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  1. Who the hell is rapper BG? He can't be that famous!
  2. 930 Poydras turned out to be much nicer than I thought it would be. As for the BioInovation Center, what's up with that? They were driving test pilings a few months ago, but now nothing. The Tulane/LSU Cancer Center is going up nicely, though. As for the Saenger, it is nice that the marquee is turned on, although only one side of it blinks as it was designed. However, it does not appear that anything else is going on. If significant construction was happening, you'd think that the area around the building would be cordoned off to allow for construction contractor trucks, etc. This project MUST happen. The Loews State Palace and Orpheum could be spurred back by a success with the Saenger. It seems like the only development going on besides single/multi-residential housing is road paving, which is much needed. I'm glad that Earhart is finally being finished and that Carrollton and St. Charles are also progressing. That being said, what about smaller residential streets? Whatever happened to paving assessments, when the city would assess each piece of property a fee to repave the street? I'd chip in to have my block repaved!
  3. It appears that 930 Poydras has topped out. Air conditioning units are being placed on the roof, and there's no more re-bar to suggest that they'll be building up anymore. In driving on the Pontchartrain Expressway from the CCC to Carrollton, I noticed that the building has a mild impact on the skyline. It does fill a gap between the Energy Centre and First Bank & Trust. As for the latter, I noticed that the flood lighting is working again. The building's been dark at night for months.
  4. A few weeks ago, the crane at 930 Poydras was raised about a hundred feet over the weekend. It is now even with the 26th floor of the First Bank & Trust Tower, which makes me wonder whether the final height will be a little higher. Speaking of the First Bank & Trust Tower, the flood lighting hasn't been working on it lately. Come to think of it, the lights on top of the Energy Center haven't been working either, at least not on a regular basis. When Benson buys Dominion, I hope he fixes up the lighting, only half of which work.
  5. Huey P. Long This website has pics and computer generated video showing the approaches, etc. The eastbound approaches are rising very quickly on the westbank, and the westbank surface road is visible as one comes on the down-ramp on the westbank side. The cement supports have the HPL bridge support arch on them.
  6. The site looks like the same block as the old Radisson Hotel right by Tulane Medical Center.
  7. I see this building going up every work day. I can only hope that the portion of the curtain wall that is up is far from finished product. It is dark and dreary.
  8. What's the deal with Tracage? Are the Lengsfeld Loft owners suing because of the view? The property was properly zoned, and Louisiana law makes it pretty clear that you don't have a right to a view when a building is being built next to another building.
  9. I apologize if I am asking an already-answered question: I noticed that piles are being driven right behind University Hospital. This is not the area where the cancer center will be built. The location is several blocks up Tulane Avenue and directly behind University Hospital. Does anyone know what's being built?
  10. A second smaller crane was present at 930 Poydras this morning and was offloading equipment . Seeing a tower crane on the sight will be great!
  11. It sure was great to see the Streetcars back on S. Carrollton! Now....it'll be good to soon see a red streetcars return to Canal. I think the first one is suppose to be ready in August.
  12. A very close friend of mine's father was very close to Ruth Fertel, and my friend owns a portion of a few of the restaurants. He said that Ruth is spinning in her grave.
  13. I think HRI has put the Ice House project....on ice. (Pardon the pun). I'm disappointed with 927 Poeyfarre. It looks like Mills Row or the Saulet, i.e., pastiche architecture.
  14. I realize that this is negative, but I will never eat at Ruth's Chris after they betrayed the city by moving after the storm. Now, onto a positive development (I hope), foundation work is beginning on a parcel located on S. Claiborne near MLK. Before the storm, the lot was built up significantly and the parcel was encased by a wooden perimeter. There was a for sale sign on it from Prudential Gardner. I hope this is something other than a fast food joint, quicky lube, gas station, bar, check cashing facility, or pawn shop! Perhaps the nearby Home Depot is having a positive impact.
  15. The Robert's article indicated that the former Canal Villere at Canal and Claiborne is now owned by Walgreens. I don't think we need another Walgreens, especially at such a high profile corner. I'm glad to see, though, that Walgreens is beginning construction on a new store on Robert E. Lee. I thought they would just gut the old store, but that's obviously not going to happen now...considering they just demolished it.
  16. The article mentioned a five floor up or down swing based upon demand. Considering that the upper floor condos have had the most interest, the fatter portion of the building will become shorter, and the taller portion will take its place with more condos. I'm glad to see at least some progress.
  17. I thought the old Buick dealership would make a great apt. building. Looks like Sewell and Stephens are both a go!
  18. I think it's time for me to email Tina Mowe again to see what's up with the ad campaign. The last time I spoke with her, they were in the finishing stages of the DVD. I'd love to get one. The low dollar could help also. Although the dollar has been gaining a bit against the euro, the euro is still worth about $1.54. With the dollar so weak, some rich European investors could snatch up units at a bargain. A big concern, though, is international perception of New Orleans. A lot of Europeans think that New Orleans basically no longer exists. However, the types that would buy a condo should (I hope) know better. I agree with you about the advertising campaign. It should result in a lot of interest. From what I understand from reading various websites, a lot of Trump condo owners like to have a condo in every city in which there is a Trump development. However, Trump has no equity in this deal, and I hope that does not impact the level of his involvement in the sales push. As for the Chevron Building, I thought the same thing when I read about the Chevron Building. It would be an ideal city hall.
  19. I'm very glad that it is modern. The last thing NOLA needs is some cheap imitation of an early 20th century builting (e.g., Astor Crowne Plaza).
  20. Yep. I saw that a couple of weeks ago and then it dawned on me that it was likely a sample of the curtain wall. I called Gibbs Construction and am trying to get a rendering.
  21. 930 does not look like a clunker to me. Well, it is too difficult to say. At least it is modern. I can't tell what the curtain wall is made of. Considering Brian Gibbs is developing it, I guess someone could call Brian's office and ask for a rendering. I'll do it.
  22. There's a crane at 930. It appears that pile driving is going to begin. The tower crane should be up shortly after that. NOLA will then have two tower cranes downtown.
  23. The streetcar project should be wrapped up soon!
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