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  1. Many people think that man has secretly achieved astounding technology, that is not being shared with "the public". Perhaps UFOs seen in space are ultra ultra ultra secret high technological craft created at Area 51, or some other secret place. These days I tend to think of UFOs as almost strictly something man has flying.
  2. ^^^ Of course this is thrilling news! Especially for those of us who always loved Pluto, and always knew it is a planet. Life is probably so plentiful in the Universe.....we just have to keep searching. Our own backyard is a great place to start. If life can exist and thrive in arsenic (as recently discovered on Earth) then some kind of life might exist and thrive on Pluto's frigid surface. The Pluto Express arrives 2015. I hope man can survive until then. I would dearly love to know more about one of my favorite planets. The first known ET might end up being Plutonian.
  3. Two more astronauts were cornered in public venues and asked to swear on the bible that they actually walked on the moon. In this case, both astronauts reacted violently! (psychology 101: violence and fear are sometimes closely related) What's up with these terrified moon-walking astronauts? Why won't a single one of them go along with these gonzo-journalists, put their hand on the bible and swear it? then they could walk away chuckling, and shaking their heads at the "absurdity of such a question."... But alas none of them will swear on the bible. another video 44 seconds: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJZCcpuk3EY
  4. Yes it's obvious that the government has a tight rein on all major media--- AP, Reuters, CBS, NBC, CNN et al.... Excuse me if this has already been posted at some time, but take a look at this 1 minute video of Neil Armstrong being "cornered" by an impromptu rogue journalist, asking him to put his hand on the bible to swear he actually walked on the moon. Watch Neil cower in fear, speechless, frozen.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqfH7iK51HQ Plenty of people still think man never walked on the moon in the first place. Neil's behavior since his "return" from the moon is beyond suspicious. This short video looks to be one of the most damning pieces of quasi-evidence out there. Neil was clearly paralyzed with fear. Why would he be so afraid to say anything to that smart aleck journalist?
  5. Let's see if this video gets removed from youtube, too. Another video re: so-called "fake" hologram planes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iz_sGdmJ_aQ&feature=related
  6. more ideas re: Battle of Los Angeles I first became interested in UFO/alien sightings in the late 1970s. Since then, I've read almost everything I could get my hands on about the subject.... But an interesting thing-----I never heard of Battle of Los Angeles until just a few years ago. Funny how history "gets lost" so quickly. How could a story as immensely important as the Battle of L.A. happen to have "been lost" in only a few decades? I'll tell you how it "got lost" : the US government controlled media suppressed it, and buried it. More and more, I think Battle of L.A. was early early hologram technology. A saucer shaped "craft" being beamed up in a hologram. Man was so much more technologically advanced during World War II than we ever knew. Hell, the NAZIs were even working on gravity waves! I think it was one of two things: a hologram, or a Star Trek technology "defense shield" protecting a flying saucer shaped craft. Late note: the youtube video I posted above has been removed from youtube, as have all the other hologram videos posted by the same youtube member. This is not the first time it's happened either. Who is trying to suppress this stuff? Ideas?
  7. re: Holograms Hasn't hologram technology come pretty far these days? It's been on drawing boards for decades. I have a strong feeling Area 51 has produced some dazzling hologram aircraft. They have an unknown (unlimited?) budget after all.....and some of the greatest scientists. UFOs could be secret hologram "craft" to test whatever they test (?) Unfortunately with Area 51 and NASA, it's all disinformation. So will we ever know the truth? I doubt it. Anyways, a fascinating video on so called "fake" hologram planes with odd green bottoms, spewing out chemicals/arisols: I believe the point of the video is to expose that the craft that's actually flying is a boomerang shaped "wing" craft, with holographic images flashed at the front and back to simulate the image of a modern airplane. enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dl_jo7OdyU4&feature=related NOTE: this video has been removed, as have all the other hologram videos by this youtube member. Interesting. Who wants to suppress this? Other hologram plane videos can be seen by youtube search: hologram plane.
  8. We can't rule out the possibility that UFOs/aliens are from Earth's future. Time travel is probably possible. The video of the woman talking on the cell phone in the 1920s Charlie Chaplan film is truly amazing. I've watched it time after time, and it looks just like an old woman talking on a cell phone. I watch it time after time, hoping that I'll finally figure out what was going on. But alas I only have one possible explanation, and it's pretty far out there~LOL For one thing I think it's a man in drag. Notice how big "her" feet are! Those are some whopping big feet for a woman. "Her" hands are also very manly looking. She walks as though she isn't used to walking in those shoes, and her gait is very awkward...think how Mrs. Doubtfire walked when "she" was on a sidewalk. Perhaps they didn't have enough female "extras" available at the time (for a shot), and a zany guy offered to do it, and was holding a wig in place (maybe it was falling off?) Maybe he was talking to the director, knowing that there wouldn't be any live sound of it on the final film. (you can talk to someone without looking at them, especially in a stage situation) In the final film, that scene is just overdubbed with music. Maybe that chuckle at the end was the guy in drag telling the director he couldn't do it anymore...(??) I swear that's the only thing I can think of. What a terrific mystery!
  9. Awesome pics of the Mayan artifacts, and great posts as always cityboi. I've been thinking about times lags in technological R & D issues re: Area 51. For example, the modern Stealth fighter was revealed to the public in the early 1980s. It was, and remains, the most sophisticated war machine used by man. Remarkably, the technology and R & D for it began in the 1940s! (by highly advanced German scientists) So the Stealth, as we see it today, was perhaps in the testing/flying stage of development in the 1960s or 1970s. Perhaps even in the 1950s (?) The Stealth, or a proto-Stealth might have been actually flying in secret, decades before it was known of~ Just imagine what Area 51 has going on right now! Things that would seem impossible just a few years ago, are perhaps already in existence. Like cityboi has said, tractor beams are probably already beyond the R & D phase. All sorts of dazzling Star Trek type technology is probably already beyond the R & D phase. Maybe 30-40 years from now, they will be revealed to the public. Bending time and space, controlling gravity, invisibility, teleportation....they might all be occurring at Area 51 as I type this post. But these things are not to be revealed for a long, long time. The UFOs we see in the skies might just be all the Star Trek stuff that man really has going on, in secret. I also remind everyone to go back to the Vril Society in 1930's and 40's NAZI Germany. They had flying saucers in R & D, and even had them flying! Plenty of evidence for this. See this interesting link: 1940 was a long time ago. Maybe Area 51 has perfect flying saucers built by now, and that's what we are seeing in the skies, doing Star Trek stuff. Remember: not to be revealed for a long, long time.
  10. I think people who shrug off this subject are just too lazy to research, and find out the truth. Much easier to disregard it, and ridicule it.
  11. re: President Richard Nixon and Jack Ruby. In 1975, a researcher who was allowed to look over Jack Ruby's FBI files was astonished to find an FBI memo from 1947. The memo was written during the House Un American Committee debacle. It "recommended" that Jack Rubenstein (Ruby's original birth name) not be called in front of the committee to testify "because he is employed as an informant for Congressman Richard Nixon". It was also stamped "SENSITIVE". (No reasons have surfaced as to why the committee would be interested in Ruby in the first place.) When Gerald Ford reportedly was informed of this in 1975, he was told by FBI bigwigs that it was a "fake". If it was a fake, why would the FBI have it in Ruby's files? When googling this matter, Wikipedia comes up at the top of the list. But reading the link ( Jack Ruby's Wiki page), I couldn't find any mention of this (???) I did find a couple other links, mainly in books about JFK's assassination. Here is one for anyone that might be interested: http://www.jfkmurdersolved.com/nixonruby.htm
  12. Montserrat Cabelle: Sposa Son Disprezzata (by Vivaldi) a link: (IMHO, one of the greatest living sopranos) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xS3m0rEsDmo&feature=related
  13. As I read here about these Charlotte clubs, I'm quite taken aback. Charlotte is quite literally burying Seattle when it comes to night life! Seattle has Planet Hollywood, if you want to call that a dance club. And a medium sized gay club "Neighbours" that has dancing. Frankly, that's about all I can think of. Seattle has plenty of strip clubs, neighborhood beer pubs, tiny gay bars etc. But does Seattle have the sort of dance clubs that I'm reading Charlotte has? Absolutely not. I hope folks in Charlotte aren't taking this for granted!
  14. I wonder if this might be "it" folks......as we've been discussing, UFO sightings worldwide are at a fever pitch. As citiboi has written, it's all over the news today that a UFO was seen by thousands (millions?) of people in New York City. Google search it, and you'll see what I mean. It's worldwide news. I wasn't aware that a prediction was made about Oct.13, but it makes sense. Hold on to your hats folks....
  15. I had never considered this possibility, but I fear you are correct, and it frightens the hell out of me. I can just picture some whacko waiting to ambush extraterrestrials, since "the preacher said they are demons." After all, whackos ambush and assassinate abortion doctors, after hearing their pastors ranting and raving about "dead babies". Imagine an alien, or a group of aliens being shot dead somewhere in the world~ Potentially one of the biggest tragedies of all time. No damn wonder aliens don't openly walk among us.
  16. Interesting video, but as with other "eye witnesses", we can't be sure that Bob Dean isn't a disinformation officer for the CIA. We've discussed it over and over---UFO stories give the military perfect cover stories to do secret things. I don't know much about Bob Dean, but I'm 99% convinced Bob Lazar is a disinformation officer. If Bob Lazar was actually telling the truth, the CIA would have already killed him years and years ago. The CIA "eliminates" people all the time! Do ya'll think they would actually let a "loose cannon" like Lazar live to tell those things? The issue of religion and it's unstable structure is a great argument. The majority of human beings on this planet (i.e. BILLIONS of people) believe in the existence of gods and demons, spirits and angels, devils and ghosts. Mankind is awash in magical thinking....invisible gods and demons are always around to scare the hell out of people. Perhaps it's true. Maybe mankind really isn't ready for the truth. Mankind is not very sophisticated.....we can't even stop warring with each other, and half of us think the invisible gods are on "our side". Half of the fundamentalist christians I knew in Florida thought UFO/aliens were "demons". With this kind of mentality running rampant, maybe the government is wise enough to shut the hell up.
  17. quick update: At 3:30PM Pacific time 10/7/2010, the "UFO over China's airport" is the 57th most searched google topic. This isn't some silly conspiracy spoof. People must be realizing the importance of this. On searches, almost every major news organization is reporting this.
  18. ^^ of course no one is buying the official Chinese line "it was a military experiment". If it really were an experimental craft, why on earth would the Chinese military fly it over a busy airport? Technology that advanced would be flown in remote areas, to keep it secret! Here we go again with Judge Judy's famous saying "If it doesn't make sense, then it probably isn't the truth." It looks to me as though a critical mass is building. Sooooooooooo many sightings, so many reports from past astronauts, so many speeches from former intelligence officers, NASA photographs being leaked, the former Canadian intelligence director has made statements, the Vatican is talking about it....even Pres. Clinton is on tape saying there's a government inside the government that won't allow the truth out. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox et al are continually reporting UFO stories these days. I really do think we're reaching a critical mass, whereas the truth is practically going to explode in our faces.
  19. Man always assumes extraterrestrial life forms will be carbon based. We are thinking much too small. As tSlater has suggested, life forms might have completely different requirements than we do. i.e. possibly silicon based life, possibly even entities that require temperatures of 10,000F to exist. Man also assumes ETs will be a few hundred or a thousand years ahead of us. Still thinking much too small. What about civilizations that are millions of years ahead of humanity? Perhaps entities of that advancement might not even need physical bodies like us. Or perhaps they only need bodies the size of earthly bacteria (?) If aliens have evolved to the extent they only require virus sized bodies, then we can't dismiss the possibility that they have been on Earth all along. UFOs might not have anything to do with some aliens.....
  20. Publix is one of the few things I miss about living in Florida. One bit of advice for everyone: if you are on a diet, or are trying to lose weight, you might want to avoid Publix. The moment you open that door, the heavenly aroma of their bakery will knock you for a loop-lol
  21. ^^ oh sure it's just space junk~ How stupid does the US government think the people are? One time the black boomerang UFO was seen in Belgium and was followed by local police departments and civilians for miles and miles. I guess space junk can magically float over Belgium these days We must remember that the US and many countries signed treaties not to take nukes into space, so we can't discount the possibility that some of these craft are top secret and illegal military craft. The US government has a sordid history of doing illegal things.....
  22. I totally agree with AirNostrumMAD. cityboi is doing a great service by posting these updates, and keeping us all informed.
  23. The Battle of Los Angeles proves how easily history is lost (or suppressed). It happened 60 some years ago, and very very few people are even aware of it. When an air born object is fired upon by thousands of rounds of munitions, many of which achieved direct hits, it comes down. Period. The only two exceptions I can think of: the object was so technologically advanced that being bombarded with munitions was like being hit by a housefly (alien spacecraft) or the craft could have been the earliest experiments of hologram technology done by regular humans. I've wracked my brain over the years trying to think of other possibilities, and I keep returning to these two explanations of what the craft was. If anyone can think of other possibilities I would totally love to hear them. This is a mystery that continues to intrigue.
  24. Discussion of the moon always begs the question, why haven't we been back in 40 years? When I say "we" I am referring to the USA. But there are other space programs around the world too. Why hasn't the European Space Agency gone to the moon? They have sent out some pretty impressive missions.....why none to the moon? Russia and Japan also have space programs, but alas no Russian nor Japanese people have been sent to the moon. The Obama Administration's plans for space exploration has forgone the moon We've discussed it here on this forum before, but it continues to eat at me--- has man been warned off the moon? The moon makes all the sense in the world as a base for space exploration. There's no reason that we shouldn't already have it colonized. It just doesn't make sense. When something doesn't make sense, it most likely isn't true.
  25. ^^ the US government is so corrupt, and full of lies that finding out the truth from them is impossible. These hidden NASA photos proves the truth is being suppressed. The suppression of this extremely important information is an outrage.
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