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  1. PBN: "MBTA service to Warwick to start Dec. 6" http://pbn.com/MBTA-service-to-Warwick-to-start-Dec-6,53963 PROJO: "Commuter rail service to T.F. Green starts Dec. 6" http://www.projo.com/news/content/WARWICK_MBTA_STARTS_11-24-10_3AL4376_v8.3890322.html
  2. Rail service (commuter geared at first) will begin on 11/22/10. http://www.mbta.com/uploadedfiles/Documents/Schedules_and_Maps/Upcoming_Schedules/Commuter_Rail/Providence.pdf
  3. PBN 10/27/10: "T.F. Green Airport’s $267M InterLink facility opens for business" http://www.pbn.com/Debut-of-TF-Green-Airports-InterLink-facility-,53397
  4. Manafort (sp.) Brothers I believe. I'd guess it should start soon; heard it was about a 16-month project.
  5. PBN 8/13/10: "R.I. DOT outlines preliminary schedule for future MBTA service to Warwick" http://pbn.com/detail/51728.html PROJO 8/17: "Airport’s station to get new routes" http://www.projo.com/ri/warwick/content/DOT_MORE_AIRPORT_WARWICK_08-17-10_OLJIUT1_v8.2380421.html PBN: "Officials break ground on MBTA station at Wickford Junction, will open next year" http://pbn.com/detail/51804.html PROJO: "transportation Work to begin on Wickford Junction station The train is coming to Wickford Junction. After more than a decade of planning and securing funding, the state Department of Transportation is set to break ground Wednesday morning on the new Wickford Junction Train Station at 1051 Ten Rod Rd. Officials hope the station will ultimately become a major link for commuter service provided by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority that goes from Boston, Providence and T.F. Green Airport in Warwick to South County. The station is scheduled to be completed sometime in 2011. The total cost of the station is estimated to be $58 million, according to a spokesman for Sen. Jack Reed, who worked to secure the bulk of the project’s government financing. It includes the engineering work, track improvements, train platform construction, the sidetracks and parking garage. An additional $4.4 million is coming from federal stimulus funds, part of $13.7 million awarded earlier this year to the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority and the state DOT for transportation projects. Lisa Vernon-Sparks"
  6. From the airport's website: The Intermodal Facility is 85% complete and on schedule for opening in Fall 2010. The project has officially been renamed the InterLink, a name demonstrative of its multi-modal connectivity. Students attending Rhode Island Colleges and Universities with concentrations in business, marketing and/or communications were invited to assist in branding the facility by submitting names and taglines for consideration. The winning proposal was submitted by Bryant University seniors Justin Andrews. Jameson (Jack) Antonowicz, Jacquelyn Parr, Pat Sargent and Brittany Beckerman with help from Mara Chapin and Hillary Smith. The students are all marketing majors under the instruction of Professor Jean Murray. The final name, tagline and logo was a collaborative effort of RIAC working in conjunction with their agency of record, RDW Group. Terminal End Improvements (TEI) At the terminal end, drywall installation on ceilings and walls is complete. Painting and finish work is now underway. The elevator install is complete and awaiting final inspection. Framework is being installed under the escalators. The two moving walkways in the TEI are nearing completion.Metal panel and light fixture installation is complete for the TEI ceiling. Metal parapet framing and sun shades have been set in place along the exterior of the curtain wall glass. Skywalk Moving walkway work continues with the addition of chains, glass outer rails and rubber handrails at various points in the Skywalk. Lighting fixtures are complete. Framing for smoke doors is complete. Work on fire alarms, communication wiring and lighting control systems are all ongoing. Another milestone has been reached- the stretch fabric ceiling installation is underway. The fabric is heated by a propane powered unit and stretched into place. Once the fabric has reached a certain elasticity the installed can wedge the sides into the already installed frame. Customer Service Operations Building (CSO) Exterior door and hardware installation are complete. Painting is underway as well as installation of lighting fixtures. All testing and programming for cooling tower and other control systems have been continuing. For tenant work, application of prime paint on finished drywall is finished. Metal panels are being installed simultaneously to rough-in for overhead systems. Major accessories in the toilet room have been installed and toilet partitions are to being placed next month. Glass doors between the CSO and garage connector bridge have been installed. Site work at the north side of CSO has started. Once the office trailers are removed from the site, the roadway, sidewalks and curb can be constructed. Garage Granite curbing and concrete sidewalk are being installed on Jefferson Boulevard and other locations surrounding garage. Detail work is on going throughout the garage. Lights were installed at the south ramp entrance canopy meaning the majority of permanent light is up and running inside the garage. Elevators are at various stages of completion. Concrete slabs have been poured for stairs. Escalators are in the process of being assembled. An anti-projectile screen has been installed facing the train tracks. Work on the parking revenue equipment has begun. Installation of fire alarms and lighting controls continue throughout the garage. Fueling tanks and windshield washer fluid tanks are installed. Fit out for fueling islands and carwash equipment in reclamation room has been on going. Installation of the fueling system at the platforms continues. Rental car quick turn around office construction is well underway in the garage.
  7. Rhode Island Airport Corporation Unveils the Region’s Newest Transportation Connection --- "INTERLINK, Connecting you to New England” WARWICK, R.I. – The Rhode Island Airport Corporation (RIAC) is pleased to unveil the name of the new Intermodal facility at T.F. Green Airport. The transportation hub will be known as the INTERLINK, a name illustrative of its multi-modal connectivity. Students attending Rhode Island Colleges and Universities with concentrations in business, marketing and/or communications were invited to assist in branding the facility by submitting names and taglines for consideration. The winning proposal was submitted by Bryant University seniors Justin Andrews, Jameson (Jack) Antonowicz, Jacquelyn Parr, Pat Sargent and Brittany Beckerman with help from Mara Chapin and Hillary Smith. The students are all marketing majors under the instruction of Professor Jean Murray. They submitted an initial name and tagline along with an essay providing a clear understanding of the Intermodal. The students then presented their concepts in a brainstorming session where name and tagline were further refined. The students suggest, “The name speaks to the action of what the intermodal does. The word Link acts as both a noun and a verb… the system links travelers to modes of transportation, including roadways, railways and the airway.” “These talented Bryant University seniors researched the project and presented creative ideas for a name and tagline but also went beyond the requirements and offered a logo and sample marketing recommendations,” said Kevin Dillon, President and CEO. “Their efforts provided us with a good baseline to work from as we brand this facility for its regional connectivity and broad national and global appeal to airlines and travelers alike.” Combining the concept of Link with the creative talent of RDW Group, the airport’s agency of record, RIAC now has a logo, tagline and graphic treatment with which to brand the regional transportation hub. (logo included below) The INTERLINK will change the way Rhode Islanders travel. Opening in fall 2010, commuter rail, Intercity bus connections, rental car services and air connections will all be brought together. Travelers can access all these modes of transportation in a matter of minutes. A prize of $1,000 is being awarded to the Bryant University marketing department in recognition of the students’ and Professor Murray’s efforts. The students and Bryant University will be recognized at the formal INTERLINK opening events. The Intermodal is a collaborative effort of Project Partners the Rhode Island Airport Corporation (RIAC), Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The facility is scheduled to open in September 2010 and will provide multi-modal transportation with the connectivity of planes, trains, buses and cars. The facility will serve MBTA commuter trains traveling between Warwick, Providence and Boston, utilizing Amtrak rails; and eventually Wickford Junction in North Kingstown, RI. For more information, visit pvdairport.com.
  8. The Intermodal Facility is 78% complete and on schedule for opening in Fall 2010. Framing, painting, and other finish work is now the focus as well as final permitting inspections. Terminal End Improvements (TEI) At the terminal end, drywall is being installed on both ceilings and walls at all levels with subsequent priming and painting. Rough-ins for communication and sprinklers under escalators is ongoing. On site testing for air handling units began in May. At the TEI bridge ceiling metal panel and light fixture installation is complete. Escalator finish work continues. On the exterior of the bridge parapet metal framing is ongoing, with installation of aluminum sun shade on the curtain wall glass. Installation of metal panels and curtain wall glass at the TEI stair tower are near completion. Skywalk The exterior of the Skywalk structure is almost complete. Painting of the stairway at the knuckle is underway. Overhead mechanical equipment has been painted. Installation of center panels and hangers for stretch fabric ceiling is ongoing. Caulking for curtain wall system continues. The moving walkway assembly is at various phases of completion throughout the skywalk. A few of the walkways are ready for inspection. Smoke door installation has begun. Floor supports will then be installed. Rough-in work for fire alarm, communication wiring and lighting control is also ongoing. The air conditioning will be turned on inside the structure before the end of the month. Customer Service Operations Building (CSO) Installation of the ceiling grid is almost complete. All testing and programming for cooling tower and other control systems continue, air conditioning should be on by the end of the month. After the overhead rough-in for mechanical and electrical piping is complete the metal panel and drywall began on the first floor. For tenant work, installation of drywall has finished and application of primer has started. Metal panels are being installed simultaneously to rough-in for overhead systems. Garage Only detailing work for precast concrete remains. At the ground level, concrete curbing and sidewalks are being poured and fine grading for pavement is ongoing. Caulking and topping slabs continue throughout the garage. The entrance canopy at the south ramp has been installed and the framing of parapet at the canopy is complete. Slab on grade at the entrance ramp continues. Fire hydrants are being installed as well as curtain wall glass. Handrails are being installed in the stairways and welding is complete. The water reclamation room is almost complete. Escalator installation is nearly finished. Assembly of the elevator cabs is ongoing. Anti-projectile screen is being installed along the Amtrak Right of Way. Rough-in stub-ups for parking equipment has been started. Installation of fire alarm continues throughout the garage. Fueling and windshield washer fluid tank installation was completed in April. Fit out for fueling islands and carwash equipment in the reclamation room has been begun. Installation of the fueling system at the platforms continues. After pouring slab on grade for the tenant offices, installation of metal frames for the quick turn around rental car offices is underway.
  9. April Construction Update Construction of the Intermodal Facility is 78% complete and on schedule for opening in Fall 2010. Remaining work will focus on finishes such as framing, painting, etc. as well as final permitting inspections. Terminal End Improvements (TEI) At the TEI, all overhead hangers, ductwork and fan coil painting is complete. Metal ceiling panel erection is near complete as are installation of lights and sprinklers. Stainless steel decking and stanchions are installed. Fire proofing of steel frames at the stair tower has been begun. Panels over mechanical equipment at the TEI atrium have been installed. Escalators at TEI building are upright with minor electrical and minor mechanical work remains. Power distribution for mechanical and communication room are well underway. Drywall partitions are being installed on each floor. Skywalk The Skywalk structure and mechanical equipment have been painted. The moving walkways continue to be assembled. Fitting and caulking of walkway stainless steel continues. Rough-in is ongoing for fire alarms, communication wires and lighting controls. Installation of metal frames surrounding fan coil units has been started with balancing of other mechanical equipments like sprinkler heads and duct work. The skywalk exterior is around 95% complete with minimal installation of glass and metal panels remaining. Painting at the knuckle stairways began in March. Customer Service Operations Building (CSO) Detail work continues with door hardware installation. Ceiling metal frames continue. Mechanical devices are being tested including testing of glycol chilled water for the HVAC system. The heating system is being adjusted as well. Ceiling tile placement is nearly finished. Overhead rough-in for mechanical and electrical piping is ongoing at the 3rd floor. Installation of metal frames for tenant office walls is complete. Gypsum board installation will follow. Garage Precast detail work at the south ramp and train platform is ongoing. Caulking and concrete topping continue. The garage canopy footings are now complete. Installation of curtain wall and waterproofing has been ongoing as well as installation of hoist beams, metal panels and roofing and closure details at the stair towers. Various mechanical electrical and plumbing system installations continue on all floors in the garage. Floor drains and fire protection sprinkler piping install also continue. Installation of perimeter fence and guard rail cable is completed. The escalators are on site being installed. Installation of the anti-projectile screen continues through April. The 12 foot excavation for the fueling tank was completed. The tanks have since been installed. At the QTA area, gas pumps have been placed at the 3rd and 4th floors and installation of fueling pipe and cat walks is ongoing.
  10. March Intermodal Update 15 March 2010 March Construction Update The Intermodal Facility is nearly 75% complete. With less than seven months until opening, project partners, RIAC, RIDOT and FHWA have launched an Intermodal Marketing Contest. Students from RI colleges and universities have been invited to submit proposals for names and taglines to help in the branding of the facility. “The intermodal will provide enhanced regional connectivity to and from the airport. By developing a brand name to market the facility, it will allow for travelers, who are not familiar with the area, to visualize where they are when they arrive in Warwick in proximity to Providence, Boston, Wickford and points beyond,” said Kevin Dillon, President and CEO. “We see this as an opportunity to engage our college students to develop a creative and useful identifier for the facility to be used for marketing purposes.” The winning entry will be announced in April. For more information, visit pvdairport.com or call 691-2278. Terminal End Improvements (TEI) Inside the building vertical circulation installation continues. Elevator cabs are in place and detailing for escalators is ongoing. Mechanical and electrical work, not including elevators and escalators, is substantially complete. The glass curtain wall spanning the north and south sides of the TEI bridge is complete. Overhead hangers, ductwork, and fan coil units have been installed and are now being painted. The metal ceiling installation has begun. The Intumescent beams are being touched up with a final coat of paint. Inside the building, vertical circulation install continues. Overhead mechanical equipment at the TEI atrium is being installed and permanent power is being distributed to the entire building. Skywalk Metal panels are now installed throughout the skywalk. Downspouts have been installed on the north side of each pier. The glass at the knuckle is now finished and caulking between glass and frames is ongoing. The painting on ceiling above the walkway is continuing next month. The installation of glass on the moving walkways has begun along with detailing of stainless steel on the sides of walkways. The framing for the fabric ceiling is 75% complete above the walkways. The center ceiling frame will be installed over the next few months. Moving walkways continue to be assembled. The electrician is distributing power to the skywalk and has begun installation of the light fixtures on the curtain wall at the knuckle. Customer Service Operations Building (CSO) Fire alarm rough-in continues this month with taping of ceiling followed by mortaring of seam. Permanent power and heating systems are currently able to run. Mechanical devices are being tested such as boilers and variable frequency device. Metal framing installation for ceiling has been on going. The metal panel installation at the connector bridge, between the CSO building and parking garage, is nearing completion. The ceramic tile has been started at the toilet rooms. Water proofing the floors at toilet rooms will continue next month. Permanent power continues to be distributed to the entire building. Garage A major milestone was reached in February with the final precast concrete erection being completed. Metal panel installation continues at stair tower #6 as well as detailing of roofing at the tops of each stair. A permanent perimeter fence has been installed on the west side of Garage. Fire protection piping and floor drains continue to be installed. On the east side, elevator cab units are scheduled to be placed in March. Light fixtures and other electrical equipment also continue to be installed. An anti-projectile screen is currently being installed about the railroad tracks. Now that the weather is starting to warm, a few of the final foundations are being formed and poured at the West Garage. Fueling canopies have been painted. Installation of mechanical pipes and conduits is on going. Steel detailing at the 5th floor is ongoing.
  11. Valley Breeze: "Dancin' Spirit Studio finds 'perfect match' in Kellaway Center" http://www.valleybreeze.com/Free/MAIN-PAW-Kellaway-Center-Dancin-Spirit-w-pics
  12. December Intermodal Update The Intermodal project is at 64% complete, on schedule and within budget. Project highlights to date include the completion of the curtain wall spanning the length of the skywalk, installation of escalators at the TEI and the connection of the east and west garages over the train tracks. Terminal End Improvements(TEI) Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing installation continues at the terminal end. Overhead piping and roof drains continue to be installed as well. Glass curtain wall installation on the TEI bridge is over 90% complete. The stair tower is ready for exterior metal panels. Escalator units are being delivered to the site and lowered into the building by use of a crane. The elevator bays are now prepped and ready for the elevator units to be installed. All masonry work at the terminals end is complete. Skywalk The blue and green glass curtain wall along the skywalk from the TEI to the CSO is nearly complete with only a few panels along Fresno Street remaining to be installed. The sunshade is partially installed and extends south. Inside the skywalk, stanchions are being installed for the moving walkways on a daily basis. Moving walkways continue to be assembled and installed. Exterior metal panel installation is an ongoing operation. Hangers for the stretch fabric ceiling are being suspended from the (ceiling) aluminum roof decking. The ceilings in the skywalk is also being painted. CSO The exterior skin of the Customer Service Operations Building is complete. The CSO roof is sealed and composite panels and curtain wall are complete. The connector bridge between the east garage and CSO building is now accepting sheathing and metal panels. Walls are being primed and painted as they become available. Work is being done on mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment as well as painting. Wire is being distributed throughout the building and the electrical room continues to be fit-out. Piping is being insulated and the mechanical controls are being placed. Garage Precast concrete sections now span over the railroad tracks. This was accomplished in the overnight hours following the last train of the evening. The east and west sides of the garage were connected at the third level. Detail work on the garage continues daily. The east and west garages, ground floor, has been paved and curb has been installed. Temporary power and lighting are being installed in the east garage. Elevator pits are being waterproofed. Various slab on grade and slab on deck pours are happening. Permanent power and lighting are being installed at the west garage. Stair tower #1 foundation has been poured and the concrete block installation has started. Masonry work continues. Fire protection piping is ongoing, as is the water service work to all necessary rooms in the building. The third floor fueling platform has been turned back over to Gilbane, from CBRE, to finish the moment slab. Steel for the 3rd and 4th floor fueling canopies was set in place in November. These steel canopy frames were raised and set into place by crane in the middle of November. The fueling islands have been backfilled, fuel piping placed, and underground drainage set in place. The 3rd floor is prepped for pouring of slab in early December.
  13. Here are a few articles regarding this: 8/23/09 PBN: "Warwick airport project nearing halfway point" http://pbn.com/detail/44406.html 11/2/09 Beacon: "With MBTA agreement, DOT says Intermodal is on track" http://www.warwickonline.com/pages/full_story/push?article-With+MBTA+agreement-+DOT+says+Intermodal+is+on+track%20&id=4257685-With+MBTA+agreement-+DOT+says+Intermodal+is+on+track 11/5/09 Beacon: "Despite recession, D'Ambra moving ahead with plans for $300M project" http://www.warwickonline.com/pages/full_story/push?article-Despite+recession-+D-Ambra+moving+ahead+with+plans+for+-300M+project%20&id=4340601-Despite+recession-+D-Ambra+moving+ahead+with+plans+for+-300M+project 11/21/09 PROJO: "Warwick OKs development next to intermodal station" http://www.projo.com/economy/DAMBRA_PROJECT_11-21-09_J6GGTDP_v11.345f11f.html
  14. Warwick Beacon: "MBTA agreement another piece in puzzle to create intermodal facility" http://www.warwickonline.com/pages/full_st...e_news_1st_left
  15. Sun Chronicle: "There'll be local stops on train to Green" http://www.thesunchronicle.com/articles/20...ews/5629719.txt
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