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  1. Yep but only ground work. All the ones I posted today are fairly new so I doubt anything is going on there but some like bayswater and one business bay are holes in the ground with piling and all this sort of stuff going on. They're doing the soil testing for burj al alam so that should start properly early next year. The executive towers are the only ones in the advanced stage of construction:
  2. Lots of towers for business bay, random selection:
  3. If you notice, the towers have connected bases. Also most have ground-level retail, don't know if the masterplanners have forced this on the smaller developers but it's definitely a good thing.
  4. Seems Nakheel really have enough ego to build this thing. united arab emirates: World
  5. ^^ How come you've turned so negative all of a sudden? Sure there's some crap stuff going up but there's also some of the best projects in the world. They may have a good few problems but think of where this place was 50 years ago and where it is now, and where it'll be in 50 years. No doubt they'll learn a lot from this boom, what works and what doesn't. There'll definitely be mistakes made but not everything is a mistake. BTW they hired the original architect of the petronas to design the largest hotel in bawadi, the one with all the replicas. I can imagine a project like this could ruin his career if he wasn't careful, he'll probably do everything in his power to get them NOT to build replicas. Who knows though
  6. This will actually have 108 floors and be 482m high
  7. How burj dubai will compare to other towers near it. Proposed towers for the burj dubai complex:
  8. Finally we have it. Burj Al Alam (previously known as fortune 101) go here for a video. Website is not complete yet: http://www.burjalalam.com/home.htm
  9. A map of all projects on the creek, showing some projects which are fairly unknown at the moment: Top right: Festival city Below that: 7 pearls Island: there will be an opera house or something of that sort here Then on the other side there will be Arabian Bays and Wellness village Also at the bottom there's an area that seems relatively untouched since there is a flamingo sanctuary there: How all this looks in relation to business bay:
  10. Some of the best pics ever: http://www.pbase.com/bmcmorrow/dubaiprojects
  11. A very nice model of business bay tower (crappy name though ). Looks soooo much better than the render above:
  12. 1 business bay Bayswater Images by Krazy
  13. ^^ maybe Dubai isn't but still a lot of investors fueling the boom come from oil rich countries.
  14. Business bay is now well under construction: The executive towers: The creek expansion :eek: All pics taken by AltinD
  15. Aswell another tower. This time a small one, 20F. Called the penninsula and for some reason the bank of china is in the backdrop
  16. ^^ not much really, except that it's being developed by dubai properties (also doing the whole business bay masterplan). They must have reserved a few plots for themselves. Pics of the model by city of the future: And now the grand lobby:
  17. Forgot to post this. Was taken a few days ago by dubailover:
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