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  1. I could see a Trader Joes/CVS split in the old farm fresh spot working well.
  2. The Granby Theater has new operators who are booking national acts. https://pilotonline.com/business/consumer/article_9301603c-78bb-11e9-af35-a7f710ff4cba.html Tonight was the Yonder Mountain String Band and next week Billy Ray Cyrus is playing. Hope it works out and they can keep some more bands moving through the area and challenge the Norva a bit to step up their bookings.
  3. I heard from an architect friend that the desire lower height buildings because studies show it leads to increased street activity but that sounded kinda like BS to me...
  4. I'm just talking about the "Marketplace" component which was supposed to be a bunch of quick service food options. Now it's just a select few QSR food options and some bars. In other words the Food Hall concept would not compete with waterside at all because you could actually order food...
  5. You been in there lately? Most of the quick service food options have been reduced or removed. No poke/ramen. The "local" place had only wings and fries. The salad/wrap stand is just selling t-shirts. Oyster bar is not open. Waterside marketplace is just a couple bars essentially now.
  6. I don't shop there but people that I know that do say it isn't stocked anything like a Nordstroms is anywhere else.
  7. I remember hearing that Farm Fresh held a long-term lease on it's former downtown store. With Farm Fresh being sold could we see something happen at Harbor Heights?
  8. Looks to be Monticello and City Hall looking towards Granby. You can see the Royster and the "Leaning Tower" down the block.
  9. City should invest in utilities infrastructure and setup a "quadrant" for an urban format commercial park. Pull a few more tech companies into town with a couple thousand employees and the supporting businesses will fall into place.
  10. mikeas

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Taking over the world... Wonder if the one around the corner will stay too. I think in this case I could actually throw a rock from here and hit the other store.
  11. mikeas

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    They also used to use that spot for cruise ship parking.
  12. mikeas

    Norfolk Off-Topic

    Noticed today that the downtown Exxon over on Olney and Boush has closed. Wondering if 7/11 is taking over this one too or if we'll see some redevelopment there.
  13. It's actually pretty nice inside right now with all the renovations... I'd think there is room to extend Concourse A and even build a C to the south if it was ever needed but they only have a few gates in use at a time anyway with the current passenger load. Check out Midway in Chicago. 22 million passengers a year in a smaller footprint than ORF.
  14. My uninformed opinion is that the reason ORF is somewhat subpar is because of PHF. We really don't have the population to support two competing airports. RIC is passing ORF because it's the only major airport in RIC. Imagine if all the flights from PHF and ORF came out of the same facility... Also Southwest cut wayback in Norfolk after they acquired Airtran, I'm assuming because they had a bunch of Airtran flights at PHF. Check out these stats from 2014: ORF 1488114 PHF 259082 PHF and ORF = 1747196 RIC 1671096 So build a second runway or relocate ORF. Close PHF.
  15. While the brewery would have been neat there wouldn't have been much to it. I believe the initial plan only had a couple thousand square feet at most reserved for it. It would never have been a "distribution" brewery. O'Connors is actually pretty big...
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