder if he could be entering early stage dementia (?) OR...... Is this just public theatre to take Uncle Joe off the ticket, and put Hillary on it?
  6. Mitt Romney for President 2012. will you vote for him?

    ^^^^ gosh I'm going to comment on my own post! This must be a first-hehehe! My post above was proven correct today by Paul Ryan's first public appearance as VP candidate. I hate to say I told ya so......but..... I just read that when he first walked onto the stage, Pretty Paulie was in tears, certainly not typical behavior for a mature man. Then his first words were "Hi Mom". A snot nosed, spoiled brat who needed Mommie, because the large crowd frightened him. Then he claimed that cheese runs in his veins, as a "nod" to Wisconsin. This is looking like Palin Part 2. Saying cheese runs in his veins is about as dumb as Palin saying she could see Russia from her kitchen window. btw, I think Biden is perhaps even dumber than Ryan.
  7. Mitt Romney for President 2012. will you vote for him?

    Paul Ryan: a snot nosed, 42 year old pretty boy, poster boy for right wing whackos. Does anyone actually think a lightweight like Ryan would be capable of formulating a national budget? Does anyone think he has the stuff it would take to balance a checking account, let alone write a national budget? It's just public theatre folks. This election is just a pathetic hoax, already rigged for Obama. The Dear Dictator Obama will be at the golf course for another 4 years, while the Big Boys (the CEOs) actually run things until 2016.
  8. Mitt Romney for President 2012. will you vote for him?

    By choosing Paul Ryan as his VP running mate, Mitt has shifted attention away from his public relations nightmare/tax return debacle. I don't know much about Ryan, but he sure seems like a light weight to me. He's obviously just a puppet for higher powers, and does and says what he's told. Can y'all imagine him actually formulating policy? What an absurd proposition.
  9. Mitt Romney for President 2012. will you vote for him?

    Mitt seems to have entered an unexpected direction in his campaign for the presidency: the Era of Mitt Gaffes. Actually his gaffes are more like full blown verbal catastrophes. Mitt just went to England, in an attempt to look "presidential", but made a complete butt out of himself. He lambasted the Brits re: the Olympics right to their faces! Shortly afterward, he was called "dumber than Palin" by the British press. And then he was quite literally laughed out of the U.K. He has been the butt of jokes about it in England ever since. Then he went to Jerusalem, and one event was closed to the media and "outsiders". His campaign staff must be in panic mode. Mitt just can't seem to open his mouth without putting his $2500 shoe inside it. And folks, let's be serious here, his gaffes are just downright goofy. If this dumber than Palin thing sticks to Mitt, even for a few days, and Jay Leno and Letterman have a field day with it, his campaign could very well be over.
  10. Mitt Romney for President 2012. will you vote for him?

    ^^ During the campaign of 2008, Hillary was called Patty Pantsuit by many social commentaries! lol Oh gosh doesn't Condi sometimes wear pantsuits too? hehehe But back to Mitt: interesting how he was able to pay for his 2008 campaign for the Presidency, out of his own pocket. Wasn't it something like $150,000,000? A man would have to be power mad to spend that much money trying to win the top prize. Maybe Bain Capital really financed his campaign, in secret~
  11. Mitt Romney for President 2012. will you vote for him?

    ^^ yes Mitt is squirming under the potential disaster of those tax returns! Cheating Uncle Sam on his taxes might end up being Mitt's undoing~ And Bain Capital does seem to be the Albatross around Mitt's neck.
  12. Mitt Romney for President 2012. will you vote for him?

    re: Mitt Romney's Vice-Presidential pick. It shouldn't be long until Mitt announces his choice as running mate. His campaign is so painfully boring, perhaps this choice is the only thing that could liven it up. Who do you folks think will stand beside Mitt at the GOP Convention? some mentioned names: Chris Christie...He's obviously the strongest choice IMHO, but unfortunately I don't see how he could carry on the rigors of a national campaign since he is so morbidly obese. As a retired nurse, I can attest to the fact that his physical abilities are highly limited with the weigh he is carrying. I'm not condemning him for being overweight, as it happens to the best of us. But I wonder if he would need an oxygen tank nearby, during hot weather campaining in the South. (Chris is about the size of Jackie Gleason, who required an oxygen tank backstage, during filming of his early Honeymooners shows) Rick Santorum....doesn't Rick hate Mitt's guts? Jeb Bush....his last name is a real liability. Plus isn't he about as morbidly obese as Christie? The last pic I saw of ol' Jeb, he looked pretty bad. Bobby Jindall....undoubtedly the most hilarious politician in my lifetime. I just can't keep a straight face while trying to listen to him speak! Would Mitt chose a running mate that damn goofy? There are several others that have "been mentioned", but I honestly cannot remember their names~BUT last on my list is a potential running-mate that amazes me: Condoleeza Rice...she's certainly qualified for the job, and don't most Republicans like her a lot? ...but here Washington D.C. it's the worst kept secret that Condi is a lesbian. She is a 57 year old woman that has never been married, never had any children, and has never been known to have had a boyfriend. She bought a house in D.C. with a blond woman, that has never been married, that doesn't have any kids, and has never had a known boyfriend. There's certainly nothing wrong with being a lesbian, but doesn't the GOP supposedly hate gay people? The simple fact that she is gay has somehow stayed within the Beltway until now. If she went on Mitt's ticket, surely the national and international media would mention it, no? Hopefully no one will scream at me for "outing" her...even though I'm about the 100,000th person to have mentioned it over the years. I have nothing against Condi at all. I wish her the best. Unfortunately she belongs to the evil, dastardly Republican Party that's willing to economically bring down the country in order to be the majority again. by the way, normally I wouldn't mention someone's hair color during a political discussion, but I mentioned it to illustrate that the woman Condi bought the house with is white. This is relevant in case anyone wants to think perhaps the woman living with Condi is in Condi's family.
  13. Mitt Romney for President 2012. will you vote for him?

    Have you folks been following Mitt Romney's outlandish statements about Russia? He has been saying for months that Russia is America's "#1 geopolitical foe" and America's biggest enemy, and other assorted nonsense. The GOP is continually doing and saying offensive things, but this one is certainly up toward the top. What utter gall Mitt Romney has, to speak of Russia in such awful terms. Who in the hell does he think he is, claiming such a bizarre thing! He should make it clear he is speaking for himself when he speaks of Russia like that. I don't think of Russia as my enemy, and no one I know feels that way either. Mitt will never apologize, but I will go ahead and do it for him: To all the fine Russian people, I apologize for the untrue and inflammatory remarks of our presidential candidate Mitt Romney. He does not speak for all Americans.
  14. Mitt Romney for President 2012. will you vote for him?

    Asking Bush or Cheney to campaign for you would be like asking the Devil for help getting into heaven hehehee! Making appearances with Donald Trump is bad enough. Could you imagine Mitt on a platform beside Bush waving to a crowd! Perhaps Mitt will even seek Donald Rumsfeld's endorsement
  15. Mitt Romney for President 2012. will you vote for him?

    ^^^hehheh! Actually what I meant to say is that the Obama thread has more views. My bottom-line thoughts on Mitt: I think Mitt Romney is a classic New England Limousine Liberal, that because of his family name, found himself in the wrong party. When he was governor of Massachusetts, Mitt tripped all over himself reassuring the citizens of the Bay State that a woman's right to chose an abortion was ironclad. And he also continually affirmed his support for gay issues... just to name two liberal issues he embraced. To win the GOP nomination for president, Mitt had to pretend to be a right-wing whacko. Now he's against gay marriage, and abortion. He lowered himself at least a mile, in my book. Shows he will do or say anything to be elected. By the way, does anyone think Mitt has a prayer of carrying his own state in November? History shows that when candidates don't carry their own home state's electoral votes, they have little chance of winning the Big Prize.